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Title: Action Man
Start - end: 1996 - 2001
Studio: DIC Entertainment
Official site:  Action Man official site

Action Man show information

Alex Mann is a great athelete who has won so many trophies and is loved by all. However, this all changes when a mysterious man, named Dr X, came into his life, and offered him and his best friend, Brandon a better future. This whole thing gets complicated when Brandon is taken by Dr. X for secret experiments, and Alex finds his hidden past to be connected with Dr. X.

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Action Man


Dr. X is a mad scientist who is the arch-enemy of Action Man in its line of toys, introduced in the mid-late 1990s.

In the toy-version plot, Dr X is bent on ruling the entire world and is prepared to kill anyone who stands in his way. He has recruited many villains into his army over the past years such as Plague Locust (from PC game), MAXX (or 'the man with no name') (1999), Tempest (2001), Asazi (Mainframe animated series), Anti-Freeze (2003), No-Face (2004) and Professor Gangrene (1997, 2000, 2002, 2003).

During the battles with Action Man, Dr X has constantly been defeated and humiliated. However, the evil scientist never seems to give up and each time he comes back to do battle, he grows stronger. However, Action Man always wins the battle and defeats him.

Dr X over the years has also seen new styles. In 1994 - a rotary, firing shield; In 1995 - a laser erye & exposed brain; In 1996 he had a bio-stomache (toxic gut), in 1997 - a firing hand; in 1998 - a chopper bike, in 1999 - a laughter button, in 2000 - a robotic arm, in 2001 - a bronze arm and ball & chain, in 2002 - a firing missile arm, in 2003 - a titanium arm and in 2004 a Dinosaur X.

Action Man episode guide

1 The Reindeer Hunter
2 Bowling for Bear
3 Pet Food
4 The Parrot Who Knew Too Much
5 French Dip
6 Natural Born Koalas
7 The Hounds of D'Urbervilles
8 Remembrance of Trunks Past
9 Night of the Gorilla
10 Day of the Groundhog
11 The Big Stink
12 The Gator Gal
13 The Bull Market
14 Panda-monium
15 Snow Job
16 Salmon Rush Hour
17 The Search for Spike
18 The Milky Way
19 The Golden Kitten
20 Thunderballrighty Then
21 Dragon Guy
22 Bad Hare Day
23 Robo West
24 Howl of the Weremoose
25 Bald Courage
26 Have Mask, Will Travel
27 Witch's Brew
28 Bird Is the Word
29 Dino Mite
30 Ace in Space
31 Get Piggy
32 Ace Off
33 Shell Shock
34 Beware the Fly
35 Ace in Time
36 The Future Of Ventura
37 A Dog Day Afternoon
38 The Wild Wild West
39 Never Again

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