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Galaxy High School cartoon information

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Title: Galaxy High School
Start - end: 1986 - 1987
Official site:  Galaxy High School official site

Galaxy High School show information

An animated series developed by writer/director/producer Chris Columbus about two students chosen from Earth to attend school at Galaxy High, the universe's first intergalactic high school on the asteroid Flutor.

Galaxy High School cartoon pictures

Galaxy High School Galaxy High School image picture gallery Galaxy High School picture Galaxy High School image

Galaxy High School cartoon videos

Galaxy High School cartoon characters

Aimee Brightower
Ms. Biddy McBrain
"Flat" Freddy Fender and Gilda Gossip
Earl Eccchhh
Ollie Oilslick the cabbie and Reggie Unicycle
Booey Bubblehead, Myrtle Blastermeier and Wendy Garbo
Coach Frogface and Sludge the janitor
Doyle's locker
Milo De Venus
the Creep
Professor Icenstein and Luigi La Bounci
Doyle Cleverlobe
Rotten Roland
Beef Bonk and Harvey Blastermeier

Galaxy High School episode guide

1 Welcome to Galaxy High
2 Pizza's Honor
3 The Beef Who Would Be King
4 Where's Milo?
5 Those Eyes, Those Lips
6 Doyle's New Friend
7 Dollars and Sense
8 Beach Blanket Blow-Up
9 The Brain Blaster
10 The Brat Pack
11 Founder's Day
12 Martian Mumps
13 It Came From Earth

Galaxy High School lyrics

Doyle was a high school star,
Everybody thought he'd go real far
But he didn't get the things from the classes he took
You know he just wasn't interested in his books.

Aimee was the smartest girl at school,
Not very popular, not very cool.
Two kids will be chosen from Earth
To go to school at Galaxy High.

Travelling millions of miles through space,
To go to school in a far out place.
Aimee is the sweetheart.
Doyle's got a lot to learn.
Here at Galaxy High.

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