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Gadget and the Gadgetinis cartoon information

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Title: Gadget and the Gadgetinis
Start - end: 2003 - 2003
Studio: D.i.C Entertainment
Official site:  Gadget and the Gadgetinis official site

Gadget and the Gadgetinis show information

Gadget has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and recruited by the World Organization of Mega Powers (WOMP), an elite international peacekeeping organization whose goal is to defend humankind from the world's most menacing villains. That may sound like a daunting task, but with the help of some new zany gadgets and a new set of assistants: the Gadgetinis - a team of pint-sized robotic versions of Inspector Gadget who are frequently the unintended victims of his bumbling, Gadget is still up to the task.

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Lt. Gadget

Now working for WOMP as a lieutenant, Gadget is still the same bumbling detective cyborg he was before, except he appears to have been "upgraded" with several new gadgets. He is often unaware of MAD interfering with missions, sometimes making it easier for them to continue with Dr. Claw's evil plans, but they are nearly always thwarted. Gadget may not be very bright, but deep down, he cares deeply about those he knows so well and will occasionally go to risky procedures to protect everyone and everything around him.


Gadget's appearance is somewhat different from his original self, as his hat and coat are now dark grey and his gloves are yellow. He is also seen wearing green sunglasses in most episodes.

The Gadgetinis - Two small robots who resemble Gadget and aid him frequently on his missions.


Fidget is the most easily spooked of the pair and is coloured orange. He secretly wants to be a human, and often makes complaints about body parts that he does not technically possess, being a robot.



Digit is the smartest of the Gadgetinis and is a navy blue colour. He usually corrects Fidget about being a robot and not a human, and is often sarcastic.



Gadget's niece who is now aged 12 and creator of the Gadgetinis. Despite not always partaking in missions, she often contacts her uncle and the Gadgetinis to offer advice and information from home. She usually does this from the attic, using her computer and many other hi-tech tools.


Like her original self, Penny still wears her hair in pigtails, except a little higher and while she originally had green eyes, they are now blue. While nobody had anything against Penny's use of her gadgets in the original series, the people in this show nitpick Penny for being interested in computers (in "One Too Many Gadgets," a flight attendant takes away Penny's crime laptop, and in "Weekend At The Beach," Penny's friend Bridget criticizes Penny for "playing with computer games" when she was actually using her communication watch).

Colonel Nozzaire

Another member of WOMP from France and former member of the French Foreign Legion, Col. Nozzaire (often mistakenly pronounced "Nose-Hair" by the others) cannot stand Gadget and his silliness, and constantly tries to partake in missions himself, only to get captured by MAD, badly injured or never getting to go on missions at all.


General Sir

Leader of WOMP. He is the one who assigns Gadget with missions, much to the disgust of Nozzaire.


Dr. Claw

Leader of MAD and Gadget's unseen enemy. Unlike the original you can actually see his feet and torso from time to time, his gauntlets are now gold with black joints and knuckles, and with the MAD logo printed on them. Instead of banging his hand on his desk he now scratches the arm of his chair when angered.


Gadget and the Gadgetinis episode guide

1 Don't Call Me Gadget!
2 Looming Las Vegas
3 Claw's Collection
4 Gadget Goes on Location
5 Nice Guys Are Finished
6 One Too Many Gadgets
7 Trick or Trap
8 Attack of the Killer Bees
9 Wrestle in Peace
10 Gopher Broke
11 The Wuzzley Affair
12 Face to Face to Face
13 No Such Thing as Ghosts
14 High Noon
15 Sasquatch Watch
16 In Touch with Your Animal Side
17 Nosehair's Day Off
18 The General's Daughter
19 Unpleasant Island
20 Help Wanted
21 The Ultimate Weapon
22 Reality Bites
23 The Weather Machine
24 Weekend at the Beach
25 Prison Cruise
26 Ice Folly
27 Unseen of the Crime
28 Total Reclaw
29 World's Nicest Dictator
30 Roverre
31 Bye Bye Business
32 Sub-Mission
33 Great Wall of Oblivia
34 MADster Game
35 Santa Claw
36 No Brainer
37 Meet Super G.G.
38 Extreme Gadget
39 McIntosh's Bagpipes
40 The Patrix
41 Swap Team
42 Super Gadget Chef
43 Foreign Legion Gadget
44 Solid Gold Gadget
45 Super Boss Gadget
46 Erasing Gadget
47 Rock'n Gadget
48 Gadget on the Brain
49 The Lost City of Gold
50 Operation Get Gadget
51 Claw's Nephew
52 The Comet, the Unicorn and the Bad Gadgetinis

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