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Flintstone Kids cartoon information

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Title: Flintstone Kids
Start - end: 1986 - 1988
Studio: Hanna Barbera Productions
Official site:  Flintstone Kids official site

Flintstone Kids show information

The Flintstone Kids was one of the many Flintstones spin-offs. It featured our main characters except as 10 year olds. Along with some new characters: Dreamchip, Philo, and Rocky Ratrock these mischievous kids got in many adventures. This show was great and one of the best cartoons of the 80's. Although it didn't match up to the original grown-up versions of The Flintstones it still carried on from 1986-1988. The series ended with a bang with the populated feature special in 1988 "The Flintstone Kids Just Say No". There were other segments that featured along with the show. One was called "Dino's Dilemma", and the other was called "Captain Caveman". Those two segments were featured after Flintstone Kids episodes were finished and eventually Captain Caveman became a spin-off. Basically all these things are what made The Flintstone Kids a great show and an excellent addition to The Flintstones history.

Flintstone Kids cartoon pictures

Flintstone Kids Flintstone Kids image picture gallery Flintstone Kids picture Flintstone Kids image

Flintstone Kids cartoon videos

Flintstone Kids cartoon characters

Freddy Flintstone
Barney Rubble
Wilma Slaghoople
Betty Jean
Dino, Robert Rubble, Captain Caveman
Ed and Edna Flintstone
Mrs. Slaghoople
Rocky Ratrock, Flo Rubble
Sreamchip Gemstone
Philo Quartz
Mr. Slaghoople
Cavey Jr.
Nate Slate
Officer Quartz

Flintstone Kids episode guide

1 The Great Freddini
2 Frankenstone / Yard Wars / Freezy Does It
3 Heroes For Hire
4 Indiana Flintstone / Dreamchip's Car Wash / Invasion Of The Mommy Snatchers
5 The Bad News Brontos
6 Rubble Without A Cause / Dressed Up Dino / The Ditto Master
7 Dusty Disappears
8 Sugar And Spies / The Vet / I Was A Teenage Grown-Up
9 Poor Little Rich Girl
10 Freddy In The Big House / The Butcher Shop / Grime And Punishment
11 The Rock Concert That Rocked Freddy
12 Bedrock P.I.'s / Freddy's Mechanical Dog / A Tale Too Silly
13 Curse Of The Gemstone Diamond
14 Princess Wilma / The Dino Diet / To Baby Or Not To Baby
15 I Think That I Shall Never See Barney Rubble As A Tree / Dino Come Home
16 Monster From The Tar Pits / What's Price Fleadom / Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
17 The Fugitives
18 The Twilight Stone / The Terror Within / Day Of The Villians
19 Freddy's Rocky Road To Karate
20 Betty's Big Break / Revenge Of The Bullied / Curse Of The Reverse
21 Barney's Moving Experience
22 Dino Goes Hollyrock / Chocolate Chip Catastrophe
23 The Little Visitor / Grandpa For Loan
24 Philo's Invention / Watchdog Blues / Leave It To Mother
25 Freddy's First Crush
26 Bedrock 'N' Roll / Greed It And Weep / Captain Cavepuppy
27 The Flintstone Fake Ache / Killer Kitty / Captain Knaveman
28 Better Buddy Blues / Who's Faultin' Who
29 A Tiny Egg / Little Rubble, Big Trouble
30 Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Betty / Haircutastrophe
31 Camper Scamper / Bone Voyage / The Cream-pier Strikes Back
32 Rocky's Rocky Road / World War Flea / Captain Caveman's Super Cold
33 Freddy The 13th / A Midnight Pet Peeve / The Big Bedrock Bully Bash
Special The Flintstone Kids Just Say No
34 Philo's D-Feat / The Birthday Shuffle / Captain Cavedog

Flintstone Kids lyrics

Flinstone Kids

Yabba Dab
Yabba Dab
Yabba Dabba Doo
We are the Flintstone kids
Yabba Dab
Yabba Dab
Yabba Dabba Doo
The Bedrock Flintstone kids
We?re growing up in the Bedrock way.
Yabba Dab
Yabba Dab
Yabba Dabba Doo
We are the Flintstone kids
Yabba Dab
Yabba Dab
Yabba Dabba Doo
The Bedrock Flintstone Kids!!!!!!

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