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Title: Galaxy Angel
Start - end: 2006 - 2006
Official site:  Galaxy Angel official site

Galaxy Angel show information

Milfeulle Sakuraba is the newest member of the Angel Brigade, a branch of the Transvaal Empire military whose primary mission is to search for relics known as ?Lost Technology?. The only problem is?no one actually knows what the Lost Technology is! Relegated to performing menial tasks of the highest priorities: a search for lost kittens, defusing of a talking missile, and delivering an old school I.D ? The Angel Brigade?s here to save the galaxy?one planet at a time!

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Moon Angel Troupe

Milfeulle Sakuraba
Milfeulle Sakuraba
Emblem Frame: GA-001 Lucky Star
Age: 17
Height: 156 cm
Eye color: Greyish Blue
Hair color: Pink
Seiyu: Ryoko Shintani
Voice Actress: Jocelyne Loewen
In the anime A seventeen-year-old, selfless pink-haired girl who has an incredible amount of good luck with extremely bad luck periodically to counter it. The bad luck can cause disastrous outcomes like destroying a whole planet or even an entire galaxy. Strangely enough, this could be minimized if Milfeulle is happy at those days. She can be stubborn if she doesn't get her way, but is usually happy-go-lucky. The newest member of the Angel Troupe at the start of the series. Her hobby is making tea and cooking snacks, particularly cake. The flowers on her head can spin and make her fly or hover in the air. Her first name is derived from the name for the French pastry mille-feuille.

In the games An original member of the Angel Troupe, Milfeulle is always caring and cheerful, and will never hesitate to help another person, even people whom are considered by others as enemies. Possessing a supernatural level of good luck, to the point where strange things keep occurring around her, sometimes causing great annoyance to others, but always in some ways beneficial to herself. Even in normal situations, like tossing a coin, she will get all heads or all tails. By the definition given in the game, Milfeulle has the ability to fail all probability measures and cause one outcome to be 100%.

Ranpha Franboise
Ranpha Franboise
Emblem Frame: GA-002 Kung-Fu Fighter
Age: 18
Height: 161 cm
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Blond
Seiyu: Yukari Tamura
Voice Actress: Nicole Leroux, Tabitha St. Germain (S & X)
In the anime A blonde, vain beauty usually featured in a red Chinese dress with remarkable physical strength. Her hobby is fortune-telling, and she's even successful at times. Her predominant yet ultimately futile obsession is attempting to snag rich (and preferably handsome) men, which rarely appear in the series. Usually when she does meet these men she completely falls apart and makes a total fool of herself. Although apparently pushy she is actually very sensitive, though can come off as domineering. The two metallic things on her head are weapons.

In the games Generally the same, though nowhere near as obsessed with men as she is in the anime. She became friends with Milfeulle in the military academy and considers her a rival, but is defeated on every occasion due to Milfeulle's luck. Proud and often harsh, some may find it difficult to approach Ranpha, let alone start a conversation with her. However, behind her tough exterior is a kind person whom is always willing to put the feelings of others before herself.

Mint Blancmanche
Mint Blancmanche
Emblem Frame: GA-003 Trick Master
Age: 16
Height: 123 cm
Eye color: Amber
Hair color: Light Blue
Seiyu: Miyuki Sawashiro
Voice Actress: Nicole Bouma
In the anime An intelligent blue-haired girl who loves to wear full body costumes, but will never, ever be seen by her friends while wearing them (unless it's work-related). Her family is wealthy and she sometimes comes off snobbish, but she normally has a sincere, distinguished politeness in her voice when in conversations with others. She has a dark side, as she can sometimes be selfish to the point of letting her fellow Angels die rather than be embarrassed, and she likes to play mean pranks on the less-than-bright Ranpha. She also can read minds or emotions in some situations. She has a pair of white rabbit ear-like appendages just above her normal ears that twitch, rise or droop depending on her feelings. The ears also allow her to fly or hover in the air. Her last name is derived from the name for the dessert blancmange.

In the games Possessing telepathic abilities, Mint possesses the ability to read the thoughts of others, even if she doesn't want to. This led to her becoming reluctant to be with others outside the Angel Troupe. As in the anime, Mint comes from the Blancmanche family, a rich and powerful business family. The family is so powerful that, despite the rest of the Transbaal Empire being in chaos, it can still provide resources for Elsior. She also enjoys dressing up in costumes and to her horror is seen by Takuto while dressed as a giant hamster. She pilots the Emblem Frame "Trick Master", which is armed with "Fliers", remotely-controlled weapons.

Forte Stollen
Forte Stollen
Emblem Frame: GA-004 Happy Trigger
Age: 22
Height: 175 cm
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red
Seiyu: Mayumi Yamaguchi
Voice Actress: Alison Matthews
In the anime A frank, husky-voiced, boyish redhead in a stylized military uniform complete with hat and monocle. Her hobby is collecting guns and other weapons, and is a strong believer in applied force to many situations. She is scared of and allergic to mice.

In the games Similar to the anime, she is the leader of the Angel Troupe. Being the oldest, Forte acts as the big sister of the group, often giving advice to others. Like many of the other characters in the first game, Forte is less than impressed with the appointment of Takuto as the commander of the Elsior and bluntly tells him that she will not consider him her commander until he proves himself. He eventually does, and she begins to trust him as much as she would her Angel teammates.

Vanilla H
Vanilla H
Emblem Frame: GA-005 Harvester
Age: 13
Height: 132 cm
Eye color: Red
Hair color: Light Green
Seiyu: Mika Kanai
Voice Actress: Anna Cummer
In the anime A green-haired pale-colored young girl who rarely speaks, and always in a calm, deadpan voice. Most of the time, when she speaks, she refers to God. She has a strange machine, known as the Nanomachine, in her room. Despite all of this, she is quite caring and always follows orders. She is also apparently the possessor of a hot temper, but keeps it well-hidden. She can heal the injuries of others, the effects made visible by a green glow around her hands, and the red gem at her forehead can sometimes project a powerful beam. She carries around the stuffed animal in which Normad's chip has been placed, but she's not as devoted to Normad as he is to her.

In the games Vanilla possess the ability to control nanomachines to perform various things, such as altering her appearance to healing wounds. However, she requires a great deal of mental control in order to control the nanomachines, and thus suppresses her emotions in order to utilize the nanomachines more efficiently. Despite seemingly acting without emotions, Vanilla is very caring, and often works herself helping others to the point of exhaustion. She is the pilot of the Emblem Frame "Harvester", which is a giant nanomachine colony and is used to repair/resupply the other Angel Frames during combat. Her pet cat that is always seen on her is actually constructed out of nanomachines, and expresses her emotions for her.

Chitose Karasuma
Chitose Karasuma
Emblem Frame: GA-006 Sharp Shooter
Age: 17
Height: 157 cm
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Dark Blue
Seiyu: Saori Goto
Voice Actress: Tegan Moss
In the anime Introduced in the fourth season, Chitose is a purportedly sickly, navy blue-haired girl who joins the Angel Team. Although she wishes to make friends, she is very clumsy about it. Her attitude towards the team (especially Milfeulle) flipflops between vengefulness and self-imagined ostracism. Some consider her an insecure love (friendship) addict albeit with good intentions.

In the games Introduced for the first time in Moonlit Lovers, Chitose became the replacement for one of the original Galaxy Angel members who left the team in order to be with Takuto. A traditional, polite, and soft-spoken young woman, Chitose joined the military for two reasons; for her respect and admiration for both her father and the Angel Troupe. Extremely intelligent, Chitose became an elite within the military, scoring the highest marks ever in the military exam, defeating even Milfeulle (whom scored the second highest due to her luck).

Transbaal Empire

akuto Meyers
Takuto Meyers
The newly appointed commander of the Elsior along with the Angel Troupe. He is widely known to be both a skirt chaser as well as a slacker. Seemingly completely carefree, Takuto may seem to be an incompetent captain, but when things get serious, his personality changes completely, becoming serious and devoted to the task ahead. He is close friends with his first officer Lester Cooldaras.

He is known as "Tact Mayers" on official merchandise and in an advertisement attached to the English anime release, and "Takuto Meyers" in the English manga. It is unknown which name will be used by the English translation of the game, if indeed this project ever comes to fruition.

Lester Cooldaras
Main article: Lester Cooldaras
The first officer of the Elsior, Lester spends most of his time either making sure that Takuto is doing his job as a commander, or trying to find Takuto as he goes off on one of his crazy adventures with the Angel Troupe. Has known Takuto since the military academy, and has been with him ever since.


Almo and Coco Nutmilk
Main article: Almo and Coco
Bridge crew and operators of the Elsior. Almo is a purple-haired girl, while Coco has violet hair and wears glasses. Like many other characters in the first game, they were dubious at best of Takuto Meyers' ability to lead. Almo in particular felt Lester would've made a far better commander (partly because she had a crush on him). Takuto eventually won them over and they accept his unorthodox leadership style.

Moon Goddess Shatoyan
Revered by the people of Transbaal, and said to be the one whom brought peace and prosperity to the Transbaal Kingdom, Shatoyan resides within the White Moon itself. When Prince Eonia initiated his coup d'?tat, Shatoyan sealed both herself and the White Moon within an energy barrier, which is completely unbreakable by any known means. Shatoyan also sent both the Angel Troupe as well as the Elsior to ensure Prince Shiva's safety. Other than Prince Shiva, Shatoyan is the only other person with knowledge of what the White Moon really is... Voiced by Kikuko Inoue (井上喜久子).

Shiva Transbaal
Shiva (Galaxy Angel)
The only surviving member of the royal family of the Transbaal Kingdom, Prince Shiva is the target of assassination of Prince Eonia, and is under the constant protection of both the Angel Troupe and the Elsior. Raised on the White Moon, he is somewhat antisocial towards others and would rather remain secluded within his room onboard the Elsior. He is also quite belligerent to Takuto at first, demanding that the Elsior head straight back to Transbaal and stop Eonia at once. This child possesses a heavy burden of being the last of the royal family, with knowledge that he must become king at such a young age, and refuses to be treated like the ten-year-old he is. Shiva is portrayed by Akemi Okamura (岡村明美).

Kuromie Quark
Kuromie maintains the "Whale Room" onboard the Elsior, and also is one of the few known people who can understand the mysterious Space Whales (宇宙クジラ). In the games, he helps Takuto sort out his feelings for his chosen Angel, and plays a fairly instrumental role in the start of their relationship. He is voiced by Mamiko Noto (能登麻美子).

While the English manga called him "Kuromie", an advertisement attached to the English anime called him "Chromier".

Creta is the leader of the Elsior's maintenance teams, and a major fan of bishonen idol "Ricky Kart". She is voiced by Sachiko Kojima (小島幸子).

Kela is the Elsior's doctor, specializing in counselling. She has a major love of coffee. She is voiced by Sayaka Ohara (大原さやか)

Luft Weizen
Luft is a general in the Transbaal Imperial Forces, as well as Takuto's old teacher. In the first game, he not only rescues Takuto, but gives him command of both the Elsior and Angel Troupe. He is voiced by Rokuro Naya (納谷六朗).

Gerard Transbaal
Transvaal 13 th Emperor. He is Shiva's father, he knew about Eonia's plans because of he was killed by Eonia's forces.

Sigurd Sidmeyer
He is military general which work is to protect Gerard King's son, Prince Shiva. He is voiced by Daisuke Gouri (郷里大輔).

Noah is the administive control system of the Black Moon, and for much of the first game she assists Eonia in his attempt to conquer the Transbaal Empire. She refers to Eonia as "onii-sama," one of many Japanese terms for an older brother. It is later discovered that Noah is the one manipulating Eonia from behind-the-scenes. However, in the second and third games of the trilogy, it is discovered that it was her automatic interface that was responsible for the events of the first game, and that the Black Moon and White Moon were both created to be defensive satellites for EDEN. As such, she becomes an ally in these games in the subsequent war against the true enemy of EDEN, Val-Fasq. She is voiced by Asuka Tani'i (谷井あすか).

The English manga refers to her as "Noa".

The Legitimate Transbaal Empire (Eonia's Rebel Forces)

Eonia Transbaal
Eonia is the main adversary in the first game and manga series, as well as Shiva's older brother. Prior to the games, he committed the sin of parricide, murdering everyone in the Transbaal Royal Family except Prince Shiva. Aligning himself with the Black Moon, he declared war against the Transbaal Empire. His goal is to capture the White Moon, and with it, Moon Goddess Shatoyan. The only thing standing in his way of this goal is the Elsior and its Angel Troupe. While Eonia is mostly a ruthless character, throughout the first game, he treats Noah with affection until Noah's true identity and intentions become clear. He is voiced by Shinichiro Miki (三木眞一郎).

A character exclusive to the manga, Lulu considers herself a rival to Sherry, who simply brushes her aside as a subordinate. She wears glasses and is much more fragile than the brash, vengeful personality she displays. She kidnaps Milfeulle and Ranpha in order to exchange them for Shiva, but is foiled by Tact and dispelled from the rebellion.

Sherry Bristol
Lady Sherry is one of Eonia's trusted subordinates. For most of the game and manga, she is responsible for the many opponents the Elsior faces in battle. In the latter half of the game, Sherry is killed after she deliberately crashes her warship into the Elsior in an attempt to take the protagonists down with her, but she is able to scream out Eonia's name before she dies. She is voiced by Yoko Soumi (沢海陽子).

Camus O. Laphroaig
Camus is the narcissistic leader of a mercenary band of Emblem Frame pilots known as the "Hell Hounds" (ヘル・ハウンズ), who side with Eonia during the first game. The Hell Hounds are virtually male counterparts of the Angels (with the possible exception of Riserva). Where the Angels are named after desserts, the Hell Hounds have the names of various kinds of alcoholic drinks. He seems to hold a particular fondness for Milfeulle, often referring to her as "ma cherie" (and "my honey" in English words in the first video game), and sometimes mysteriously leaving her "Space Roses" in her bed. Once the Angel Troupe and Hell Hounds engage in their first dogfight, it is quite clear Milfie dislikes him. In the game, he speaks in a rather exaggerated, dramatic voice and, when forced to retreat, makes a show of it, flirting with Milfie and saying "Adieu!" However, in the manga, his personality is far more cold and mature. He is voiced by Akira Ishida (石田 彰).

Guinness Stout
A member of the Hell Hounds. He seems to hold some mysterious connection with Ranpha, and often refers to her as his eternal rival. She, however, is simply annoyed. Whenever they meet in battle, he goes well out of his way to attack her. He can never say anything calmly, instead yelling until the written dialogue box used as a subtitled companion to his speech trails off in small letters, and says "YEAAAAAAAAH!" in almost every sentence. He is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama (檜山修之).

Riserva Chianti
A member of the Hell Hounds, she is considered to be their tactical expert. Coming from a highly prestigious family, she loathes Mint, and always singles her out in combat. In the English manga released by Broccoli Books, she is male, an easy mistake to make as she follows boystyle fashion and is the only female member. She is voiced by Yuu Asakawa (浅川 悠).

Red Eye
A member of the Hell Hounds, he is considered to be the best marksman of the group. Because of their similarity in skill level, he considers Forte to be a big rival of his. He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井孝宏).

Vermouth Matin
A member of the Hell Hounds, he is the team's mechanic, and his Emblem Frame is similar in design to the Harvester, allowing him to repair his teammates' Emblem Frames in battle if needed. Like the others, he takes a rival, Vanilla H, who serves the same function as he does. He also built the Tact android that infiltrates the Elsior. Vermouth wears ridiculous spiral glasses that obscure his eyes, reminiscent of Gurio Umino from Sailor Moon and other such characters. He is voiced by Masahi Yabe (矢部雅史).

In the next-to-last chapter of the first game, after Eonia is defeated, Noah unexpectedly possesses the Hell Hounds by overriding their ships' controls and then stabbing them in the neck with yellow probosces. Although this also upgrades their ships, the now-brainwashed Hell Hounds are still subsequently defeated by the Angel Troupe, and this is their last appearance in the video game trilogy.

The True Legitimate Transbaal Empire

Lezom Mer Zom
A high-ranking officer in Eonia's military force, he is the one who attacked Takuto's patrol fleet early in the first game. He is voiced by Naomi Kusumi (楠見尚己).

He reappears in Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers, having taken command of the remnant forces that once served under the now-deceased Eonia. His forces attack the protagonists multiple times, but to his shock, his first officer, Nephelia, later reveals herself to be a Val-Fasq, and then betrays him and causes his death. Before Lezom dies, he is at first angry at the betrayal, and then pleads, begs, and screams for his life. Nephelia takes no heed, and after a long, drawn-out whimper and a scream, Lezom is killed as his warship explodes.

Formerly Lezom's first officer, she turns out to be the leader of a Val-Fasq starfleet that invades Transbaal territory in Moonlit Lovers. She pursued Takuto and the Elsior throughout most of the game. She is voiced by Kaho Kouda (幸田夏穂).

After Lezom is defeated for the last time partway through the game, Nephelia publicly reveals herself as a Val-Fasq, and she uses an overkill strategy by having a "hive"-like ship deploy legions of small ships at once so they can overwhelm the Elsior and the Angel Frames. Lezom is at first elated at his first officer's success, but Nephelia then proceeds to activate (from her ship) a self-destruct mechanism on Lezom's warship, which eventually leads to the latter's death (although Lezom still has time to express outrage and then beg for his life first before his ship explodes). Nephelia's strategy is thwarted only because the protagonists are able to activate the Elsior's Chrono Drive (a teleportation mechanism similar to the hyperdrive common in science fiction) and escape. Nephelia is shown to have a penchant for cruelty and apathy; at various points in the game, she laughs as she makes the protagonists suffer, and she is somewhat smug when explaining to Lezom her reasons for killing him. Nephelia's ship is surrounded by an almost-impenetrable shield, and Takuto's first attempt to destroy it with the Chrono Break Cannon proves fruitless. However, when Takuto and his chosen Angel, in the final battle of the game, are able to maneuver the Elsior close enough to Nephelia's ship, they use a device to cancel out the shield, and then successfully destroy Nephelia and her ship with the Chrono Break Cannon.


Lushati is from the legendary planet EDEN. In the game Eternal Lovers, she comes to beg Takuto Meyers for his help in liberating EDEN from the Val-Fasq. She is polite and soft-spoken, but also rather naive at times. However, her arrival proves to be a major consternation for the Angel Takuto loves. She is voiced by Yuka Inokuchi (猪口有佳).

Lushati has actually been manipulated by her brother, Wein (who is actually a Val-Fasq, but disguised himself with human skin), for the first half of Eternal Lovers. Unfortunately for her, Takuto and his forces do not discover this until it is far too late: midway through the game, Lushati is brainwashed and abducted by Wein, taken aboard the stolen GA-007, and used as a power source to activate the GA-007's wings and bring the Chrono Break Cannon to full power. This causes Lushati to scream in agony, but Wein has taken away her ability to think independently and she can take no action to free herself, despite lacking any physical restraints to hold her in place. However, though Lushati remains brainwashed for a long time, eventually Wein begins to have second thoughts after being defeated in multiple battles despite his stolen Chrono Break Cannon. Late in the game, in a flashback as the bleeding and dying Wein has a discussion with Takuto and his romantic partner in a hospital bed, Wein temporarily brings Lushati out of her trance. Lushati does not appear to remember being brainwashed and her subsequent torment, so Wein tells Lushati the truth, explaining that he is a Val-Fasq. Lushati gasps in shock, but can say little else because Wein brainwashes her again, this time arranging for her security and high quality of life on the protagonists' side once she comes out of the trance, as he himself is fatally wounded by gunfire. After Wein dies, Lushati mulls over these events in the sick bay of the Elsior, and Takuto and his romantic partner discuss Wein with her. Although Wein treated Lushati as a tool before his change of heart, Lushati still mourns her brother's death, shouting his name several times and crying. Eventually, she calms down (partially as a result of Takuto and his romantic partner's reassurance and compassion), and is happier as a result in her newfound and genuine freedom.

A member of the EDEN delegation, and Lushati's little brother. During his stay aboard the Elle Ciel, his demeanor is quiet, calm, and reserved, yet genial. He is voiced by Norihisa Mori (森 訓久).

Midway through Eternal Lovers, soon after Takuto Meyers' romantic partner is injured to the point of hospitalization (due to Val-Fasq sabotage making it necessary for Takuto to shoot her down), Wein steals the GA-007 (along with the Chrono Break Cannon attached to it) and brainwashes and abducts his sister Lushati, taking her aboard the stolen craft. He then uses Lushati to power up the GA-007, and while this causes his sister agony to the point of screaming, Wein seems to show little concern. After a while, his reasons become clear: he is actually a Val-Fasq himself (characterized by abnormally white skin and numerous red markings all over his body, all of which he disguised with normal-looking skin while aboard the Elsior so that he could fool those who thought of him only as a victim of Val-Fasq atrocities), although Lushati appears innocent of wrongdoing. While he is detached and even smug in this encounter, he gradually becomes bitter and angry as the game progresses and he is defeated in multiple battles. Towards the end of Eternal Lovers, Wein is fatally wounded by gunfire, and lays bleeding to death in a hospital bed. Takuto and his romantic partner visit Wein's bedside, at which point Wein sounds remorseful. Wein explains that he is no longer exerting negative influence upon Lushati and also explains the events that led up to his change of heart. After further discussion with both Takuto and his romantic partner, Wein passes away.

Val Fasq

Great Emperor Gern
Great leader of Val Fasq. He is more than 600 years and continues to reign as Emperor. He is voiced by Rokuro Naya (納谷六朗)

Commander in chief of the val fasq ship n?2. He acts in polite way just because he has a superior race in Val Fasq Forces. He is voiced by Makoto Yasumura (保村真)

Anime Exclusive

Commander Volcott O'Huey
Boss and occasional father figure to the Angel Team. He is close to retiring and has variable patience with the girls. According to one episode in the first season, when he is flustered or panicked, he starts vacuuming things. Voiced by Keiji Fujiwara (藤原啓治) in the original version and Michael Kopsa in the English dub.

An AI recovered from a missile that was floating in space. He never completed his mission because he didn't want to die, which is what would have happened if his warhead detonated. He is later placed into a stuffed animal vaguely resembling a round, pink cat/penguin. Normad usually has endless praise for Vanilla (despite her on-and-off nonchalant abandonment and abuse towards him) but has cynical views toward the rest of the Angel Team, especially Milfuelle, whom he calls a dimwit, and Forte, who returns the favor and routinely shoots him. Aside from occasional descriptive information he supplies, he mainly provides comic relief due to his inability to avoid injury. His name might have been inspired by NORAD, which warns against attacks by missiles, corresponding to his original role. Normad's voice is performed by Mika Kanai (Vanilla). As for the English dub, he is portrayed by Richard Ian Cox. In the first manga, Normad's body can be seen in chapter 2.

Major Mary
Family name unknown. The creator of Team Twin Star and the Perot brothers' superior officer, she sees Volcott and the Angel Team as rivals. She displays a cunning personality, even resorting to sabotage in one special episode to allow her 'Twin Star Team' to prevail. Voiced by Sayaka Ohara (大原さやか) and by Sylvia Zaradic in the English dub.

Drama CD and Anime Exclusive(Perot Brothers)

Cocomo Perot and Malibu Perot
Two young boys (brothers) who make occasional appearances in the second and later seasons. Called the Twin Star Team, they work under a female commander, Major Mary, much in the same way as the Angel Team, but seem more capable. They coincidently resemble the young boys in another Broccoli production, Di Gi Charat (the characters of which make a few very brief cameos). Polar opposites, Cocomo is hotheaded, immature and obsesses over parfait, whilst Malibu is reserved, thoughtful and enjoys reading. Yuko Sanpei (三瓶由布子) does Cocomo while Tomo Saeki (サエキトモ) does Malibu. In the English dub, Reece Thompson and Danny McKinnon voice the boys, respectively.


Galaxy Angel episode guide

1 Resort-style Angel Preparation
2 Gamble Milfeulle Sauce
3 Vanilla Flavored Asteroid Trash Stir-Fry
4 Assorted Angel Fruits Shipped Direct
5 Pirate-style School Memory Terrine
6 Forte?s Ruinous Stew and a Dash of Trouble
7 Fun Park Specialties with Chicken Mint Compote
8 Milfeulle?s All-Natural Syrupy Inspection
9 Roast Beef of Lost Technology
10 Rouge-flavored Spring Rolls of Love
11 Gun Shot Bandage Roll Sushi Bowl
12 Glazed Baseball and Negligee
13 The Great Kidnapping Spectacle
14 Downtown Soulfood Oden
15 Lost Item Pot au Feu
16 Grilled Girl in a Box
17 Canned Angel with Gun Turret
18 Monkey Salvage Combo
19 Angel Kiss Gateau de Milfeulle
20 Special Survival Combo
21 Deco Pizza
27 Angel Challenge Jelly Trial

Galaxy Angel lyrics

Aishiteru? Aishitenai? (ONE TWO KISS, ONE TWO PUNCH)
Buttsukete uranaeba (otomegokoro)
Aa sukkiri! O-sora no tobira ga
Jaaan~aite mo micha dame

Mada konai? Kuru deshou? (CHERRY PIE, CHERRY ICE)
Amai hodo nakayoshi-san (otonashichatta)
Yaan pattari! Hayasugiru mainichi
Motto neru run ru ruun dakishimetai no yo

Haruka tooku ni wa ruun enjeru mirai ga (odore ANGEL DANCE)
Owaranai daiuchuu o-sawagase gomen (RUUUUN!)
Demo ne shiritai no kono mune atsukute (hoshi wa ANGEL LIGHT)
Tomaranai wa...HIGH TENSION(Rai rarai WE ARE RIGHT run rurun RUUUUN!)
Ikimashou yo WE LOVE YOU

Matteru wa! Mattenai wa! (COME ON BOYS, BYE-BYE BOYS)
Iketenai henji nara (nani mo iranaai)
Ooi kiiteru? Atarashii ruuru
Nyaaaan~amaenbo shoubu

Oikakete! Oikoshite! (HURRY UP, CARRY UP)
Metsubou made sanjuu-nichi (arere okashiii)
Waan dokkiri! Chikyuu ni kuriinaa
Yappa nera ran ra raan issho ni kite yo ne

Nazeka wakaranai fushigi ga koi nara (koi no ANGEL KISS)
Kowarete mo daijoubu? Kimi ga naoshite ne (RUUUUN!)
Dakara shiritai na ima watashi-tachi no (futari ANGEL NIGHT)
Mukau toko wa...FAKE COSMOS? (Nai nanai sou ja nai run rurun RUUUUN!)
Mayowanai wa WE NEED YOU

Tondeke gyarakushii!

Haruka tooku ni wa ruun enjeru mirai ga (odore ANGEL DANCE)
Owaranai daiuchuu o-sawagase gomen (RUUUUN!)
Demo ne shiritai no kono mune atsukute (hoshi wa ANGEL LIGHT)
Tomaranai wa...HIGH TENSION(Rai rarai WE ARE RIGHT run rurun RUUUUN!)
Ikimashou yo WE LOVE YOU

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