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Sealab 2021 cartoon information

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Title: Sealab 2021
Start - end: 2000 - 2005
Studio: 70/30 Productions
Official site:  Sealab 2021 official site

Sealab 2021 show information

Similar to what is done on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, this show can be described as a "cartoon remix" of the 1972 Alex Toth animated show Sealab 2020 in that the producers take the old animated footage, and manipulate it into something hilarious.

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Sealab 2021 cartoon characters

Captain Hazel "Hank" Murphy is the ostensible leader of the crew. Unfortunately, he is also the most deranged member and quite unfit for service; instead of providing any real leadership, he's either running a pirate radio show, ordering crewmembers to steal cable so he can watch his favorite show "Chopper Dave", complaining about his missing Happy Cake oven, or playing golf near the station's reactor core. He once became addicted to scorpion venom. He signs his name "Murhpi" (and dots the I with a heart). He's easily amused and displays many symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. He's bitter about getting beaten up as a child, so he likes to sucker punch people when he can. He is prone to having blackouts during which he has dreams that Sparks is out to get him and that he is obsessed with either Imogene Coca or Michael Caine. His most hated enemies are Bizarro Murphy and Evans (whom he calls "Eggers") from Pod 6. He often expressed disdain for Pod 6 in general, not caring if it was destroyed in "I, Robot" and becoming enraged when he can't find the Pod 6 Pro Shop in "The Legend of Baggy Pants". He seems to have a fixation on actress Adrienne Barbeau, making reference to her several times, including calling his robotic form the Barbeaubot. The only episode where Murphy consistently acts responsibly is "7211" from the second season, with the running gag being that the entire episode is a faithful re-enactment of an actual Sealab 2020 episode. Murphy was voiced by Harry Goz until his death on September 6, 2003 from Multiple Myeloma. After that, Murphy was described as having left Sealab to fight in the "Great Spice Wars".

Captain Bellerophon "Tornado" Shanks earned his position as Sealab's new captain by answering a help-wanted ad. A retired football coach and lovable redneck, he has all of Murphy's shortsighted idiocy combined with a Southern charm. Tornado's leadership qualities have led him to coach the crew in a football game against killer robots, declare Sealab a sovereign nation (named Sealabia), warp the minds of Sealab's orphan population, and assert that a huge tumor on his head would go away through prayer alone, forcing the crew to shrink themselves and get injected into his body in order to save him. In the episode, "Dearly Beloved Seed", it is revealed that Shanks had six brothers, who are all deceased. Late in the series, Shanks dropped his southern accent because "everyone thought I [Shanks] was gay." Shanks is voiced by Michael Goz, son of Harry Goz.

Debbie DuPree (voiced by Kate Miller) is the token female of the crew (other than "black debbie"), a marine biologist, and blonde and beautiful to boot. Being the token female, she tends to get upset when the guys do chauvinistic things but is also a stereotypical dumb blonde. She has an on going sexual relationship with Doctor Quinn and slept with Murphy at least once. She is slightly promiscuous and an exhibitionist, often ripping open her shirt for various male characters. In the episode "Butchslap" she tells Marco that being a filthy whore is "all she knows". In the last season, she becomes devoutly religious, going so far as to speak in tongues and handle cobras.

Derek "Stormy" Waters (voiced by Ellis Henican) is the station's resident pretty boy. Very childish, he's all looks and no brains most of the time; he barely knows what's going on around him. He greatly enjoys coleslaw. His stupidity has gotten him into trouble several times, mainly with "Black" Debbie. It is wholly possible he has hidden intelligence but he usually ruins any displays of intelligence he shows through equally stupid actions afterwards or revealing where he learned something. This was displayed in the "Stimutacs" episode, where the drug gave him "total cognizance of every synapse in [his] cerebral cortex", making him the smartest crew member and giving him the ability of mind over matter. He also knows how to make a Dagwood sandwich underwater. His guitar chops were demonstrated in the "Monkey Banana Raffle" episode. He has a habit of exclaiming "Holy Bejesus!" whenever something happens.

Doctor Quentin Q. Quinn (voiced by Brett Butler) is the brains of the outfit, with an IQ of 260 and Ph.D.'s in several scientific disciplines. As the only member of the crew with any formal education and any sort of common sense left, he's the one that ends up running the station. In effect, he is the comedic straight man of the series. He's also the "token black guy." He and Debbie have an on-again, off-again relationship. Quinn is actually a cyborg -- an illness in his youth forced him to transplant his human brain into a replica robot body. Although Quinn dramatically revealed this in the pilot episode "I, Robot" it doesn't really affect his character that much and it is only rarely mentioned again throughout the series.He also has a hydraulic penis which is very large and requires a lot of strength to operate.

Jodene Sparks (voiced by Bill Lobley) is the station's sarcastic, scheming radio operator, and co-conspirator with Captain Murphy in most of his escapades. In a dream of Murphy's, Sparks is portrayed as also being the head of a terror organization located inside of a mountain, where his minions refer to him as "The Overlord" (featured in the episode "Happycake"). Sparks is never seen without his headset or out of his rolling, swivel office chair, even while out scuba diving, although in the episode "Green Fever", he is seen in a personal transporter instead of his chair. In one episode, Debbie stabs his legs, which he claims he can't feel so he can claim disability to get an affirmative action based promotion; in another episode he exclaims "I'm not crippled; I'm just lazy!" after having his legs shrunk. In episode 12, Sparks can be seen playing a drumset, in fact using his legs, while rocking out with 'Marduk', the Stimutacs-induced Sun God. Regardless, it has not stopped other characters (primarily Shanks) from addressing him as "cripple" or implying such. Sparks seems to have the vice of cupidity, as his quest for money has been in several plots; such as the murdering of the crew to collect on life insurance policies, the creation of Stimutacs to "make an assload of money", and his numerous underhand deals with Paddy O'Reilly. In addition, episode 46 reveals his penchant for hentai. He can also regrow his own head.

Marco Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar Gabriel Garcia Marquez (voiced by Erik Estrada) is the station's engineer, macho man, and wannabe Latin lover. He often exclaims random things in Spanish, although he doesn't actually speak the language. He has tried to seduce both females on the station at various times, with limited success. He also has a thing for CHiPs, which starred Estrada himself. One of his catchlines is "I'll give it a shot of Vitamin M!" He was given the nickname "Mailbox Head" by Captain Murphy in the "Radio Free Sealab" episode. Note to the names: Rodrigo D?az de Vivar is the main character of the Spaniard epic XI century poem "El Cantar del M?o Cid" while Gabriel Garc?a M?rquez is the 1982 Literary Nobel Prize winner journalist and novelist from Colombia. It should be noted that in earlier episodes that he was portrayed as the most level-headed of the crew, which changed throughout the series' run. When under the influence of Stimutacs, he possesses the "energy of a bear that has the energy of two bears". Marco is an excellent cook. He learned when he had to care for his younger siblings after their mother passed away. His special dish is Tamales (his secret is he simmers a stick of cinnamon with the meat).

Sealab 2021 episode guide

Pilot Pitch Pilot
1 Radio Free Sealab
2 I, Robot
3 Happy Cake
4 Chickmate
5 Predator
6 Lost in Time
7 Little Orphan Angry
8 Waking Quinn
9 All That Jazz
10 Murphy Murph and the Feng Shui Bunch
11 In the Closet
12 Stimutacs
13 Swimming in Oblivion
14 Der Dieb
15 Policy
16 Hail Squishface
17 Bizarro
18 Legend of Baggy Pants
19 Tinfins
20 7211
21 Feast of Alvis
22 Brainswitch
23 Vacation
24 Fusebox
25 Article 4
26 Return to Oblivion
27 Splitsville
28 Tourist Season
29 Red Dawn
30 Meet Beck Bristow
31 I, Robot, Really
32 Frozen Dinner
33 Tornado Shanks
35 Chalkboard Jungle
36 Dearly Beloved Seed
37 Craptastic Voyage
38 Let 'Em Eat Corn
39 Neptunati
40 Isla de Chupacabra
41 Joy of Grief
42 Green Fever
43 Sharko's Machine
44 Return of Marco
45 Casinko
46 Butchslap
47 Monkey Banana Raffle
48 Shrabster
49 Cavemen
50 Moby Sick
51 No Waterworld
52 Legacy of Laughter

Sealab 2021 lyrics

If you're looking for me
You better check under the sea
Cause that is where you'll find me
Underneath the

Sealab, Underneath the water
Sealab, At the bottom of the sea

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