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Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon information

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Title: Jackie Chan Adventures
Start - end: 2000 - 2005
Studio: Jackie Chan Productions
Official site:  Jackie Chan Adventures official site

Jackie Chan Adventures show information

Jackie Chan is now a cartoon character in his very own television series, battling to obtain the 12 magic talismans, each containing its very own power. He and his Uncle get a visit from Jackie's niece - Jade - and that's when Jackie finds out about Section 13 and the magic talismans which the Dark Hand are trying to retrieve to free the trapped Dragon, Shendu, from his prison of stone, so he will give them the lost treasure of Shen Che Hun. Jackie Chan defeated the Dark Hand almost every time, so Shendu had to use his own allies - The Shadowkhan - to help them destroy Jackie Chan. All the talismans that were found were placed in high security in Section 13. While Jackie continued to obtain each and every talisman, the Dark Hand also tried to figure out where Section 13 was located to steal the talismans and continue searching for the remaining stones. Soon, all of the talismans were collected and Shendu was freed from his stone form. Now, he was able to roam the Earth and destroy all of Asia, but Jackie Chan, with Uncle and Jade, stopped him and Jade destroyed him.

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Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon characters

Jackie Chan - an archaeologist, who works part-time for Section 13.

Jade - Jackie's niece from Hong Kong who is staying with him. Highly adventurous and impulsive, she constantly wants to get into the action.

Uncle - Jackie's grumpy old uncle who owns an antique shop and is also a master Chi wizard.

Tohru - A huge Japanese man who claims to be "too small for Sumo." Originally a Dark Hand criminal, he becomes Uncle's apprentice in the 2nd season and remains with the Chans for the rest of the series.

Captain Black - the leader of secret spy organization 'Section 13' and an old friend of Jackie.

Jackie Chan Adventures episode guide

1 The Dark Hand
2 The Power Within
3 The Mask of El Toro Fuerte
4 Enter ... the Viper
5 Shell Game
6 Project A, for Astral
7 Bullies
8 Tough Break
9 The Rock
10 The Jade Monkey
11 The Dog and Piggy Show
12 The Tiger and the Pussycat
13 Day of the Dragon
14 Through the Rabbit Hole
15 The Warrior Incarnate
16 Snake Hunt
17 Mother of All Battles
18 The Stronger Evil (1)
19 The J Team (2)
20 Jade Times Jade
21 The Curse of El Chupacabra
22 Rumble in the Big House
23 Lost City of the Muntabs
24 And He Does His Own Stunts
25 Showdown in the Old West
26 Queen of the Shadowkhan
27 Origami
28 Shanghai Moon
29 The Lotus Temple
30 Armor of the Gods
31 Agent Tag
32 Demon in Di-Skies
33 The Return of the Pussycat
34 Scouts Honor
35 Danger in the Deep Freeze
36 Into the Mouth of Evil
37 The King and Jade
38 The New Atlantis
39 The Eighth Door
40 Demon World (1)
41 Demon World (2)
42 Enter the Cat
43 Pleasure Cruise
44 Tough Luck
45 The Chosen One
46 Glove Story
47 The Chan Who Knew Too Much
48 Chi of the Vampire
49 The Good, the Bad, the Blind, the Deaf and the Mute
50 Shrink Rap
51 I'll Be a Monkey's Puppet
52 The Amazing T-Girl!
53 Re-Enter the J Team
54 The Powers Unleashed
55 Viva Las Jackies
56 Aztec Rat Race
57 Monkey a Go-Go
58 When Pigs Fly
59 Rabbit Run
60 Sheep In, Sheep Out
61 The Invisible Mom
62 A Jolly J-Team Xmas
63 Little Valmont, Big Jade
64 The Ox-Head Incident
65 Animal Crackers
66 Tohru Who?
67 Re-Enter the Dragon
68 A Night at the Opera
69 Attack of the J-Clones
70 The Masks of the Shadowkhan
71 Samurai Ratso
72 The Amazing T-Troop
73 Black Magic
74 The Demon Behind
75 Fright Fight Night
76 Half a Mask of Kung-Fu
77 The Shadow Eaters
78 The Good Guys
79 Deja Vu
80 J2
81 The J-Tots
82 Ninja Twilight
83 Relics of Demons Past
84 It's All in the Game
85 Black and White and Chi All Over
86 Dragon Scouts
87 The Demon Beneath My Wings
88 Mirror, Mirror
89 Antler Action
90 Clash of the Titanics
91 Stealing Thunder
92 Weight and See
93 The Powers That Be (1)
94 The Powers That Be (2)
95 J2: Revisited

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