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Title: Danny Phantom
Start - end: 2004 - 0
Studio: Billionfold Studios
Official site:  Danny Phantom official site

Danny Phantom show information

From Butch Hartman, the creator of the hit Nicktoon, The Fairly OddParents, unveils the funny, fantastic action-packed adventures of Danny Fenton, who straddles two worlds as a shy freshman at Casper High and a heroic phantom-fighter with ghostly superpowers. With his best friends, techno-geek Tucker and free-thinking Goth girl Sam, he thwarts the misdeeds of menacing ghosts; and stumbles through daily social hurdles. - Danny Phantom Press Kit. "It's a great comedy/action show that I think you and all the other Nickelodeon animation fans are really going to love. And it's a bit different than anything Nickelodeon has done before. They're 22-minute stories, which is a different storytelling format for us." - Butch Hartman Not seeing is believing..

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The Fenton Family

Daniel "Danny" Fenton
Danny Phantom
Danny Fenton was a shy, average, clumsy, and occasionally superficial 14-year-old boy who was desperate to fit in with his peers and be accepted. After a lab accident in his parents' ghost hunting lab he became a half-ghost, and obtaineds a variety of ghostly abilities. He could not only transform into his ghost-self at will (his battle cry is "I'm going ghost!"), but he could use some of his ghostly abilities in his human form as well. Early on it was not something he could control (ex: becoming intangible and falling through the floor), however, as the series progressed he gained more control and the usage of his powers was almost always intentional. Upon transformation into his alter-ego, his normally black hair turned white, his eyes changed from from blue to a bright glowing green, he had a faint glow, and his normal attire became a black hazmat suit with white boots, gloves, and a white belt belt. This is what he was wearing when the lab accident originally occurred. In the second and third seasons, his costume sported a white emblem on the chest. Despite being unpopular in school and a constant victim to bullies, he is steadfast and loyal to his friends and family.

Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton
Jazz Fenton
Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton is Danny's older sister. Being the older sister and feeling that she is the most rational of the family, she takes it upon herself to be the "mature" figure, often criticizing her parents' obsession with ghosts and protecting her younger brother. Ultimately though, she means well, using her knowledge to point her parents in a more "normal" direction while keeping an overprotective eye on Danny, even if it sometimes is a constant annoyance to others. Upon learning of her brother's secret identity, she also takes it upon herself to secretly help protect him. In the episode "The Ultimate Enemy" she tells Danny of her knowledge about his ghost powers, and joins Danny, Sam, and Tucker as part of their ghost fighting team.

Jack and Madeline "Maddie" Fenton
Jack and Maddie Fenton
While Danny and Jazz's parents are enthusiastic/fanatical "professional ghost hunters", they are oblivious to their son's status as a half-ghost, and are constantly trying to capture "Danny Phantom." Jack and Maddie are usually seen trying to prove the existence of ghosts (finally accomplished in "Public Enemies"). They automatically think that all ghosts are evil, and are trying to capture one for scientific study. They design and build devices to track, capture, and destroy these beings. Both normally wear hazmat suits (equipped with protective goggles) even when they aren't hunting ghosts (though Maddie is known to remove hers at times). Both parents are extremely dedicated to their family as well as to their pursuit of ghosts.

Jack is obsessed with ghost-hunting. Geared up in his dayglow-orange spandex jumpsuit, he jumps into action before thinking and can make a bad situation even worse. While he is an adequate fighter with great strength (due primarily to his prodigious size) and courage, he can often be clumsy and incompetent. He has a level of genius though, as well as a good amount of technical knowledge, and is able to conjure up working ghost gadgets and defense systems built all around the Fenton household. He also has a maturity and seriousness that few people recognize. Jack has apparently been wearing his jumpsuit for so long that he has an allergic reaction to anything else.

Maddie (short for Madeline) is an accomplished martial artist as well as marksman and technical whiz. She has a sister named Alicia who is divorced, doesn't like Jack, and lives in Arkansas (seen in "Prisoners of Love"). Maddie, despite her obsession with ghosts, absolutely loves her family and will do anything to defend them. Vlad Masters has been in love with her since college and is always trying to get her to leave Jack, but she always stays true to her family and defends Jack when Vlad talks him down. Danny used to be really close with Maddie when he was little and, despite not being as close to her now, still looks up to her.

Dani Phantom
Technically a Fenton, Dani is a female clone of Danny who was created by Vlad as one of his many failed attempts to create the "perfect Half-Ghost Son". Dani looks to be about 10/12-years-old and in her first appearance in Kindred Spirits, she introduced herself as "Danielle", claiming to be Danny's "third cousin, once removed." She was against Danny at first, but eventually she sided with her "cousin" after she learned that in Vlad's eyes (whom she had seen as a father), she was just another experiment- and a failed one at that even as she won't last for long as she use up all her powers.

Dani possesses all of Danny's powers, but her unstable DNA prevents her from using them to excess (the more she uses her powers, the faster she deteriorates into ectoplasmic goo). Her suit is slightly similar to Danny's, only more feminine looking (A suit cut at the waist, with her bellybutton showing, slightly high heel boots, etc.).

At the end of Kindred Spirits, she is shown flying off into the sunset vowing to return someday, now being on good terms with her "cousin". The two seem to have grown a strong bond of trust and concern for each other. This is the most important relationship for Danielle, since Danny is the only friend/family she has. By "D-Stabilized", Danielle is stabilized by Danny, now able to retain a solid form--both human and ghost half.

The Foley Family

Tucker "Tuck" Foley
Tucker Foley
Danny's best friend "since forever". He is voiced by Rickey D'Shon Collins. A loyal friend (usually), they share virtually anything (if not everything) with each other, including their friendship. Although Tucker is vulnerable to jealousy as seen in the episode "What You Want" or wanting attention as in "King Tuck", he always realizes in the end that he just can't let Danny down. Tucker is nicknamed the 'Techno-Geek' for his impressive knowledge of computers and gadgetry by the popular kids. He is infatuated with technology, including his PDA (which comes in handy while ghostfighting), and cannot live without it, as shown in "13", when his obsession for digital electronics proved too overpowering to allow him to change his image as "Techno-Geek".

Tucker is also constantly struggling to attract girls, most of which are considered popular, but all, especially the best-looking ones, completely ignore him. Unfortunately, he does not know when to keep his mouth shut, which gets him into trouble. He also is a carnivore, as heard in the episode "Mystery Meat", and has a sense of smell finely attuned to meat.

Mr. and Mrs. Foley
Tucker's parents. His father, Maurice looks exactly like Tucker, minus the hat and with a mustache. His mom's name hasn't been mentioned yet, although she once ruined his day care service when she mistook the flour sacks were for her to make cookies. Their first appearance was in "Public Enemies". They are voiced by Phil LaMarr and Kimberly Brooks. They seem overprotective of their son, but they mean well.

The Manson Family

Samantha "Sam" Manson
Main article: Samantha "Sam" Manson
Sam Manson is one of Danny's best friends. Despite the fact that she is a goth (much to the dismay of her preppy parents and their hatred of the goth subculture), she's an environmentally concerned vegan (or as she calls it: "ultra-recyclo vegetarian"). Her parents are extremely wealthy, having inherited from a great inventor (her grandad, Izzy, was an inventor. He created the machine that twirls cellophane around deli toothpicks), although she keeps this a secret. According to her, she wants to earn real friends, rather than the popularity and fake friendships that come with wealth. Sam is often the most pragmatic of the group, though she does have the tendency to be bossy and a bit self righteous at times, especially when environmental causes are involved. She and Tucker are often there assisting Danny in any way they can when he is fighting ghosts, or telling his parents crazy stories to protect Danny's secret identity. It was partially her fault that Danny ventured into his parent's ghost portal and accidentally became a half-ghost.

It has also been shown that Sam harbors romantic feelings for Danny, though she has yet to admit it. Since Sam and Danny pulled a "fake-out make-out" in Shades of Gray to deter Valerie from catching Danny Phantom, they started showing feelings for one another. Danny pulled one later when he lost his ghost powers in "Memory Blank", in order to prevent his parents from learning about his ghostly status. In the episode, "Fanning the Flames", Danny is put under a spell that causes him to fall in love with her. During this time Sam reveals that she liked the attention Danny was giving her (fake as it was). There are several instances during the show where Danny and Sam look at each other, smile, and blush, and if anyone asks them if they're in love, dating, etc, they'll openly deny it in unison. It becomes pretty obvious to everyone else, except Danny, that she has feelings for him (and vice versa); something that she is well aware of. As seen in "Reign Storm", Danny may not be completely clueless about Sam's feelings for him. Anytime Danny focuses his attention on other girls, Sam will often show signs of jealousy by showing or trying to hide her anger, frustration, and disgust; and sometimes by being protective of him.

In "Double Cross My Heart" Sam starts dating a new boy named Gregor, causing Danny to become notably upset, jealous, and suspicious, until finding out Gregor, whose name is really Elliot, was faking it all to have Sam as his girlfriend. She instantly dumped him and thought the only way boys would be interested in her is if they were after Danny. Danny reassured her otherwise. In "Urban Jungle", even though hypnotized by Undergrowth, her feelings for Danny still show through. Also, they have another moment at the end where they look at each other and tilt their heads towards each other, and smile, before being interrupted by Tucker. It is also revealed that Danny thinks Sam "rules" - but we know that, especially by "Phantom Planet" how deep their friendship really is.

Sam is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

In the "The Fright Before Christmas", it is also revealed that Sam is Jewish. This was hinted at, somewhat obscurely, in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale", when [er grandmother says while bowling, "Bubbe's hot tonight!" and in "Control Freaks", when she addresses Sam as "bubbeleh".

Jeremy and Pamela Manson
Jeremy and Pamela Manson are Sam's parents and the overall antithesis of their daughter, being a pair of super-optimistic socialites. The two are always seen dressed in clothing reminiscent of the 1950s. On various occasions, they have been shown to have enormous disdain of Sam's nonconformity, forcing bright dresses and the like upon her. They also dislike Danny and his family due to their behavior. Their first appearance was in Control Freaks. While not named in the show, they are credited as "Jeremy" and "Pam." Mr. Manson is voiced by S. Scott Bullock, and Mrs. Manson is voiced by Laraine Newman.

Ida Manson
Sam's grandmother Ida Manson, as far as it is known, supports her granddaughter's individuality, being a nonconformist herself in her youth (a photo she once showed Sam revealed that she bore a strong resemblance to her granddaughter). Her first appearance was in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale". While her name is not mentioned in the show, she has been credited as "Ida;" it is also not known if her last name is "Manson," as she may be Sam's maternal or paternal grandmother. Grandma Manson is voiced by Kath Soucie.


The Gray Family

[edit] Valerie Gray
Main article: Valerie Gray
Voiced by Cree Summer, Valerie Gray was once a popular girl in Casper High, but an encounter with a ghost dog caused her father to lose his well paying job, forcing them to move from their lavish home to a rundown apartment. Valerie's selfish and rude personality took a complete 180 as she now had to struggle to save money for college and live life without the popularity she once had. As well as being a ghost hunter, this has changed Valerie for the better as she better appreciates Danny (whom she didn't care for back when she was popular due to his low status) and the others, now seeing the world beyond the black and white she did beforehand.

Damon Gray's daughter, she is a professional Ghost Hunter. Her armor and weaponry are all provided by Vlad Masters, who has taken advantage of Valerie's personal grudge against Danny Phantom. Her father had no idea of Valerie's ghost hunting until "Reign Storm". In turn, Valerie had no idea that Vlad was her supplier until that same episode. It is also revealed in "Flirting with Disaster" that she is a ninth degree blackbelt, and that her favorite fruit is kumquat, "because it's a funny word". Also in the same episode, Valerie's armor is destroyed when Technus takes control of it. Danny, knowing that she wasn't inside, destroys it, and Technus later gives her more powerful (and more sinister-looking) armor in order to slow Danny down while he takes over all the computers on Earth.

Though she likes Danny Fenton, she wants to destroy Danny Phantom, who she blames for all of her misfortunes. They went on an official date in "Flirting with Disaster", and Danny even decided that he wished for Valerie to be his girlfriend. Valerie even considered giving up ghost-hunting to be with him. But in the end, Valerie decided that she couldn't be in a relationship with him because of her grudge against Danny Phantom, and she did not want Danny Fenton to get involved, or worse yet, hurt (she is unaware that Fenton and Phantom are one and the same). Nobody knows what happened to Valerie's mom. She is voiced by Cree Summer.

She first appears in "Parental Bonding", but doesn't officially debut until "Shades of Gray".

Damon Gray
Damon Gray is Valerie's father and faithful employee of Axion Labs. He used to be in Axion's R&D division, where he created a "foolproof" security system for the lab. Unfortunately, it wasn't much good when a Ghost Dog and Danny flew in and unintentionally trashed the place. With her father demoted to a security guard as a result, Valerie began her personal grudge against Danny Phantom, blaming him for all the misfortune she's suffered. In "Reign Storm", Valerie's ghost hunter identity was exposed to Damon (by Danny, no less). As a result of this discovery, Damon began to try and forbid his daughter from going out to fight. Damon was recently given back his old job in R&D following Axion's corporate takeover by Vlad Masters.

In "The Ultimate Enemy", he is seen in the future Amity Park with an eyepatch and is missing his left arm. He and Valerie, in that future, had resided in Fenton Works up until Dark Danny destroyed the building. Since he did not reappear with Valerie when Danny, Sam and Tucker showed up in the future, it might be possible that he died in the explosion seen at the beginning of the episode.

Damon is voiced by Phil Morris and first appears in "Shades of Gray".

The Citizens of Amity Park

Mr. Lancer
Voiced by Ron Perlman. Mr. Lancer, during his own years at High School was a Male Cheerleader. Now a teacher and Vice-Principal at Danny's school, Casper High (another ghost reference), he serves as rope of education to the students of Casper High. He often uses the titles of books as exclamations (for example, "Moby-Dick!, "Gulliver's Travels, I'm losing my mind-- and my pants!", and "Lord of the Flies! They're slipping right through my hands!" "War of the Worlds, creature, get away from my youthful charges!" "Chicken Soup for the Soul!" "Hunt for Red October!", and when the faculty's steak dinners are stolen, "Paradise Lost!" or when Hotep-Ra appeared, "Antony and Cleopatra!, or when the Nasty Burger was attacked, "Fast Food Nation!""), or when he saw his doppelganger self "Prince and the Pauper".

Mr. Lancer is generally portrayed as the enforcer within Casper High, liberally doling out detentions to Danny and his friends. He shows favoritism to the school athletes, however ("Mystery Meat", "Fright Knight"). Although he is described as an English teacher, Mr. Lancer has appeared teaching a variety of subjects, including astronomy ("Memory Blank"), and often the blackboard behind him is covered with scrawled math equations. He is portrayed as a bit of a wimp, hiding behind Principal Ishiyama when faced with Wulf ("Public Enemies") for example, even if he generally means well. In Forever Phantom it's revealed that he is just as picked on by the students as Danny and his friends. He also seems to have no one to spend Christmas with as he writes all of his gifts to himself which could either mean that his family is dead or that they just don't want to see him. In fact he is held as a complete laughing stock in the eyes of many. Mr. Lancer also secretly plays video games like "Doomed", and is apparently very skilled at it (defeating Tucker, Danny, and Sam all at once). Mr. Lancer's two greatest fears are apparently math equations and the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard. As well as having an interest in the video game "Doomed", it also appears that he occasionally indulges in cross-dressing. In the episode "Teacher of the Year", Lancer shows a picture of "his sister" to Danny as a method of encouragement, then later wonders how no one ever seems to know that it's really just him in a dress. He likes watching Danny, at times is a little sensitive with the boy and tries to cover for him with his parents, but he seems to like Danny a little. In "Phantom Planet" it's implied he knew Danny's secret (before Danny revealed himself in the end) with his comment of Danny and Tucker not "putting that much effort into their schoolwork" toward their plan to save Earth.

It is unclear what Lancer's first name is, for he is always referred to as Mr. Lancer, even to himself. It's possible that his first initial is L due to having it on his Doomed avatar (similar to Technus using his first initial of N), but this has not been made official.

Mrs. Tetslaff
Mrs. Tetslaff is an over weight female teacher who teaches Physical Education and Health Studies with all the mannerisms of an army drill sergeant. She is a constant rival of Mr. Lancer and has outdone him in many things, including the Halloween haunted house challenge. She is voiced by Laraine Newman.

Mr. Falluca
Mr. Falluca is a math teacher at Casper High School who has never had any important roles and only appears as a minor character. He apparently thought Tucker did math homework on his computer and decided to give out more when he learned that all Tucker did was surf the Internet.

Dash Baxter
Dashiel "Dash" Baxter is the most popular guy in Casper High School. He has voice similar to Chester from The Fairly OddParents. Quarterback of the football team - as well as a member of every sports team (Basketball, etc) at Casper High, Dash can get away with just about anything, and usually does while he dominates over his peers and sucks up to teachers, stating "After high school, it's all downhill for me."It is revealed Dash has a love for animals in Forever Phantom because he owns a puppy

He may be a ninth-grader like Danny, but Dash is the big man on campus at Casper High. Guys want to be him and girls want to date him. And this football jock likes nothing more than harassing Danny. He frequently calls Danny by unimaginative derogatory nicknames like "Fen-toad","Fen-toenail", "Fen-tuns 'o fun" and when Vlad was elected mayor he called Danny Fenedict Arnold. But the tables have turned now that Danny has his super powers, and sometimes he just can't resist making Dash look like a fool, which, considering the size of Dash's brain compared to the rest of his body, isn't very hard to do. Danny's powers have revealed certain disturbing things about Dash, like the fact that Dash secretly collects teddy bears. We also know that he has a soft spot for old romance movies ("Doctor's Disorders"), listens to boy bands ("Girls' Night Out") and watches the 'Romance Channel' ("Forever Phantom").

He gets a starring role in "Micro Management" alongside Danny as he, Skulker, and Danny were shrunk to around an inch high. As a result, he and Danny had to work together to defeat Skulker and get back to normal size. It is also revealed in this episode that Dash has some level of respect for Danny Phantom.

When Dash (along with the rest of the world) finds out Danny's identity in Reality Trip, he almost instantly helps Danny in escaping the Guys in White along with Paulina, Kwan and others showing that his respect for Danny Phantom outweighs his desire to bully Danny Fenton.

By "Phantom Planet" it is likely that Dash will treat Danny with respect and will no longer bully him. He is voiced by S. Scott Bullock. Dash also appears in Nicktoons Glob of Doom.

Paulina is a non-gymnastic cheerleader and the most popular girl at Casper High School. She is voiced by Maria Canals. Paulina has a Hispanic background and a "cool" accent, a mixture of Valley Girl and the slight Hispanic accent that Spanish speakers who become fluent in American English sometimes retain. She is 15 years old, celebrating her birthday in the episode "Memory Blank". In the episode "What you want" Tucker and Danny both take control of Paulina's body, replacing Paulina's voice with Danny and Tucker's voices.

Her father spoils her and is shown to be extremely egotistical. Since "Parental Bonding", it has been shown that Danny has a nearly obsessive crush on Paulina. The two of them dated in "Lucky in Love", although it is revealed halfway through the episode that Paulina is being overshadowed. Paulina (having no memory of the events that happened while she was overshadowed) still has no interest in Danny Fenton, but grows madly in love with his alter ego, Danny Phantom (she even has a shrine to him in her locker, complete with candles), since he has saved her on more than one occasion. But that wasn't the only time Danny and Paulina have dated once when Danny asked Paulina to the dance. Their relationship had Sam in the pits. When Danny and Paulina dated Sam was in a rage of jelousy seeing as she had a secret crush on him. At the end Paulina tells Sam in the bathroom during the dance, she thought Sam and Danny were dating, so she tried to steal Danny to make Sam jealous.

In "Reality Trip", Paulina (along with the rest of the world) finds out the connection between Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom and kisses him, putting Sam into a jealous rage. She also says at the time that she can get used to "Paulina Fenton" (Which is a reference to the episode Pirate Radio). Despite the "Paulina Fenton" comment, it is generally believed that Paulina was only into Danny for the Phantom, and it has been said that the chances of those two being happy together long-term are slim to nil[citation needed]. However the revelation of him continuing to protect the entire school, despite the way he's treated there, may also have been the influence of her statement. In Forever Phantom, she met Danny Phantom and she decided to fall in love as if she could remember that he was a true hero, chasing him as a mob of fans. She wears a Pink short sleeved belly shirt and tight blue capri pants.

Kwan is a football player and Dash's best friend. Kwan was at once point voiced by Dat Phan. Kwan is now voiced by James Sie. It often seems that Kwan is the more rational of the two. Like Dash, Kwan bullies Danny around, but acts nicer than most of the other popular kids in Casper High (ex: In "Shades of Gray", when Danny accidentally ran into Paulina and made her spill her soda on Valerie's $500 shirt and Valerie wanted him to beat him up, Kwan replied with "Hey, accidents happen").

Back when Valerie was popular, Kwan was dating her, only ending once Valerie lost her popularity. By the episode "Lucky in Love", he started dating Star (Paulina's best friend). He was told by Penelope Spectra that he would become a hobo soon after school: whether this was truth exaggerated or simply lies was unknown at the time. Kwan was once a lot nicer to Danny until an episode came when he saw Dash chasing Danny out of the High School campus.

Kwan is seen briefly in "The Ultimate Enemy" when Dark Danny attacks the future Amity Park with his newly developed Ghostly Wail.


Tiffany Snow is a reporter who first appeared reporting the attack of the ghosts in the "Reign Storm". She is a generally perky reporter. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Harriet "Hari" Chin is an old college-mate of Jack and Maddie. Like Vlad, she shows an obvious dislike for Jack Fenton. She lost her old job in Milwaukee because she wrote some crackpot story about ghosts, but gets a job as a newscaster in Amity Park as of ("The Million Dollar Ghost"). She first appears in "Bitter Reunions".

Mayor Ernesto Montez
(Mayor) Ernesto Montez is Amity Park's former mayor. He is a coward and he claims to help protect his people only to get more voters. It's obvious he cares more about being mayor than the responsibilities of being mayor. In Eye for an Eye, Montez's position as mayor was removed in favor of Vlad Masters.

A non-gymnastic cheerleader and Paulina's best friend, Star is one of the popular kids. She is voiced by Grey Delisle in her initial appearance, and later by Tara Strong in other appearances. Tucker has called Star "Satellite" because like a real satellite orbiting an object, Star orbits around Paulina. Star once dated Tucker in Lucky in Love (dominating and basically making him her servant) but decided to date Kwan (Dash's best friend) instead. She has some extreme dislike for Danny because of his parents' ghost hunting. She first appears as a background character in "Mystery Meat". She's a less popular version of Paulina. Star is a lot like Veronica in The Fairly OddParents, which makes sense because they both are the best friends of the popular girls (Star=Veronica and Paulina=Trixie: interestingly, Star is also Veronica's last name.). Star also seems to still be friends with Valerie Gray, despite the latter being thrown out of the popular crowd.

Principal Ishiyama
Principal Ishiyama is a principal of Casper High. She is voiced by June Angela. She is known to be of Asian descent, most likely Japanese due to her last name. (In Japanese "Ishiyama" means "Rock Mountain".) She first appeared in "Fanning the Flames". She normally wears a purple dress or a purple shirt and skirt. It is also shown in "Control Freaks" that she likes making jokes.

Elliot's a guy who likes to 'play' girls into falling for him. He was most notably featured in "Double Cross My Heart", where he seduces Sam as a foreign exchange student from Hungary named Gregor. This false relationship drove Danny into a fit of jealousy, and nearly broke up his friendship with Sam. Danny thought he was an agent of the Guys in White, while Guys in White thought Elliot was Danny Phantom. Later it was revealed that he is actually from Michigan, and his deception caused Sam to break up with him (She also broke up with him because he didn't like Danny or Tucker). The Guys In White attacking him made him decide to go back to Michigan, never to return again. His appearance is noticeably similar to Danny's ghost form, right down to his green eyes.

Nathan is a nerd at Casper High with an alien face on his sweater. He was a background character until his actual debut during Reign Storm, revealing he is in love with Valerie Gray, and won't stop stalking her until she agrees to go with him to senior prom (Which happens to be three years away). In Claw of the Wild he was identified as "Lester" (Lester Nathan or Nathan Lester?).

Ashley is a girl who is always seen with a pink skirt. She wears her hair similarly to Sam. She is a fan of Sayonara Pussycat (obviously Hello Kitty) and is apparently a cheerleader. Tucker also seems to like her. She is also often seen with Star.

Irving "Third Degree" Burns
Irving "Third Degree" Burns is the Manager of the local burger restaurant, The Nasty Burger. While Jazz scored the highest score ever on the C.A.T., Irving got the lowest. He takes complete pride in his minimum wage job, even though no one else does.

Danny Phantom episode guide

TV Movie Phantom Planet
48 D-Stabilized
47 Claw of the Wild
46 Frightmare
45 Boxed Up Fury
44 Livin' Large
43 Urban Jungle
42 Forever Phantom
41 Torrent of Terror
40 Girls' Night Out
39 Infinite Realms
38 Eye for an Eye
TV Movie Reality Trip
36 Double Cross My Heart
35 Kindred Spirits
34 Masters of All Time
33 King Tuck
32 Beauty Marked
31 Micro-Management
30 Flirting With Disaster
29 Secret Weapons
28 The Fright Before Christmas
27 The Fenton Menace
26 Identity Crisis
TV Movie The Ultimate Enemy
TV Movie Reign Storm
23 Pirate Radio
22 Doctor's Disorders
21 Memory Blank
20 Control Freaks
19 The Million Dollar Ghost
18 Life Lessons
17 Lucky in Love
16 Maternal Instinct
15 Fright Night
14 Public Enemies
13 "13"
12 Teacher of the Year
11 Fanning the Flames
10 Shades of Gray
9 My Brother's Keeper
8 Prisoners of Love
7 Bitter Reunions
6 What You Want
5 Splitting Images
4 Attack of the Killer Garage Sale
3 One of a Kind
2 Parental Bonding
1 Mystery Meat


Danny Phantom lyrics

He's a phantom, Danny Phantom, Danny Phantom, Phantom...
Young Danny Fenton, he was just 14, When his parents built a very strange machine,
It was designed to view a world unseen, He's gonna catch em all 'cause he's Danny Phantom.

When it didn't quite work his folks, they just quit,
But then Danny took a look inside of it,
There was a great big flash, everything just changed,
His molecules got all rearranged.

Phantom, Phantom...

When he first woke up, he realized, He had snowy white hair, and glowy green eyes,
He could walk through walls, disappear, and fly,
He was much more unique than the other guy,
And it was then that he knew what he had to do,
He had to stop all the ghosts that were comin' through,
He's here to fight for me and you!

He's gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's Danny Phantom,
Gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's Danny Phantom,
Gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's... Danny Phantom.

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