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Hot Wheels cartoon information

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Title: Hot Wheels
Start - end: 1969 - 1971
Studio: ABC
Official site:  Hot Wheels official site

Hot Wheels show information

The leader of the Hot Wheels Racing Club was Jack "Rabbit" Wheeler, a Metro City High School student with a reputation as the best car driver in his town. His father was Mike Wheeler, a former racing champ who had retired after an auto accident. Jack's girlfriend was Janet Martin.

The Hot Wheels Racing Club members included Mickey Barnes, an apprentice mechanic; Mickey's girlfriend, Ardeth; Kip, the son of an African ambassador; and Tank Mallory, the mechanic at Wheeler Motors, a garage run by Jack's father. Doc Warren, a veteran mechanic, also belonged to the Hot Wheels Club as an honorary member and mentor. The Hot Wheels Racing Club hung out at Mother's Soda Shop, operated by Mother O'Hare.

A rival car club, Dexter's Demons, was led by Dexter Carter. Dexter had been banned from the Hot Wheels Club due to his reckless behavior. Each show typically climaxed in a wild race in which the Hot Wheels won. To offset any bad influences that the wild racing may have had on the young viewers, each show ended with educational driving tips.

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Cars released in 1969
Brabham Repco F1
Chaparral 2G
Classic '31 Ford Woody
Classic '32 Ford Vicky
Classic '36 Ford Coupe
Classic '57 Bird
Custom Charger
Custom AMX
Custom Continental
Custom Police Cruiser
Custom Fire Engine
Ford MK IV
Indy Eagle
Lola GT70
Lotus Turbine
Maserati Mistral
McLaren M6A
Mercedes-Benz 280SL
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow
Shelby Turbine
Splittin' Image
Turbo fire
Twin Mill
Volkswagen Beach Bomb

Hot Wheels episode guide

1 Sky Sailor
2 The Funny Money Caper
3 Surf's Up
4 The Family Car
5 The Jewel
6 The Buggy Ride
7 Hit And Run
8 Ardeth The Demon
9 Avalance Country
10 Tough Cop
11 Underground Rough Ride
12 Dimond's Are A Girls Worst Friend
13 Get Back On That Hoarse
14 Dragon's Tooth Peak
15 Show-Off
16 Mata Hari Ardeth
17 The Winner
18 The Hot Head
19 Big Race
20 Fire Fighters
21 Fake Out Stake Out
22 Four Wheel Time Bomb
23 It Takes A Team
24 Like Father, Like Son
25 Danger Around The Clock
26 Hotter Than The Devils
27 Race To Space Monkey A-Okay
28 Big Heart, Little Hearts
29 Hitchhike To Danger
30 The Doc Warren Trophy Race
31 Drag Strip
32 Slicker-Slicks

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