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Flying Rhino Junior High cartoon information

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Title: Flying Rhino Junior High
Start - end: 1998 - 2000
Studio: Nelvana Limited
Official site:  Flying Rhino Junior High official site

Flying Rhino Junior High show information

This series follows four friends at Rhino Junior High using their brains and brawn to deal with problems created by their nemesis Earl P. Sidebottom A.K.A The Phantom, who can transpose the school to faraway places and drop students into strange situations. Focusing episodically on the different members of the group, this series addresses a range of personal and social concerns by early adolescents, while intergrating school curricular material relating to the language and creative arts, science, and history, as well as principles of critical thinking and problem solving. The show is specifically designed to further the informational and educational needs of kids, it has educating and informing kids as a significant purpose.

The animated series also exploids of flying rhinos who is Billy, Lydia, Ruby, and Marcus as they try to thwart the evil plans of Earl Sidebottom A.K.A The Phantom, who seeks to transform the school into a fantasy world. Earl P. Sidebottom a.k.a the phantom, a former straight "A" student who, after getting his first "D", retreated with his computer to the school basement where he began to plot against other Flying Rhino Junior High students. Sidebottom transforms the school into faraway places and past eras. As a result, each week focuses on the comic misadventures of students Billy O'Toole, Tammy Tupperman, Ruby Snarkis and her brother Marcus, who must use critical thinking to beat Sidebottom at his game and return the school to normal.

Flying Rhino Junior High cartoon pictures

Flying Rhino Junior High Flying Rhino Junior High image picture gallery Flying Rhino Junior High picture Flying Rhino Junior High image

Flying Rhino Junior High cartoon videos

Flying Rhino Junior High cartoon characters

The Phantom/Earl P. Sidebottom
Billy O'Toole
Ruby Snarkis
Marcus Snarkis
Lydia Lopez
Mrs. Snodgrass/Edna
Principal Mulligan
Flo/Nurse Cutlip
Buford/Mr. Needlenose

Flying Rhino Junior High episode guide

1 Prehysterical
2 Phantu's Curse
3 Underwaterworld
4 Solar Flexus
5 Frankensidebottom
6 Comic Book Chaos
7 A Star Is Boring
8 Inverted and Unglued
9 The Game
10 Quit Buggin' Me
11 Phantom Christmas
12 Weather Waterloo
13 Pal 9000
14 Live and Let Spy
15 Wag the Rat
16 It's Greek to Me
17 Yo Ho Ho and the Phantom's a Bum
18 Junior High Noon
19 Out of Time
20 Career Day
21 Daredevil O'Toole
22 Raging Rubbish
23 Better Safe Than Silly
24 Phantomatic Voyage
25 All Green Thumbs
26 Seeing Double

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