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Gary the Rat cartoon information

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Title: Gary the Rat
Start - end: 2003 - 2003
Studio: BlitzDS
Official site:  Gary the Rat official site

Gary the Rat show information

Attorney Gary Andrews doesn't know why, but he recently metamorphosed into a feral six-foot rat. Some say his "change" might be karma for being so bad. Until Gary figures out why he's like this he has decided to try and function the best he can in a "human" world. Outraged at his new appearance, Truman, a tenant in Gary's expensive apartment building, has hired exterminator Johnny Bugz to get rid of Gary for good.

Gary the Rat cartoon pictures

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Gary the Rat cartoon characters

Gary Milford Andrews
Boots the Cat
Jackson Buford Harrison
Truman Pinksdale
Gary's Therapist

Gary the Rat episode guide

1 Inherit the Cheese
2 Spring of Love
3 Rat Day Afternoon
4 Manrattan
5 Mergers and Acquisitions
6 Sleeps with the Fishes
7 The Reunion
8 Old Flame
9 Strange Bedfellows
10 This Is Not a Pipe
11 Catch Me If You Can / King of Rats
12 Future Ex-Wife / The Hamptons
13 A Good Execution

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