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Evil Con Carne cartoon information

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Title: Evil Con Carne
Start - end: 2003 - 2004
Studio: Maxwell Atoms
Official site:  Evil Con Carne official site

Evil Con Carne show information

Evil Con Carne is about a criminally insane brain who is attached to a bear and his disembodied stomach. Most of the jillionaire Hector con Carne's body was destroyed in an accident, but thanks to modern technology his brain and stomach were attached to a stupid, lumbering bear named Boscov. Despite Hector's circumstances he has help from other henchmen such as General Skarr and Major Doctor Ghastley. From Maxwell Atoms, creator of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

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Evil Con Carne cartoon characters

Hector Con Carne (Phil LaMarr): the main character, as described above. Dynamic, evil playboy type. Reduced to an anthropomorphic brain and a stomach after a gigantic explosion. Somehow, the stomach has taken on a life of its own. Is often frustrated by the difficulty of taking over the world in this state.

Major Dr. Ghastly (Grey DeLisle): A mad scientist, Ghastly is the brains behind all Hector's plans. Ghastly isn't really intent of taking over the world. She just likes inventing stuff and has a secret crush on Hector

General Skarr (Armin Shimerman): Con Carne's military leader. He is a cold-hearted, hateful and harsh man with a scar on his face, and he has one eye. He tends to be more evil than Con Carne himself, many times trying to overthrow Hector. He is the only character to remain in the show with a significant importance, the others are usually for comic relief and has made several appearances on Maxwell Atoms' other show "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy", as Billy's next door neighbor, and also starred in the Billy & Mandy spin-off, Underfist. Skarr seems to resemble Fearless Leader, Herr Starr and General Armin Skull. It has been stated that he quit working for Hector Con Carne after they were "bought out" by the cartoon industry because they didn't want the competition in world domination.

Boskov (Frank Welker): A former circus bear, Boskov carries Con Carne's brain and stomach on his body, via metal plates on said spots. Is usually controlled by Con Carne and seems to care for everyone around him. Is sometimes difficult to control due to his animal instincts and lack of intelligence.

Cod Commando (Maxwell Atoms): Con Carne's arch-nemesis. He is an anthropomorphic codfish secret agent/superhero who can only speak in gibberish by going "blah, blah, blah" (though he did say "Hello" in his premiere episode). Almost invariably thwarts Con Carne's evil plans and is responsible for destroying Hector's body.

Destructicus Con Carne: (Rino Romano) Destructicus is Hector and Ghastly's son from the future, created when the two, along with Skarr, were stranded on a deserted island. Destructicus rejects his father's evil ways and becomes a superhero, fighting in the name of good, mainly against Hector's forces. He still loves his parents, though only Ghastly returns his affections. In his premiere episode, "The Time Hole Incident", the present Hector is baffled at how he was conceived (considering Hector lost his reproductive system).

Estroy (Maurice LaMarche): Hector's very short next-island neighbor; the two are very competitive. He wears a metal mask to hide his immense beauty, as seen in the episode "The HCCBDD". He is a parody of Destro, a villain from the G. I. Joe series. He also seems to have a crush on Ghastly.

Evil Con Carne episode guide

1 Gutless / Day of the Dreadbots / League of Destruction
2 Son of Evil / Right to Bear Arms / Trouble with Skarrina
3 Go Spork! / Boscov's Day Out / Cod vs. Hector
4 Search & Estroy / The Pie Who Loved Me / Evil On Trial
5 Max Courage
6 Evil on Trial / The Time Hole Incident / Christmas Con Carne
7 Bring Me the Face of Hector Con Carne / Devolver: Part One/Devolver: Part Two
8 Evil Con Carne / Emotional Skarr / Evil Goes Wild
9 Evil On Trial / The Smell Of Vengeance: Part One / The Smell Of Vengeance: Part Two
10 Everyone Loves Uncle Bob / Tiptoe Through The Tulips: Part One and Part Two
11 No No Nanuk / Teenage Idol
12 The HCCBDD / Mother of All Evils
13 Gridlocked and Loaded / Fool's Paradise
14 Jealousy, Jealous Do / Hector, King of the Britains
15 Ultimate Evil
16 Past
17 Skarrina

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