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Pinky and the Brain cartoon information

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Title: Pinky and the Brain
Start - end: 1995 - 1998
Studio: Warner Bros Animation
Official site:  Pinky and the Brain official site

Pinky and the Brain show information

Pinky and the Brain are two genetically engineered lab mice living at Acme Labs. The Brain is a genius, while Pinky is somewhat insane. The two mice initiate creative and hilarious schemes for world domination, only to have them ultimately fail. However, with great persistence, they continue working each night to "try to take over the world!"

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The Brain

Snowball (left) and the BrainThe Brain looks and sounds like Orson Welles, although his physical appearance is based on storyboard artist, Tom Minton. He is highly intelligent and develops plans for global domination. Brain's name is revealed in "Project B.R.A.I.N." to result from the acronym for "Biological Recombinant Algorithmic Intelligence Nexus". His tail is bent like a staircase -- he often uses it to pick the lock of the cage -- and his head is large and wide, supposedly housing his abnormally large brain. He appears to be coldly unemotional and speaks in a deadpan manner. Nevertheless, Brain has a very subtle sense of humor, and has even fallen in love once, with Billie.(Also, with Trudie in the episode "The Third Mouse"). Various episodes have compared Brain to Don Quixote, and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Intellectually, Brain sees his inevitable rise to power as beneficial to the world rather than mere megalomania. An example of this being what he truly believes can be seen in Wakko's Wish where he stated to Pinky "We're on our way to fame, fortune and a world that's a better place for all," showing while he does envision himself becoming world leader, he wants to make everything greater for everyone. In one episode, when Brain finds himself under the influence of hypnosis by a psychologist he had planned to manipulate for one of his schemes (none other than Sigmund Freud), it is revealed that Brain lived in a can with his parents when he was young. The researchers took him from his home, and the last he saw of it was a picture of the world on the side of the can. The psychologist speculates that Brain's hunger to take over the world stems from needing to get his world back.

The Brain was voiced by Maurice LaMarche, who based the voice on that of Orson Welles, with a measure of Vincent Price thrown in for eeriness.

Pinky is another genetically modified mouse who shares the same cage at Acme Labs, but is substantially less bright. He speaks with an exaggerated cockney accent. He frequently uses nonsensical interjections, such as "narf", "zort", "poit", and "troz" (the last of which Pinky started saying after noticing it was "zort in the mirror"). Although Pinky is also an albino lab mouse like the Brain, he has a straighter tail, blue eyes, a severe overbite, and is taller than the Brain. Pinky's name is given to him by Brain, thinking that Brain was calling to him when in fact Brain was referring to his pinky digit.

Pinky is more open-minded than the Brain and much more up-beat. He doesn't let troubles ruin his day, mostly because he's too scatter-brained to notice them. Pinky also works with Brain notwithstanding the fact that Brain insults him constantly and often beats him over the head. However, Pinky actually seems to enjoy this, laughing after every hit. Pinky is just happy spending time with his best friend. Pinky is also more attuned to the world at large, due to a large amount of time watching television or following other popular culture fads; as such, he tends to think in less rigorous patterns than the Brain, and has offered solutions that Brain would have not come up with. Pinky has a number of unusual special abilities, something like 'magic', but caused by his genetic engineering. Most notably, he occasionally levitates, and also is apparently capable of telekinesis, as seen when he levitated a fruit in a bowl.

Pinky is voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Other characters

Billie MouseSnowball the hamster, Brain's former friend, made several appearances as an antithesis to Brain. The two were both subjected to genetic splicing, and thus both became super-intelligent. However when he went through the machine something went wrong, making him much more violent and (possibly) more intelligent. After the experiment he developed a great disdain for Brain and a desire to prove his superiority over him which is one of his reasons for dabbling in global conquest. While Brain's wish to rule the world is more or less benign (he seems to think he can run the world better than it currently is), Snowball's desire to rule the world is dangerous and if he were to gain long-lasting dominion over the planet, he would probably destroy it, and Brain considers that stopping Snowball is equivalent to "saving the world".Snowball is also truly notable in that he is the only Warner Bros. cartoon character to be permanently "killed off" onscreen; during the 3 part season finale "Brainwashed", he accidentally runs through the mutation machine, causing him to lose his own intelligence and ending up as a normal hamster.Snowball was voiced by the late Roddy McDowall.

Billie is a female mouse who seems to have the traits of Pinky, yet is actually very intelligent, introduced in "The World Can Wait". Both Brain and Snowball are in love with her because of her intellect (Brain actually loved her before she became intelligent); however, she has a crush on Pinky because she likes his easygoing personality. She ponders why Pinky remains loyal to Brain and tries to separate Pinky from him. Billie was voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Larry, Brain, and Pinky try to get out of a Three Stooges-type situationLarry is another white laboratory mouse featured in the episode "Pinky and the Brain?and Larry", and made a cameo in "The Pinky and the Brain Reunion Special".A parody of the Stooge Larry, Larry's existence in "Pinky and the Brain...and Larry" is never explained, and foreshadows the addition of new characters to an already established cast; this episode was written as a response to demands from Kids WB executives to include additional characters on the show.Larry was voiced by Billy West.

Pharfignewton is a racing mare version of Pinky introduced in "Jockey for Position"; she and Pinky fell in love with each other, much to Brain's disbelief.Pharfignewton's name is a pun on "Fahrvergn?gen", Volkswagen's marketing slogan of the 1980s, as well as a reference to the racehorse Phar Lap, and the well-known US cookies Fig Newtons. Pharfignewton was played by Frank Welker.

Maurice is a humanoid vegetable from the episode Brain Acres. Brain's scheme was to get create an army of giant produce. Maurice was the prototype but had a personality more like Pinky. After moving to the country, Maurice trains to be a sheepcarrot in the upcoming fair. He believed that he could herd sheep just as well as dogs. He would end up saving the people from the produce monsters, but would meet a tragic ending. All of the mutant vegetables had a limited lifespan outside the soil. With Brain's insistence, Pinky had to plant a his friend at the end of the story. Maurice was played by Frank Welker.

Roman Numeral One ("Romy" for short) was the combined clone of both Brain and Pinky. He was part of Brain's plan to "franchise" by creating a clone of himself, then the clone and himself would create two clones, then the clones would do the same, and so on and so on. During the cloning process Pinky was cutting his toenails, which fell into the cloning machine without Brain's knowledge. The clone grows from infant to adult within a few days. When the clone reaches almost full adulthood Brain begins to realize the clone is different from him because its first words are Narf and it has Pinky's teeth. He's shocked when he finds out Romy is Pinky's child (when Pinky says "I'm a mommy!" after finding out about the toenail fiasco, Brain goes on to explain how this isn't the case that the clone only shares both their DNA, then bemoans "Oh are its mommy!"), but still planned to use him to take over the world. Romy however, does not want to and eventually leaves over this fact (and because of Brain and Pinky's constant bickering). He begins living with a woman he met at a bar (a fact that when Brain finds out he's shocked about). Brain and Pinky eventually find him and Brain accepts him for who he is, going so far as to tell Romy to call him Dad. Romy has Pinky's silliness, naivete, buck teeth, and height, but has Brain's bulbous head, eyes, (some) oratory skills, and aggressive behaviour.As a baby, Romy is voiced by Maurice LaMarche and later he is voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Other characters that have appeared on the show have included both Brain's parents,and Pinky's parents and "sister" (an empty spool of thread),Later seasons also feature recurring caricatures of celebrities, including both Bill and Hillary Clinton and Christopher Walken.

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2 Of Mouse And Man
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6 Pinky & The Fog
7 Where No Mouse Has Gone Before
8 Cheese Roll Call
9 Brainania
10 TV Or Not TV
11 Napoleon Brainaparte
12 A Pinky And The Brain Christmas
13 Snowball
14 Around The World In 80 Narfs
15 Fly
16 Ambulatory Abe
17 Mouse Of La Mancha
18 The Third Mouse
19 The Visit
20 It's Only A Paper World
21 Collect 'Em All
22 Pinkasso
23 Plan Brain From Outer Space
24 Robin Brain
25 The Mummy
26 The Pink Candidate
27 Brain's Song
28 Welcome To The Jungle
29 A Little Off The Top
30 Megalomaniacs Anonymous
31 Two Mice And A Baby
32 The Maze
33 Brain Of The Future
34 Brinky
35 Hoop Schemes
36 Leave It To Beavers
37 Cinebrania
38 Pinky And The Brain... And Larry
39 Where The Deer And The Mousealopes Play
40 Brain Noir
41 Brain's Bogie
42 Say What, Earth?
43 My Feldmans, My Friends
44 All You Need Is Narf
45 Pinky's Plan
46 This Old Mouse
47 Brain Storm
48 A Meticulous Analysis Of History
49 Funny, You Don't Look Rhennish
50 The Pinky Protocol
51 Mice Don't Dance
52 Brain Drained
53 Brain Acres
54 Pinky And The Brainmaker
55 Calvin Brain
56 Pinky Suavo
57 T.H.E.Y
58 The Real Life
59 Brain's Way
60 A Pinky And The Brain Halloween
61 Brainy Jack
62 Leggo My Ego
63 Big In Japan
64 But, That's Not All Folks!
65 Operation Sea Lion
66 You Said A Mouseful
67 The Tailor And The Mice
68 Bah, Wilderness
69 Pinky At The Bat
70 Schpiel-Borg 2000
71 Broadway Malady
72 The Megalomaniacal Adventures Of Brainie The Poo
73 The Melancholy Brain
74 Inherit The Wheeze
75 Brain's Night Off
76 Beach Blanket Brain
77 The Family That Poits Together, Narfs Together
78 Pinky's Turn
79 Your Friend: Global Domination
80 You'll Never Eat Food Pellets In This Town, Again!
81 Dangerous Brains
82 Whatever Happened To Baby Brain
83 Just Say Narf
84 The Pinky P.O.V.
85 The Really Great Dictator
86 Brain Food
87 Brainwashed (1): Brain, Brain, Go Away
88 Brainwashed (2): I Am Not A Hat
89 Brainwashed (3): Wash Harder
90 To Russia With Lab Mice
91 Hickory Dickory Bonk
92 The Pinky And The Brain Reunion Special
93 A Legendary Tail
94 Project B.R.A.I.N.
95 Star Warners

Pinky and the Brain lyrics

They're Pinky and The Brain
Yes, Pinky and The Brain
One is a genius
The other's insane.
They're laboratory mice
Their genes have been spliced
They're dinky
They're Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

Before each night is done
Their plan will be unfurled
By the dawning of the sun
They'll take over the world.

They're Pinky and The Brain
Yes, Pinky and The Brain
Their twilight campaign
Is easy to explain.
To prove their mousey worth
They'll overthrow the Earth
They're dinky
They're Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

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