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Biker Mice from Mars cartoon information

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Title: Biker Mice from Mars
Start - end: 1993 - 1996
Studio: marvel productions
Official site:  Biker Mice from Mars official site

Biker Mice from Mars show information

When their home planet, Mars is on the verge of destruction by the Plutarkians- a species of fish-like aliens who are searching for resources from other planets, a bunch of Humanoid Mice escape their world. Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo, a trio of Biker Mice from Mars were shot down by a Plutarkian Ship, and crash landed on Earth. On Chicago, Illinois, they become allies with a human mechanic named Charley. The Mice discover that the Plutarkians have started to make their move on th Earth. The Biker Mice quickly investigate, and discover that one of the city's leading citizens, Lawrence Limburger, is actually a Plutarkian in disguise, who is sending the land back to Plutark.

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Vinnie: The 21-year-old Vinnie is a rebel who has a big ego. He is certainly fearless, daring, and loves everything that is involved in danger. His implusiveness and boldness always gets him in trouble.

Modo: The buffed-up muscle mice, Modo, 23-years-old, is kind and gentle, but he can do serious damage if he is angered or finds himself in a battle with villains.

Throttle: The capable and responsible leader, Throttle always wants to find some action. The dashing 23-year-old acts "cool" and sends out good messages and ideas to solve their problems.

The best wrench in Chicago, Charley is very possibly the best motorcycle mechanic anywhere. She's also the best friend a Biker Mice From Mars could ever hope to have. Charley is the owner of the 'Last Chance Garage' that is until Ronaldo Rump blows it up to make way for his next Rump Burger franchise location...

Once the greatest general in the Martian Freedom Fighter Force, Stoker is an icon on the planet Mars. However, Stoker has been missing in action the past few years. Some believe he is somewhere on Planet Earth. Others believe he sold out to the enemies of the Martian Mouse Freedom Forces...

A full star general and the commander of the Martian Freedom Fighters, Carbine is ultimately responsible for the future of planet Mars. It is for this reason that she turns to those to whom she has turned in the past - The Biker Mice From Mars! While it will be the responsibility of The Biker Mice to...

He's a mystery. While you will learn soon enough that he is the alter ego identity of another character in the series, we are left to wonder whether we will have seen the last of him by the end of episode two...

Supreme Commander of the Catatonian invaders, Hannibal T. Hairball is, well, He's an idiot! Cursed with a little cat's inferiority complex and a propensity for gagging on hairballs, Supreme Commander Hairball is bent on turing every planet in our Solar System into a series of litter boxes...

He's big, he's bad, he's evil. He's a walking Cataclysm! Whilst officially the second in command to Supreme Commander Hairball, it is Cataclysm who is truly calling the shots in the Catatonian quest for the Regenerator. To make things still more complicated, we are never quite sure of his motives...

Ronaldo Rump
Chicago's most infamous land developer, Ronaldo Rump has turned the 'Windy City' into a massive Rump development. No sooner does he vaporize a building than a new one mysteriously appears. Be it a Rump Burger location, a Rump Cola distributor, a Rump Air Reservation Centre, or...

Claw Troopers
These mangy felines are the 'muscle' behind the Catatonian invasion. They are well trained and obedient and appear to be in endless supply. They stand ready to execute any order given by

Cat Commandos
The stealthed-up version of the Claw Trooper, these are some seriously bad kitties. In addition to their body armour, they come complete with some heavy duty hardware in the form of Cat Walkers and Claw-bines. If you're not one of the Biker Mice, best approach is - Don't!...

Biker Mice from Mars episode guide

Special Turf Wars
92 Once Upon a Time on Earth - Part III
91 Once Upon a Time on Earth - Part II
90 Once Upon a Time on Earth - Part I
89 Cat and Mouse
88 First Mice on the Moon
87 Desperado
86 Swimming with Sharks
85 Here Come the Judge
84 Break Up
83 Cyber Mice from Mars
82 Rumpity-Dumpster
81 Carbine's Conundrum
80 The Hairy A-Bomb
79 New Cats in Town
78 Driver's Ed
77 Biker Mice Down Under
76 Surfer Cats of Saturn
75 It's the Pits
74 Manchurian Charley
73 Between Rump and a Hard Place
72 Bringing Up Vinnie
71 The Tender Mouse Trap
70 Vigilante Vengeance
69 Changes
68 The British Invasion
67 The Adventure Begins, Part 2
66 The Adventure Begins, Part 1
65 Once Upon a Time on Mars (3)
64 Once Upon a Time on Mars (2)
63 Once Upon a Time on Mars (1)
62 Where No Mouse Has Gone Before
61 Caveat Mentor
60 Hit the Road, Jack
59 Too Many Limburgers Spoil the Cheese
58 Rocketh and Rideth
57 Diet of Worms
56 Pitfall
55 Virtual Unreality
54 Biker Knights of the Round Table (2)
53 Biker Knights of the Round Table (1)
52 High Rollin' Rodents
51 Academy of Hard Knocks
50 Big Trouble
49 Below The Horizon
48 What Smells Worse Than a Plutarkian Lawyer?
47 Modo Hangs It Up
46 Cycle Centaurs
45 Vicious Cycles
44 Garbage Wars
43 So Life Like
42 Cheese Cadets
41 Verminator
40 My Cheese Is Quick
39 Pwetty Wady
38 Seeds of Victory
37 Lake Michi-Gone
36 Mad Scientist Wanted
35 Danger Is Our Business
34 Law of the Pits
33 Die Fledermice
32 Hickory Dickory Doc
31 Cheeseloggers
30 Villain of the Year
29 I, Greasepit
28 Stalkers
27 The Inquisition
26 Bleu Cheese Bros
25 Unforgiven Cheese
24 Motocross Trap
23 The Tribunal
22 Back to Mars (3)
21 Back to Mars (2)
20 Back to Mars (1)
19 Last Stand at Last Chance
18 Upwardly Mobile
17 The Motor City Maniac
16 Stone Broke
15 We're Going to Cheesyland
14 Steal of the Century
13 Hard Rock
12 Chill Zone
11 Steelfinger
10 A Scent, a Memory, a Far Distant Cheese
9 Road Ravens
8 The Pits
7 The Masked Motorcyclist
6 Test of Friendship
5 A Mouse and His Motorcycle
4 We Don't Need No Stinkin' City
3 The Reeking Reign of the Head Cheese (2)
2 The Reeking Reign of the Head Cheese (1)
1 Rock and Ride!

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