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Foster's Home For imaginary Friends cartoon information

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Title: Foster's Home For imaginary Friends
Start - end: 2004 - 2008
Studio: Cartoon network studios
Official site:  Foster's Home For imaginary Friends official site

Foster's Home For imaginary Friends show information

Craig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff Girls, presents an Emmy-Award winning Flash-animated Cartoon Network original series with some of the best friends you can think of.

In this world, imaginary friends become real the instant a kid thinks them up. Everyone can see them, everyone can talk to them -- but what happens when a kid outgrows his friend? Then that friend is welcome at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, an adoption center owned by old Madame Foster, that provides a home for them, until a child in need of an imaginary friend, who can't think their own up, comes to adopt them.

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Foster's Home For imaginary Friends cartoon characters

Mac?A bright 8-year old boy who lives with his mother and older brother Terrence. Mac almost always seems to know what to do when there is a problem. Even though Mac created Bloo, they are near polar opposites. Mac is consistently shown to be kind and responsible, as opposed to Bloo's self-centered behavior. Mac also becomes extremely hyperactive to the point of a rabid mania if he gets a taste of sugar; once in this state he will become obsessed with sugar and will seek any other source. He is voiced by Sean Marquette.

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo?Mac's imaginary best friend, Bloo resembles a simple, domed cylinder who Mac created when he was 3, which makes Bloo 5 years old. Bloo is self-centered, highly mischievous and is the exact opposite of Mac, which somewhat adheres to the theory that Bloo is basically Mac's id personality. Bloo likes to take advantage of the friends at Foster's and is constantly working on his scamming. However, he still has a good heart and sometimes apologises for his actions. He loves paddleballs, even though he can't make the ball hit the paddle. At first in the first few seasons, he wasn't as mischievous as he is in later seasons. Voiced by Keith Ferguson.

Francis "Frankie" Foster?Madame Foster's 22-year-old granddaughter. Her parents are never seen, only mentioned. Frankie is the housekeeper at Foster's and helps keep everything in order, and serves as sort of a "manager" for all the imaginary friends. In spite of Mr. Herriman's fussiness and fixation with rules and cleanliness (which causes her tremendous stress), she is usually very friendly and easy-going. And though she may seem somewhat like a surrogate mother to Mac, she is more accurately described as a "big sister" to the imaginary friends. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Mr. Herriman?Mr. Herriman is a man-sized, bipedal, rabbit imagined by Madame Foster herself. He is often seen wearing a tuxedo coat and a stovepipe hat, as well as a monocle over his left eye (though it periodically changes eyes, depending on which way he faces). He is in charge of the house (the "President" of Foster's). Mr. Herriman is extremely strict about the house rules (or just politeness and order in general), and is often found punishing Bloo for his various misdemeanors. It was revealed in one episode that the reason Mr. Herriman is so hard on Bloo is because he feels that, given that he is allowed to stay at Foster's even though he still has an owner, he has already broken one of the Main rules of the house. He is terribly fond of his creator Madame Foster, harboring great respect and loyalty to her, even at her most prominent levels of unabashed pep and energy. He is voiced by Tom Kane.

Madame Foster?The founder of the Foster home, Madame Foster is elderly, but she has a lot of spunk and enjoys life to the fullest. Her imaginary friend is Mr. Herriman, who she imagined when she was a child and never gave up. She is voiced by Candi Milo.

Wilt?Wilt is a tall, red imaginary friend with a stubby left arm and a crooked left eyestalk (which he describes as "wonky"). However, in "Good Wilt Hunting," it is discovered that he was not always this way -- he was injured in a fateful accident during a basketball game, leaving his arm crushed and injuring his eye. Wilt exhibits consummate good sportsmanship, which he applies to every part of life he can. He is extremely courteous to a fault (he's often willing to perform anything asked of him, even if he has to go entirely out of his way to do so), and apologizes (with "Sorry") almost constantly. He is cool and collected, but on rare occasions can be moody or short-tempered. His name is an homage to NBA star Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt was shown to be created by Jordan Michaels, a basketball star, a homage to Michael Jordan. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.

Eduardo?Eduardo is an imaginary protector friend who speaks with a considerable Spanish accent. He sports enormous horns, purple fur, long fangs, spade tail, skull buckle, grey pants and weighs more than 500 pounds. Despite his large size, overwhelming strength and menacing demeanor, Eduardo is quite docile and compassionate, and is scared of almost everything, but can be ferocious if angry or in the circumstance that danger befalls his friends. Eduardo has a fondness for potatoes. His creator, Nina Valerosa, is now a police officer. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.

Coco?Coco was discovered on a deserted island. She is a bird-airplane-palm tree friend who can only speak or write the word "coco" at various speeds and different emphases. A talent unique to her is her ability to lay small plastic easter eggs containing a plethora of objects from customized baseball cards to money, seemingly at will. Mac, Bloo, Eduardo and Wilt can understand what she is saying, and often translate for her. Despite her helter-skelter appearence and quirky behavior, she can demonstrate a percieved intelligence, principle and kindness. She is voiced by Candi Milo.


Foster's Home For imaginary Friends episode guide

Race for Your Life, Mac and Bloo!
House of Bloo's
TV Movie House of Bloo's
4 Store Wars
5 The Trouble With Scribbles
6 Busted
7 Dinner Is Swerved
8 World Wide Wabbit
9 Berry Scary
10 Seeing Red / Phone Home
11 Who Let The Dogs In?
12 Adoptcalypse Now
13 Bloooo
14 Partying Is Such Sweet Soiree
15 The Big Lablooski
16 Where There's a Wilt There's a Way / Everyone Knows It's Bendy
17 Sight For Sore Eyes / Bloo's Brothers
18 Cookie Dough
19 Frankie My Dear
20 Mac Daddy
21 Squeakerboxxx
22 Beat With A Schtick
23 Sweet Stench Of Success
24 Bye Bye Nerdy
25 Bloo Done It
26 My So-Called Wife
27 Eddie Monster
28 Hiccy Burp
29 Camp Keep A Good Mac Down
30 Imposter's Home For Um...Make 'Em Up Pals
31 Duchess Of Wails
32 Foster's Goes To Europe
33 Go Goo Go
34 Crime After Crime
35 Land of the Flea
Special A Lost Claus
37 One False Movie
38 Setting a President
39 Room With a Feud
40 Cuckoo for Coco Cards
41 Challenge of the Superfriends
42 The Big Picture
43 Squeeze the Day
44 Neighbor Pains
45 Infernal Slumber
46 I Only Have Surprise For You
47 Bus the Two of Us
48 The Big Cheese
49 Bloo's the Boss
50 Emancipation Complication
51 Make-Believe it or Not!
TV Movie Good Wilt Hunting
54 "Cheese A Go-Go"
55 The Buck Swaps Here
56 Say It Isn't Sew
57 Something Old, Something Bloo
58 "The Bloo Superdude and The Magic Potato of Power"
59 Schlock Star
60 Bride To Beat
61 Affair Weather Friends
62 Ticket To Rod
Special Nightmare On Wilson Way
64 Better Off Ed
65 The Little Peas
66 Let Your Hare Down
67 Jackie Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook
68 Mondo Coco
69 Pranks For Nothing
70 Bloo Tube
71 Race for Your Life, Mac and Bloo

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