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Flipper & Lopaka cartoon information

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Title: Flipper & Lopaka
Start - end: 1997 - 2004
Studio: Yoram Gross
Official site:  Flipper & Lopaka official site

Flipper & Lopaka show information

Flipper & Lopaka is an Australian animated series based on the world famous dolphin ?Flipper?. Flipper saves a young Polynesian boy, Lopaka, from drowning. Lopaka discovers that he has the ability to swim like a fish and talk to the animals. The pair have many adventures in the lost city of Quetzo.

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Flipper & Lopaka cartoon characters

Lopaka is the 11 year old boy who has the power to converse with sea creatures, like his dolphin friend Flipper, and also breathe underwater. The islanders of Illoka often wonder where Lopaka disappears to, until the episode 'Secrets and Lies' where to help an injury Flipper, Lopaka must reveal his underwater secret. He wears a red islanders skirt, and an arm band, which all males wear on Illoka. Lopaka is a very loyal friend, to sea creatures and islanders alike.

Flipper is a quick-witted, agile, loyal and friendly bottlenose dolphin, whose parents are the rulers of Quetso. When trouble arises in the the underwater city (usually thanks to Dexter), the citizens of Quetso turn to Flipper for a plan. And he never fails them. Flipper has a white underbelly, with a light blue top. He is the most trusted person in Quetso, and the biggest target for Dexter.

Dexter the giant (and quiet frankly, UGLY) octopus that is obsessed with ruling Questo. He is deceiving, manipulative and a down right coward. Many times has Flipper and Lopaka saved him from certain death, but only repays them by concocting a new plan to destroy Flipper. Dexter lives in a grotto in the outskirts of Quetso, under Illoka. Although he praises himself for his so-called 'excellence', Dexter isn't the brightest octopus around. But he should not be underestimated...when he REALLY want to, Dexter can be a devious as Flipper is a dolphin.

Serge is the brains behind most of Dexter's plans. He is a bright green coral snake, with a devious and sharp mind. Even though he is truly the brain of Dexter's troupe, Serge never is applauded by his master, but is something goes wrong, he is blamed. No wonder the poor guy's so up tight.

Season 2:Professor Jessta, Spike and Goose. Season Three: Captain Barnibus Crab, Kim, Simon, Ultra.,

Season 2 Professor Troy is a talented scientist who wants to find out the history of Quetso and Iloka, and the reason that it sank. She is good hearted and her son Spike is friends with Lopaka and is surprised the Milihune can get along without twentieth century essentials. He tries teaching them about it by playing along with them. Goose, Troy's offbeat assistant is a young man of a few words. Every time, he speaks with cool accent, and he speaks funny. For example, if he were to say Help me!, he would say it slowly in a low voice. He wears and aqua vest and jeans.

Season 3 Captain Crab is a short (and short tempered), modern-day pirate who has come to the waters of Illoka to search for Neptune's Statue and Neptune's Trident. His niece, 18 or so year-old Kim has come to assist him, and also gain pirating experience. Kim is an eager pirate, and is the technical wiz of the ship. Simon on the other hand, is a large deck hand/chef. He is prone to accident, and will commit piracy, but he is really a gentle giant. Unlike the other characters, Ultra is not a pirate, in fact she isn't even a human. Ultra is a pink dolphin, who was taken from her parents a a baby. She grew up in a science lab, and was taken with the pirates to search the ocean floor. After a few incidents, Ultra proves herself a true, worthy companion, and Flipper gladly takes her into the group. Later in the series, Ultra finds her parents, along with a little sister, Delta.

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