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Blackstar cartoon information

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Title: Blackstar
Start - end: 1981 - 1982
Studio: Filmation
Official site:  Blackstar official site

Blackstar show information

When an astronaut, John Blackstar, and his shuttle pass through a black hole and crash on the planet Sagar. He is rescued by the gentle Trobbits who live under the tyranny of the evil Overlord, who possesses the Power Sword. John Blackstar possesses the Star Sword. The two combined weapons can form the Power Star, the most powerful weapon imaginable. Blackstar aids the Trobbits' resistance with his dragon Warlock, Klone the Shape-Shifter, Storm the Amazon, and Mara the Sorceress in the battle against Overlord.

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Blackstar cartoon characters

John Blackstar: The main character of the series, John Blackstar is an astronaut whose ship was sucked into a black hole and he landed on the planet Sagar. He wields one half of the Powerstar, called the Star Sword.

Warlock: A dragon mount ridden by Blackstar.

Klone: A shapeshifter who assists Blackstar in fighting the Overlord.

Mara: An enchantress with the ability to project force who assists Blackstar in fighting the Overlord. In 'City of the Ancient Ones' it is revealed that she is at least many centuries old.
Storm: Queen of the Amazons and ally of Blackstar.

Trobbits: Short for "Tree Hobbits," they are the inhabitants of the Sagar Tree. They rescue Blackstar upon his arrival on Sagar. Some of the known Trobbits are:

Balkar - The king and the mentor; also a great alchemist.

Rif - The grumpy, flame capped one.

Terra - The gardener.

Burbil - The babbler.

Carpo - The carpenter.

Poulo - The mute whistler.

Gossamer - The huge-eared flying one, resembling Dumbo.

Overlord: The primary antagonist of the series. He plots to rule all of the planet Sagar and he wields one half of the Powerstar, called the Power Sword, and constantly seeks the other half wielded by Blackstar.

Vizier: Overlord's right-hand man and companion. He is a sorcerer in his own right. He often accompanies the Overlord in his plans to take over Sagar. He is an expert at mind-control and conjuring.

Taleena: Only appearing in "Crown of the Sorceress," Taleena is a high priestess of the Demonlands and one of the minions of the Overlord. She was last seen consumed by the demonfire of her own making.

Shaldemar: Only appearing in "The Zombie Master," Shaldemar is an ally of the Overlord and the ruler of Marakand. Shaldemar was last seen turning to smoke after a blast from the Starsword shattered the Sphere of Souls, releasing the captured spirits.

Nihilis: Only appearing in "The Air Whales of Anchar," Nihilis is the captain of a flying whaling ship when he tries to capture the Air Whales and turn them into servants of the Overlord. Last we see of Nihilis, his daughter Leila is trying to get him to see the error of his ways.

Kadray: Only appearing in "Lord of Time," Kadray is a time lord who rides a flying bull named Triton. He uses a time scepter to control time. But in the end, his powers backfire and he is turned into a baby. He was last seen in the care of the desert sprites.

Neptul: Only appearing in "Kingdom of Neptul," Neptul is the ruler of Aquaria and a servant of the Overlord. He attempted to steal the Starsword from Blackstar.

Typhot: Only appearing in "The Mermaid of Serpent Sea," Typhot is the captain of a group of undead pirates and enemies of the Mermanites. He is an ancestor of the Overlord and was last seen as a flying manta ray flying to Overlord's icy castle.

Crios: Only appearing in "Lightning City in the Clouds," Crios is an Ice King whom the Overlord sends to capture Lelanna and use the special key she has to open the Box of Seasons and obtain the Weatherseed for the Overlord's purpose. In exchange, Overlord would have him rule winter on Overlord's behalf. When the key was destroyed and the Box of Seasons opened, Crios vanished in the dawning spring.

Amber: Only appearing in " City of the Ancient Ones," Amber is a sorceress who is hundreds of years old. The Overlord frees Amber from the crystline structure where she was kept in some form of stasis for many ages. With the help of Vizier, the Overlord dominates Amber's mind and forces her to lead him to Tamborean, a city of ancient secrets that he desires access to. At the Overlord's command, Amber imprisons Klone and the Trobbits some sort of micro universe inside of her ring. With Blackstar's help Mara eventually frees her old friend, Amber, from the Overlord's influence and she returns to her heroic nature.

Blackstar episode guide

1 City of the Ancient Ones
2 Search for the Starsword
3 The Lord of Time
4 The Mermaid of Serpent Sea
5 The Quest
6 Space Wrecked
7 Lightning City of the Clouds
8 Kingdom of Neptul
9 Tree of Evil
10 The Air Whales of Anchar
11 Overlord's Big Spell
12 Crown of the Sorceress
13 The Zombie Masters

Blackstar lyrics

John Blackstar, Astronaut, is swept through a blackhole, into an ancient alien universe. Trapped on the planet Sagar, Blackstar is rescued by the tiny trobbit people. In turn he joins their fight for freedom against the cruel Overlord who rules by the might of the Powerstar. The Powerstar is split into the Powersword and the Starsword. And so with Starsword in hand, Blackstar together with his allies, sets out to save the planet Sagar. This is his Destiny. I am John Blackstar

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