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Title: Fireman Sam
Start - end: 1986 - 2005
Studio: Welsh stop-motion
Official site:  Fireman Sam official site

Fireman Sam show information

Fireman Sam (Welsh: Sam T?n) is a Welsh stop-motion animation children's television series about a fireman called Sam, his fellow firefighters, and other townspeople in the Welsh town of Pontypandy (a portmanteau of two real towns, Pontypridd and Tonypandy, which are situated approximately 5 miles apart in the South Wales valleys). The original idea for the show came from two ex-firemen from Kent. They took their idea to S4C who saw the potential in the series and commissioned it.

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Fireman Sam Jones is referred to as the "hero next door". He is the archetypal fireman, who remains composed in an emergency and unfailingly offers assistance to all those in need. Sam is not married, but maintains a close relationship with his nephew, James, and niece, Sarah. Sam spends his spare time in his "inventing shed", in which he makes devices ranging from a potato picker made from old bicycle parts to a machine capable of replacing the town band. On occasion his inventive streak can undermine his emphasis on fire safety. His catchphrase is "Great fires of London!"

Firefighter Elvis Cridlington provides a contrast to Sam in both competency and demeanour. Elvis is an exuberant rock 'n' roll fan and an appalling cook. He failed his 11+ exam at school. His catchphrase is "Great balls of fire!"

Station officer Basil Steele is the chief of Pontypandy Fire Station. As a former army officer, he insists upon a high standard of both hygiene and efficiency in the station. His catchphrase in the old series was "Now who need the fire service?" but in the new series it is "Action stations men!"

Firefighter Penny Morris is the only female member of the Pontypandy fire brigade. In the original series, she only visited occasionally (hailing from Newtown fire station), although in the new series, she seems to work at Pontypandy full time. Penny doubles as a mechanic. Her ideas are often unconventional and at odds with her male colleagues, but she usually turns out to have been right. Penny is often known to go on adventures with the town's children; James and Sarah.

Auxiliary fireman Trevor Evans is an auxiliary fireman with the brigade. His other job is the town's bus driver. He is known for his awkward manner and general bad luck streak, but nonetheless exhibits a great devotion to the welfare of others (especially Dilys). In the new series Trevor is no longer an auxiliary firefighter but he is still the bus driver, but still shows affection to Dilys. His catchphrase when things go wrong is "Oh, bother!"

Dilys Price runs the town grocery store. She is a well known gossip, and has great affection for Trevor, the bus driver. Dilys is the mother of town mischief-maker Norman Price, but is frequently blind to her son's troublesome ways. She dotes on her only child, or 'Mummy's Little Darling' as she sometimes calls him.

Bella Lasagne is the absent-minded town cafe owner, originally from Italy.

Helen Flood, Caribbean born nurse and mother of Mandy Flood. (2005 season)

Mike Flood, handyman husband of Helen and father of Mandy. (2005 season)

Tom Thomas, a mountain rescue worker who hails from Australia. Tom is most often seen flying to the rescue in his helicopter or driving his SUV (2005 season).

Sarah and James are the relatively well-behaved five-year-old niece and nephew of Fireman Sam. They are often more sensible in an emergency than Norman. When they grow up they want to be firefighters like their uncle Sam.

Norman Price is a six-year-old boy with a love of practical jokes and skateboarding. Unfortunately, Norman regularly fails to set appropriate limits on his own behaviour, and has been known to cause mischief and sometimes causes havoc at the fire station, for many of Pontypandy's residents.

Mandy Flood, Norman's best friend. She is sort of a bridge between naughty Norman and the well behaved Sarah and James. (2005 season)

Jupiter is a bright red fire engine driven by Fireman Sam and based on a 1974 Bedford TK and is also based on a 1990 Bedford 6x4 (2005 season). It is always taken to rescues.

Venus is a rescue tender driven by Penny Morris based on a 1982 Range Rover. It sometimes taken to a rescue to carry Penny if the entire crew is going, or itis simply additionaly taken along.

Nurse Flood's car is driven by Nurse Helen Flood, but has an unknown base. (2005 season)

Wallaby One is a helicopter flown by Tom Thomas and based on a 1980 Bell 222. (2005 season)

Rescue Jeep is also driven and owned by Tom Thomas, based on a 1976 Range Rover jeep. (2005 season)

The Bus is driven by Trevor Evans, and based on a 1975 Ford Transit Dormobile.

Rosa is Bella's temperamental cat.

Dusty is a stray dog, usually found hanging around the fire station. (2005 season)

Woolly is a lamb who Norman Price adopts after they were rescued from a mountainside. Rather bouncy and playful (2005 season)

Fireman Sam episode guide

1 Kite
2 Barn Fire
3 Trevor's Training
4 Flat Tyre
5 Camping
6 Norman's Tricky Day
7 Lost Cat
8 Telly Trouble
9 Treasure Hunt
10 Sam's Day Off
11 Chemistry Set
12 Wishing Well
13 Sam The Great Inventor
14 Thief In Pontypandy
Special Snow Business
16 Dilys' Forgetful Day
17 Halloween
18 Spot Of Bother
19 Norman's Pitfall
20 Lost Ring
21 All In A Good Cause
22 Brass Band
23 Lost In The Fog
24 Bentley The Robot
25 Home From Rome
26 Rich And Famous
27 Quarry Rescue
28 Deep Trouble
29 Trevor's Bus Boot Sale
30 What Goes Up
31 Steele Under Par
32 Disaster For Dinner
Special Safe With Sam
34 Danger Falling Sheep
35 The Big Freeze
36 Twist of Fate
37 A Real Live Wire
38 Bug Eyed Boy From Venus
39 Bath Time for Dusty
40 Neighbourhood Watchout
41 Twitchers in Trouble
42 Carnival of Junk
43 Mummy's Little Pumpkin
44 Joaker Soaker
45 Fit For Nothing
46 Deep Water
47 Beast of Pontypandy
48 Pizza Palaver
49 Fun Run
50 Trouble and Squeak
51 King of the Jungle
52 Norman's Invisible Friend
53 High Jinx
54 The Case of the Liquorice Shoelaces
55 Fiery Finale
56 Birthday Surprise
57 Firefighter of Tomorrow
58 Fields of Fire
Special Let It Snow

Fireman Sam lyrics

When he hears that fire-bell chime
Fireman Sam is there on time.
Putting on his coat and hat,
In less than seven seconds flat.

He's always on the scene.
Fireman Sam!
And his engine's bright and clean.
Fireman Sam!
You can not ignore,
Sam is the hero next door.

Driving down the busy streets,
Greeting people that he meets.
Someone could be in a jam,
So, hurry hurry Fireman Sam.

So move aside, make way.
Fireman Sam!
'Cos he's gonna save the day.
Fireman Sam!
He's the one we adore.
Sam is the hero next door.

When he's fighting fires,
He's always cool and calm.
And everyone admires,
When there's a fire alarm.
He's great, he never tires.
He always sees it through
And that's true.

So move aside, make way.
Fireman Sam!
'Cos he's gonna save the day.
Fireman Sam!
He's the one we adore.
Sam is the hero next door.

If your cat's caught in a tree
Sam will climb and set it free.
If you're stuck give him a shout.
Sam will always help you out.

Hooray for Fireman Sam!
He's always brave and strong.
Hooray for Fireman Sam!
And when there's something wrong.
He'll always be along
To help both you and me
Don't you see.

He's always on the scene.
Fireman Sam!
And his engine's bright and clean.
Fireman Sam!
You can not ignore,
Sam is the hero next door.

Everybody knows
Fireman Sam.
Dressed in his fireman's clothes.
Fireman Sam!
Well, we've seen him before.
Sam is the hero next door.

So move aside, make way.
Fireman Sam!
'Cos he's gonna save the day.
Fireman Sam!
He's the one we adore.
Sam is the hero next door.

He's always on the scene.
Fireman Sam!
And his engine's always bright and clean.
Fireman Sam!
You can not ignore,
Sam is the hero next door.

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