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Title: Bubblegum Crisis
Start - end: 1987 - 1991
Studio: Anime International Company
Official site:  Bubblegum Crisis official site

Bubblegum Crisis show information

Bubblegum Crisis is the story of four mercenaries, called the Knight Sabers, living in Tokyo in the year 2033. After a massive earthquake destroyed much of Tokyo, a new city, MegaTokyo, was recreated thanks to the aid of a multi-million dollar company, GENOM Corp. GENOM created and mass-produced biomechanical creatures called Boomers to aid in the restoration of MegaTokyo. However, the Boomers soon began to go out of control. Thus, the ADPolice stepped up to fend them off. The Boomers probed to be too much for them to handle, and the Knight Sabers where born! Siding with neither the ADPolice nor GENOM, the Knight Sabers simply fight for money and safety.

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Knight Sabers Sylia Stingray
In both the original OAV and the TV series remake, Sylia is the ring leader of the Knight Sabers, a four-woman group armed with high power combat armored suits to combat the monstrous cyborg boomers mass produced by GENOM. Sylia is the daughter of Dr. Katsuhito Stingray, the man who created the boomers. He was murdered by Genom executive Brian J. Mason and his death covered as an accident, but he managed to send Sylia a data unit which provided her with the technological means of creating the Knight Sabers' hardsuits.

Sylia is a brilliant scientist in her own right as well as a wealthy businesswoman whose business ventures finance her team, with her primary business being the fashion boutique she runs named The Silky Doll, which also functions as the Knight Sabers base of operations. She also stands 5'10" (179 cm) in both series.

Several questions about Sylia and her origins are raised in the series, but never conclusively answered. The miniseries Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal, by Western comic artist Adam Warren, revolves around his idea that Sylia has a nanotechnologically-enhanced brain. Suzuki Toshimichi of Artmic has been quoted as saying that Sylia has an augmented brain, and is said to have approved of Warren's comic. The same series, in keeping with its eastern European flavour in places, shows the name of Sylia and Mackie's father as being Dr. Vyacheslav Stengovich, 'carved' on a virtual grave headstone that she visits on the anniversary of his death - the same grave shows the name Dr Stingray in quote marks as if a nickname.

Priss Asagiri
Priss is a member of the Knight Sabers, fighting boomers with a passion in her predominantly dark blue hard suit, which features a rail gun in the left hand as well as a high-caliber machine gun in the original series and knuckle bombs in the 2040 series. She is a rock 'n roll singer in both versions as well as a motorcyclist with a love/hate relationship with AD Policeman Leon McNichol. Priss' band in the anime was Priss and the Replicants a reference to the movie Blade Runner and an homage to the movie Streets of Fire. She was reportedly named after the Replicant Pris, played by Daryl Hannah, in Blade Runner. Her family name means "morning mist", but interviews with the creators of the series have proven fruitless in determining the meaning of her middle initial, "S".

According to the Bubblegum Crash! based PC-Engine game, "Crime Wave!", Priss had the following statistics:

Height: 5'6" (168cm)
Age: 20

Nene Romanova
Nene is a member of the Knight Sabers, acting as a technical conductor and hacker, and is also an employee of the AD Police, functioning as the Knight Saber's mole in the ADP world. In both versions she is short, petite, and characterized as the least physically durable of the four Knight Sabers. Her hair is different in both versions, but she retains eyes that are predominantly green which change from regular green to blue green infrequently. She also has an affinity for candy and junk food in both versions (especially the 2040 version).

Her pink hard suit's offensive weapon is a weak laser gun, which is unsuited for taking out enemies; instead it is used to 'scribble' the Knight Sabers' signature onto their scene of actions. She relies mostly on her suit's computer and electronic warfare systems - and her feet - to stay away from an enemy. In Bubblegum Crash, her suit's offensive capabilities were stocked up considerably, with an electromagnetic pulse striker and the capability of physically hacking into a boomer's computer brain.

Linna Yamazaki
Linna is a member of the Knight Sabers and is identified by her green combat armor, which comes with "ribbon cutters", long, electrically charged nano-molecular ropes that can be used to slash through boomers and other high tech opponents. She was also armed with explosive "knuckle bombs", which were explosive charges in the right hand of her hard suit that could deliver devastating blows, as well as a high-caliber machine gun. Working various jobs including aerobics instructor, she once hoped to pursue a career in professional dancing. She switches to stockbroker consulting in Bubblegum Crash. Her name means "mountain headlands" and her height is 5'9" (176 cm).

In the Bubblegum Crisis Universe, Genom or GENOM is the primary manufacturer and distributor of the bio-organic constructs known as boomers. This makes GENOM the primary enemy of the Knight Sabers, led by Sylia Stingray, daughter of the man who created the boomers. In both versions of the series, GENOM is run by a mysterious figure named Quincy, though the depiction of Quincy varies from one continuity to another (in the original series he was a dangerous, hands on owner, while in 2040 he is almost a puppet vegetable of a man, so old and decrepit he needs tubes and wires to keep himself alive while insanely dreaming of a boomer/human paradise). Brian J. Mason also works for GENOM, and his schemes are either offshoots of or interference to Quincy's.

To show the power and domination of Genom, the viewer was shown the gargantuan Genom Towers, which stood in many of that world's most important cities. These towers bear a resemblance to the Tower of Babel, both in appearance and in symbolism, as well as the Tyrell Corporation's tower in Blade Runner.

Brian J. Mason/Largo

Brian MasonMason is the primary villain of the first three episodes, a high-level executive in the GENOM corporation who killed Dr. Stingray and stole his boomer technology. As with Sylia, certain mysteries are created around Mason which are never resolved in the series. It is generally accepted that Mason somehow transferred his personality into a boomer body some time prior to his death in episode 3. [1] Most likely he succeeded in transferring his memories into the ultimate boomer, thus creating a God-like being able to vaporize 8 major Genom branch towers in a single instant with the mind and the dreams of a man. Largo resurfaces to become the primary villain of episodes 5 and 6.

Original OVA voice actors: Shuuichi Ikeda (Mason); Kazuyuki Sogabe (Largo)


Quincy (actually an android double of him).The Chief Executive and founder of Genom. He is an enigmatic old man who hides many secrets under the face of an unfazeable and ruthless businessman. His company participates in the manufacture of many necessities around the world, but he wants more — total domination of the world.

While he makes several appearances in the series, he is never truly met personally. He is killed twice, only to be revealed each time as an android double. It is speculated by fans that he may have downloaded his personality into Genom's main database; several clues to this are offered in the AD Police manga series.

Original OAV voice actor: Kiyoshi Kawakubo.

AD Police

Inspector Leon McNichol

Leon McNicholAn AD Police officer, Leon is a dedicated cop, with a tendency to rush in without thinking. He is a skilled powered armor pilot, one of the AD Police force's aces in its K-11 and K-12S powered suits.

Leon has a crush on Priss, which she does not like since she has reasons to despise the AD Police. As the series progresses, he discovers that she is a Knight Saber but does nothing with that knowledge. Instead he continues to help the team as best as he can. Priss and Leon's relationship grows closer during the series, and in a side story audio drama, she confesses that she loves him.

Leon also appears in the AD Police manga and anime series, where he is a rookie officer.

Original OVA voice actor: Toshio Furukawa

English voice actor: Brad Moranz

Deputy Inspector Daley Wong

Daley WongAD Police officer. Daley is Leon's partner, and a highly skilled investigator. Daley is also openly homosexual, which is worth noting because at the time the original OVA was produced male homosexual characters were quite rare in anime. Also notable is the ease and comfort of Daley and Leon's working relationship: Daley flirts openly with the heterosexual Leon, and Leon often reciprocates with good humor.

Daley is not developed much in the series. He is, however, portrayed to be loyal and highly competent, both as Leon's underling and as a commander in his own right (in the first and final episodes he is shown commanding his own AD Police squad). Daley's sense of humor is very dry and understated.

Original OVA voice actor: Kenyuu Horiuchi

Nene's colleague (as an ADP Operator) and best friend outside the Knight Sabers; the two share a common interest in popular music and looking for a boyfriend.

Chief Todo
The black Chief of the AD Police (his name could be a mispronunciation of Todd) is a bad-tempered man who has to put up both with official restrictions and rebellious underlings, Leon in particular. He was originally from Chicago, but moved to Japan after the Second Great Kanto Earthquake that all but decimated Japan's infrastructure. Despite his grouchy personality, Todo cares for his men; he has gone so far as granting Leon the freedom he needs without his 'official' knowledge or approval on several occasions. He has a niece, Lisa, who plays a central role in episode eight, Scoop Chase.

Other characters

Mackie Stingray
Mackey is the younger brother of Sylia Stingray and her only family. He serves as the Knight Sabers' youthful mascot and mechanic along with Sylia's friend, Dr. Raven.

Fargo is an informant, plain and simple. His background is unknown, but his information includes data from the government, Genom, and the various criminal syndicates and underworlds, so he has a lot of connections. He has found the Knight Sabers a few Genom-related contracts, and Sylia trusts him to the point that he knows her true identity. He even has the audacity to ask Sylia into dangerous parts of MegaTokyo after dark for meetings, and is constantly pursuing her as a sexual conquest. Sylia, however, does not have any interest in this and makes it very obvious.

Bubblegum Crisis episode guide

1 Tinsel City 2/25/1987
2 Born to Kill 2/25/1987
3 Blow Up 12/5/1987
4 Revenge Road 7/24/1988
5 Moonlight Rambler 12/25/1988
6 Red Eyes 8/30/1989
7 Double Vision 3/14/1990
8 Scoop Chase 1/30/1991

Bubblegum Crisis lyrics

Intro song eps. 1

Headlight city, staring with twinkling eyes.
"Lonely" angel of loneliness.
My heart flutters; I can hear its beat.
"Help me" feel the danger.

Someone is calling me.
A whisper turns into a shooting star.

"We want you, Soldier Girls Soldier Girls."
Pierce the impenetrable sky with light.
"We want you, Soldier Girls Soldier Girls."
Pierce the city of rubble with hope.
"We want you, Soldier Girls Soldier Girls."
No turning back now.
When it comes time to burn up,
hold on to me.

[Instrumental] [Instrumental]

Though everyone is superficially nice,
"lonely," they fall into despair.
When you hear the beat that tears the heart open,
scream "Help me" into the night sky.

Someone is crying again tonight.
Sadness turns into a shooting star.

"We want you, Soldier Girls, Soldier Girls."
Pierce the impenetrable sky with light.
"We want you, Soldier Girls, Soldier Girls."
Though sometimes you get sentimental when you're alone...
"We want you, Soldier Girls, Soldier Girls."
No turning back now.
When it comes time to burn up,
hold on to me.

[Short Instrumental] [Short Instrumental]

"We want you, Soldier Girls, Soldier Girls."
Pierce the impenetrable sky with light.
"We want you, Soldier Girls, Soldier Girls."
Pierce the city of rubble with hope.
"We want you, Soldier Girls, Soldier Girls."
No turning back now.
When it comes time to burn up,
hold on to me.


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