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Double Dragon cartoon information

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Title: Double Dragon
Start - end: 1993 - 1994
Studio: DIC Entertainment
Official site:  Double Dragon official site

Double Dragon show information

The premise of the show had the Lee brothers separated at birth, with Billy being raised by an elderly martial arts master known as the Oldest Dragon. In contrast, his brother Jimmy is raised by the evil Shadow Master to become his second-in-command, the Shadow Boss. As a result, the Lee brothers meet each other as adversaries after being reunited as adults. By the end of the second episode, Jimmy is betrayed by the Shadow Master, which leads to Jimmy seeing the error of his ways and joining his brother to battle against the Shadow Master.

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Double Dragon cartoon characters

The Double Dragons
Billy Lee
Raised by the Oldest Dragon after being left at the Dragon Dojo by his father John Lee to find his twin brother, he was raised as a Dragon Master to obey the code to the detail. After meeting his brother Jimmy, they decide to join force and fight together as the Double Dragons. He is noble and only fights when he must. He transforms into a Double Dragon with his brother Jimmy Lee using their swords. He wears a blue outfit regularly, and a red dragon mask when he transforms. He can transform further using the Dragon Claws. He later acquires a new armour made by Kami which gives him two swords which can be brought together to form a propeller on his back for flight.

Jimmy Lee
Raised by the Shadow Master and fooled into believing the Shadow Master was his father, he was raised to be the Shadow Boss and be evil. After being betrayed by the Shadow Master, he joins with Billy as they become the Double Dragons. Jimmy is reckless and always gets in trouble, and he has problems with conformity and often argues with Billy and Marian. He transforms into a Double Dragon with his brother Billy Lee using their swords. He wears a red outfit regularly, and a blue dragon mask when he transforms. He can transform further using the Dragon Claws. He later acquires a new armour made by Kami which gives him a powerful dragon blaster.

Friends and allies
Oldest Dragon
The original Dragon Master of the Dragon Dojo, he raised Billy Lee and left him the Dragon Sword before leaving the Dojo during the events of the first episode. He reappears in subsequent episodes in spiritual form to assist the Double Dragons.

Marian Martin
A police officer who helps the Double Dragons and deputized them after Billy Lee saved her life, she is always helping the Double Dragons in anyway she can. Marian is a major character during the first season, but plays a comparatively minor role in the second season.

Sun Yi
She is mistress of chi and the most powerful chi warrior alive, she is Kona's teacher and often assists the Double Dragons in their quest. The Shadow Master has constantly tried to capture her to learn her secrets. She also helped Kami get over her revenge for the Shadow Master.

A young pyrokinetic who was part of a street gang. He almost unintentionally kills a little girl and was sent to jail. After helping the Double Dragons and Marian to save a judge from the Shadow Warriors and a corrupt police commissioner, Fireball paroled into the custody of the Dragon Dojo.

Mrs. Lee
The wife of John Lee and the mother of Billy and Jimmy, she also happens to be the Shadow Master's sister. She willingly lets herself be trapped by her brother in an ominous place inside the Shadow Dojo to spare Jimmy's life. Billy and Jimmy found her once but could not save her from the Shadow Master's clutches.

Dragon Spirit
An ancient warrior named Dao Long trapped within a dragon sword; when the sword is destroyed by the Shadow Master, Chop uses the left over metal in the Dragon Chopper. The Spirit of the Sword then inhabits the chopper and helps the Dragon Warriors fight. His original name was Dao Long and he once belonged to Chen Long.

Chen Long
Chen Long was once a Dragon Warrior who owned the Dragon Sword with the Spirit who was attacked by the Shadow Monster. He sent the Sword through a portal and was thought to be dead. It was found he was alive and had become a Dragon. He was revived to help fight the reborn Shadow Monster, but sacrificed his life to save the Dragon Warriors, he now joins the Oldest Dragon.

Dragon Warriors
His parents helped John Lee by inviting him into their home, he trained young Vortex. When the Shadow Master attacked his home, Vortex ran away and went to live with street kids. He protected them and after being forced to fight by Sickle, the Double Dragons save him and made him a Dragon Warrior who uses his spinning fighting style to fight.

A retired Colonel whose real name is Neil McReady, he comes to relax in town, but when the Shadow Master uses his new drug "Oblivion" to cause havoc he helps the Double Dragons fight and is made into a Dragon Warrior. He uses a blaster he obtained in the army.

A sumo wrestler whose real name is Tsunami who was trained in Chi with the Master of Chi. When his master visits, she is taken by the Shadow Master, so he joins the Double Dragons to save his master, the Master of Chi and is made into a Dragon Warrior who uses chi to fight.

A former cop whose real name Evan, he lost his right arm in a car accident and now works as mechanic. He is known as one of the best car makers. He feels useless because of his disability, so he is tricked by Shadow Master into making vehicles for the Shadow Warriors and given a mechanical arm. Once he realizes his mistake he makes the Dragon Cruiser for the Double Dragons and is made into a Dragon Warrior who uses his robotic arm to fight.

Her father used to forge powerful armor using the Black Flame until killed by the Shadow Master, now she has been forging her cyber armor in hopes of getting revenge on the Shadow Master, she lures Michael to join her cause and dojo, but thanks to the Double Dragons she and Michael are saved and reformed. She later forges new armors for the Double Dragons to defeat Shadow Kahn and unintentionally one for the Shadow Master, she is then made a Dragon Warrior.

A mutant who lives in Undertown, he is helped and helps the Double Dragons many times. It is later discovered he destined to be the Lord of the Undertown Dragon Temple, he is able to hatch a Dragon from an egg in the underground temple which becomes a suggorate little brother and helps him fight. He is made into an Undertown Dragon Warrior who can use his powers to control all creatures.

Junior Dragons
A kid who trains at the Dragon Dojo and is friends with Billy and Jimmy Lee. He is the most seen of the Junior Dragons. He is at one point seduced by Kami to use a Cyber Armour to fight the Shadow Master, but he is later returned to be a Junior Dragon.

A kid who initially wanted to become a Shadow Warrior and helped to trick Billy and Jimmy into a trap. He switch sides when he saw the Shadow Master almost kill Billy.

A video game lover, his dad is an archaeologist who uncovers artifacts for the Double Dragons, he is tricked by the Shadow Master to get the Dragon Claws, however the Double Dragons save the day and he becomes a Junior Dragon.

Shadow Warriors
Shadow Master
The leader of Shadow Warriors, his ultimate goal is to cover the world in darkness and shadow. He has many powers which include shape-shifting and teleporting, and he is able to trap warriors who fail him in the Shadow Mural. He is dark and cruel and has a scythe for a weapon which has a detachable sword for the lower half to be used for the Shadow Boss. As revealed in "The Abyss", he was once the brother of Billy and Jimmy's mother, making him the siblings' uncle, until he was consumed by the Shadow Flames.

A Shadow Warrior whose skin appears to be made of ice, he is a computer and technology expert of the gang. He fights using a rapier on his back and a dagger he carries.

A Shadow Warrior who specializes in disguises and is armed with two large red sickles.

Trigger Happy (voiced by Terry Klassen)
A large brute who loves to destroy and shoot at things, he uses a hand mounted blaster to fire at unsuspecting people.

Another large brutish Shadow Warrior who is usually used to make deals with the organization's allies. He attacks with shoulder mounted rocket blasters. In "Shadow Conned", the Shadow Khan manipulates him into betraying the Shadow Master. As a result, he is imprisoned in the shield Shadow Khan was once trapped in by the Shadow Master after his betrayal was discovered.

A monstrous pink-skinned mutant who has a large jaw with sharp teeth and can bite a chunk out of anything. In "Sight of Freedom", he turns against the Shadow Warriors after befriending the police chief's blind daughter and joins the Dragon Warriors.

A large blue thug with monstrous strength who works for the Shadow Boss in the pilot episode ("The Shadow Falls"). In the beginning of the second episode ("The Legend Begins"), he is sucked into the Shadow Mural never to be seen again for the remainder of the series.

Wild Willy
A crazy cowboy who wields two laser blasters, he also serves the Shadow Boss in the pilot episode and works alongside Abobo. His maniacal personality appears to annoy the more serious Abobo. Like Abobo, he too is absorbed into the Shadow Mural at the beginning of the second episode.

Shadow Khan
Introduced in the beginning of the second season, he is a powerful and evil villain who was trapped in the past, by the Oldest Dragon in a shield. The Shadow Master uses the entrapped being to make himself more powerful, until he convinces Countdown to free him in "Shadow Conned". He is able to bring out his victim's worst fears and can only be harmed by the Dragon Claws. He later summons his own army known as the Terror Warriors with similar powers to him, to help him fight the Double Dragons.

Double Dragon episode guide

26 RPM
25 Daj of Undertown
24 The Return of the Shadowmonster
23 The Ancients Arise
22 The Sight of Freedom
21 Shadow Conned
20 Spirit in the Sword
19 Undertown
18 Superhighway Warriors
17 Doom Claw
16 Virtual Reality Bytes
15 Shadow Claw
14 Shadow Khan
13 The Eye of the Dragon
12 The Abyss
11 Heart of the Matter
10 Call to Arms
9 Dragon Hunt
8 Judgement Day
7 Rebirth
6 Over the Line
5 River of Tears
4 The Price of Oblivion
3 The Mistress of Chi
2 The Legend Continues
1 The Shadow Falls

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