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Get Along Gang cartoon information

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Title: Get Along Gang
Start - end: 1984 - 1986
Studio: DIC Entertainment
Official site:  Get Along Gang official site

Get Along Gang show information

The Get Along Gang is a group of kids who have an abandoned red caboose for a clubhouse. The group consists of Montgomery Moose (their optimistic leader), Dottie the dog, Woolma Lamb (a self-indulgent, cute sheep), Zipper the supercool cat, Bingo Beaver (the practical joker), and smallest of the group isPorsha Porcupine. They lend a helping hand to those in need, foil the plans of Catchum and Leeland, then get a sundae at Mr. Hoofnagles' ice cream parlor. The series was based on popular childrens books.

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Get Along Gang cartoon characters

The following six members of the gang were its core members:

Montgomery "Good News" Moose, the leader of the Get Along Gang who was sometimes awkward. Well-rounded, he excelled in athletics while tinkering in electronics and science.

Dotty Dog, a cheerleader and sort of "second-in-command."

Woolma Lamb, an aspiring ballet dancer who seemed to be defined by her vanity. She was often seen carrying a mirror to primp, or admire herself.

Zipper Cat, an athletic feline who was always playing the tough guy, despite being friendly to the rest of the gang.

Portia Porcupine, the youngest member of the Gang who was always inquisitive. She tended to cry or throw tantrums when frustrated.

Bingo "Bet-It-All" Beaver, a prankster and gambler who sometimes acted as comic relief. He had a fear of water until he saved a dam from giving way.

Six other members of the gang appeared less frequently than the others:

Braker Turtle, who was ironically the fastest runner in Green Meadow. He enjoyed being hip, despite his nerdy appearance.

Rocco Rabbit, a reformed bully who was almost always asleep. He and Braker may have been inspired by the Tortoise and the Hare.

Rudyard Lion, a foreign-exchange student who had an obvious crush on Woolma. A possible nod to Rudyard Kipling author of The Jungle Book

Flora "Forget-Me-Not" Fox, an avid botanist and photographer who was extroverted despite appearing shy to others.

Bernice Bear, a tomboy who liked to keep things neat and tidy. Bernice was also proficient in cooking and sewing.

Lolly Squirrel, whose father owned a candy factory. She tended to be a bit of a tattletale at times.

Two new members to the gang were added sometime after the thirteen television episodes were produced:

Hocus Hare and Pocus Possum, a pair of magicians.

Interestingly, the two regular villains of the show were the only non-mammals in the series (Braker excepted):

Catchum Crocodile, a constant troublemaker who was always trying to take whatever he wanted, regardless of whose it was. More than once he tried to steal the Gang's "clubhouse caboose."

Leland Lizard, Catchum's dopey sidekick, who was sometimes not as dumb as he looked. In the pilot he was able to change color, but he showed no such ability in the series.

Other characters included:

Officer Growler, a bulldog police officer.

Mr. Hoofnagel, an old goat who owned and operated the local ice cream parlor.

Miss Deering, a deer who was the kids' teacher.

Mayor Bascombe Badger, the mayor of Green Meadow.

Schneider Squirrel, Lolly's father and owner of the candy factory. Schneider appeared only in the Marvel comic book version.

Get Along Gang episode guide

Pilot Pilot
1 Zipper's Millions
2 Half a Map is Better Than None
3 Caboose on the Loose
4 Montgomery's Mechanical Marvel
5 Head in the Clouds
6 Hunt for the Beast
7 Woolma's Birthday
8 The Get Along Detectives
9 The Get Along Gang Go Hollywood
10 Them's the Brakes
11 A Pinch of This, A Dash of That
12 Bingo's Tale
13 Engineer Roary
14 Pick of the Litter
15 Nose for News
16 The Lighthouse Pirates
17 The Wrong Stuff
18 Uneasy Rider
19 The Get Along Gang Minus One
20 Camp Get Along
21 Bingo's Pen Pal
22 Follow the Leader
23 School's Out
24 The Bullies
25 That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles
26 Snowbound Showdown

Get Along Gang lyrics

The Get Along Gang, Get Along Gang
Each one so special in his own way
Montgomery is the leader and he's such a good sport!
The Get Along Gang, Get Along Gang

There's Woolma and Dotty with the spirit
And Bingo with pranks who doesn't ruin it
Logical Portia will figure it out
And last Zipper, the lean machine

Get up with the Get Along Gang
Come on, their adventures don't end
Get up with the Get Along Gang

Get up with the Get Along Gang
The club house caboose on it's way
Get up with the Get Along Gang
Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh. Get up!

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