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Captain Planet and the Planeteers cartoon information

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Title: Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Start - end: 1990 - 1996
Studio: D.i.C Entertainment
Official site:  Captain Planet and the Planeteers official site

Captain Planet and the Planeteers show information

Captain Planet was created by billionaire Ted Turner in the early 90's to spread awareness of the environmental damage done to earth every year, at the same time providing the action and thrills that a Saturday morning cartoon needs to be a hit.

This special effort worked. BIG TIME. The show ran for six long successful years, with three seasons divided between DIC animation, and Hanna-Barbera, and today is still repeated all over the globe it was created to help save.

Our world is in peril, Gaia, the spirit of the earth, can no longer stand the terrible destruction plaguing our planet, she sends five magic rings to five special young people:

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Captain Planet and the Planeteers cartoon characters

These five are dubbed the Planeteers and given the task of defending the Earth in the case of the greatest of disasters and doing their part to keep others from happening. Gaia uses her "Planet Vision" to discover where the most devastating destruction is occurring and sends the Planeteers to help solve the problem. The Planeteers use transportation based on solar power in order to avoid causing pollution themselves.

In situations that the Planeteers cannot handle on their own, they can combine and magnify their powers to summon Captain Planet, who possesses all of their powers magnified, symbolizing that the combined efforts of a team are stronger than its individual parts. Captain Planet only appears in his Captain Planet garb. These are not clothes but elements of the Earth that are integral to his composition. He is able to rearrange his molecular structure to transform himself into the various powers and elements of nature. Captain Planet's outfit does not represent a specific culture. He has grass-green hair, sky-blue skin, earthy brown eyes, a fire-red chest, gloves and boots, and a sun-yellow globe insignia.

Kwame: From Africa, Kwame possesses the power of Earth. He is 18 years old and has a soft spot for plant life. Growing up in a tribe in his homeland, he is at one with the land and its purpose, and does what he can to preserve it. Unofficially considered the leader of the group, he's the voice of reason that keeps the Planeteers in check when the group begins to lose faith in a given situation.

Wheeler: From North America (specifically Brooklyn), Wheeler controls the power of Fire. At 17 years old, Wheeler is the street-smart comic relief for the group who, while having his heart in the right place, tends to get himself into tight spots with his impulse actions. He also tends to annoy Linka, whom he has an ongoing crush on throughout the series. His compassion and fighting spirit adds to the team's backbone.

Linka: From the Soviet Union, Linka has the power of Wind. At 16 years old, Linka closely studies bird life. She's also a master of strategy and logic, as well as a computer wiz. With a feisty personality, she's a no-nonsense girl whose common sense has helped the group when in their most critical moments. She seems to like Wheeler but gets turned off by his frequent annoying behaviour. Later on in the series her introduction stated that she was from Eastern Europe rather than the Soviet Union after the fall of the latter in the early 1990s.

Gi: Hailing from Asia, Gi controls the power of water. This power is the only power that requires tapping into a source in order to be useful. Also at 16 years old, Gi is a self-proclaimed marine biologist. Her compassion for sea life contributes to the overall effort of the Planeteers' protection of animals.

Ma-Ti: From the Amazon Rainforests of South America, Ma-Ti uses the power of heart to instill love, care, compassion, and empathy into the people of the world to care for the planet. He can also use this power to communicate with animals telepathically. At 12 years old, Ma-Ti is the most impressionable, but his youth and innocence also aids in the level of love and caring that keeps the group together.

It should be noted that this representation of Gaia was depicted not as a Hellenic Greek, but as a mix of the three primary racial ethnicities: dark brown skin, prominent cheekbones, wavy black hair, and blue eyes.

The only ally of the Planeteers (besides Gaia), who appeared more than once in the series, was former cold war soldier Commander Clash. He helped the Planeteers to defeat Captain Pollution as well as Zarm.


The evil Eco-Villains united in Summit to Save Earth, Part 1. Clockwise from left: Dr. Blight, Verminous Skumm, Duke Nukem, Hoggish Greedly, Zarm, Looten Plunder, and Sly Sludge.A small group of villains, usually referred to as the Ecovillains, make appearances repeatedly in most episodes. They are well aware that what they do is wrong, yet they do it anyhow, simply because of greed, selfishness, or a desire for power. Due to conflict among them from their varying self-serving interests and backgrounds, they tend to work alone most of the time. Each of these villains represent a specific ecological disaster. These include:

Hoggish Greedly - A pig-like human who represents the dangers of unchecked industrialization and greed.
Rigger - Hoggish Greedly's henchman.
Looten Plunder - A wealthy poacher and greedy businessman who represents the evils of uncontrolled capitalism.
Argos Bleek - Looten Plunder's main henchman.
Pinehead Brothers - Oakey and Dokey are two oversized lumberjacks, who work for Looten Plunder.
Sly Sludge - An unscrupulous garbage collector who represents apathy and the dangers of short-term thinking.
Ooze - Sly Sludge's sniveling dumpster friend.
Tank Flusher III - Sly Sludge's strongman servant.
Duke Nukem - A radioactive mutant who represents the evils of nuclear power.
Leadsuit - Duke Nukem's lead-covered cowardly accomplice.
Verminous Skumm - A part man, part rat who represents the evils of poor sanitation and urban sprawl.
Dr. Blight - A mad scientist who represents the dangers of uncontrolled technology and unethical scientific experimentation.
MAL - Dr. Blight's evil high-intellectual supercomputer.
Zarm - The former spirit of the earth who left Gaia in search of other lands and ended up laying other populous planets to ruin. He seems to represent war and destruction.
All seven joined forces only once, under Zarm's leadership, in the two-part "Summit to Save Earth" episode.

"The New Adventures of Captain Planet" also featured the Slaughter family led by their mother Mame Slaughter and her second-in-command son Stalker Slaughter. They were a family of poachers, often in direct monetary competition with Looten Plunder.

Various other one-time villains were also used.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers episode guide

Pilot A Hero for Earth
2 Rain of Terror
3 Beast of the Temple
4 Skumm Lord
5 Deadly Ransom
6 The Conqueror
7 The Last of Her Kind
8 The Dead Seas
9 Tree of Life
10 Volcano's Wrath
11 Littlest Planeteer
12 A World Below Us
13 Plunder Dam
14 Meltdown Syndrome
15 Smog Hog
16 Polluting by Computer
17 Don't Drink the Water
18 Kwame's Crisis
19 The Ozone Hole
20 The Ultimate Pollution
21 Population Bomb
22 Mission to Save Earth (1)
23 Mission to Save Earth (2)
24 Two Futures (1)
25 Two Futures (2)
26 Heat Wave
27 Mind Pollution
28 The Garbage Strikes
29 Domes of Doom
30 Send in the Clones
31 The Predator
32 The Ark
33 Isle of Solar Energy
34 The Coral Killer
35 The Big Clam-up
36 An Inside Job
37 The Fine Print
38 Off Road Hog
39 Trouble on the Half Shell
40 Stardust
41 The Blue Car Line
42 Birds of a Feather
43 Summit to Save Earth (1)
44 Summit to Save Earth (2)
45 Losing Game
46 A Twist of Fate
47 The Great Tree Heist
48 Radiant Amazon
49 Scorched Earth
50 Hate Canal
51 Fare Thee Whale
52 Utopia
53 Greenhouse Planet
54 A Creep from the Deep
55 The Deadly Glow
56 A Perfect World
57 The Dream Machine
58 Bitter Waters
59 The Guinea Pigs
60 OK at the Gunfight Corral
61 Canned Hunt
62 Hog Tide
63 A Formula for Hate
64 If It's Doomsday, This Must Be Belfast
65 The Night of the Wolf
66 A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste (1)
67 A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste (2)
68 I Just Want to Be Your Teddy Bear
69 Missing Linka
70 The Unbearable Blightness of Being
71 Wheeler's Ark
72 Sea No Evil
73 Future Shock
74 I've Lost My Mayan
75 Talkin' Trash
76 The Energy Vampire
77 Bottom Line Green
78 Gorillas Will Be Missed
79 Bug Off
80 You Bet Your Planet
81 Going Bats, Man
82 Jail House Flock
83 High Steaks
84 Planeteers Under Glass
85 Orangu-Tangle
86 No Horsing Around
87 'Teers in the 'Hood
88 Twilight Ozone
89 Hollywaste
90 The Ghost of Porkaloin Past
91 Disoriented Express
92 Horns a'Plenty
93 A River Ran Through It
94 No Place Like Home
95 Little Crop of Horrors
96 In Zarm's Way
97 No Small Problem
98 Numbers Game
99 Nothing's Sacred
100 Who's Running the Show?
101 An Eye for an Eye
102 101 Mutations
103 Whoo Gives a Hoot?
104 Frog Day Afternoon
105 5-Ring Panda-Monium
106 A Good Bomb Is Hard to Find
107 Dirty Politics
108 Old Ma River
109 One of the Gang
110 Twelve Angry Animals
111 Never the Twain Shall Meet
112 Delta Gone
113 Greed Is the Word

Captain Planet and the Planeteers lyrics









By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet

Captain Planet, He's A Hero

Gonna Take Pollution Down To Zero

He's Our Powers Magnified

And He's Fighting On The Planet's Side

Captain Planet

He's a Hero

Gonna Take Pollution Down To Zero

Gonna Help Him Pull Asunder

Bad Guys Who Like to Loot and Plunder


We're the Planeteers

You Can Be One Too

'Cause Saving Our Planet Is The Thing To Do

Looting And Polluting Is Not The Way!

Here's what Captain Planet Has To Say:


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