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Gilligan's Planet cartoon information

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Title: Gilligan's Planet
Start - end: 1982 - 1983
Studio: Filmation
Official site:  Gilligan's Planet official site

Gilligan's Planet show information

Gilligan's Planet was a Saturday morning cartoon show that aired on CBS from 1982 to 1984. It was cancelled not because of poor ratings but because Filmation (the company that produced it) ran out of business. It was also Filmation's last network cartoon series, starting in 1983, they focused on syndication with He-Man, She-Ra, Filmation's Ghostbusters & Marshall Bravestarr. Gilligan's Planet still remains a fondly remembered cartoon classic, just like it's two originals.

Gilligan's Planet cartoon pictures

Gilligan's Planet Gilligan's Planet image picture gallery Gilligan's Planet picture Gilligan's Planet image

Gilligan's Planet cartoon videos

Gilligan's Planet cartoon characters

Gilligan, the bumbling, accident-prone crewman of the S.S. Minnow.

Jonas Grumby, the "Skipper".

Thurston Howell, III, the greedy millionaire

Eunice "Lovey" Wentworth Howell,

Ginger Grant

Roy Hinkley (The Professor)

Mary Ann Summers

Charles Maxwell was the uncredited voice of the "Radio Announcer", whose plot-advancing radio bulletins were eagerly tuned in to by the castaways in many episodes, who would often pause between blurbs long enough for the characters to speak while reacting to what was reported, sometimes even following with immediate coincidental responses to their comments.

Gilligan's Planet episode guide

1 I Dream Of Genie
2 Turnabout Is Fair Play
3 Let Sleeping Minnows Lie
4 Journey To The Center Of Gilligan's Planet
5 Amazing Colossal Gilligan
6 Bumper To Bumper
7 Road To Boom
8 Too Many Gilligans
9 Space Pirates
10 Invaders Of The Lost Birque
11 Wings
12 Super Gilligan
13 Gilligan's Army

Gilligan's Planet lyrics

TV-series intro lyrics;

Just sit right back & you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip
That started from this tropic port aboard this tiny ship.
The mate was a mighty sailing man, The skipper brave & sure.
Five passengers set sail that day for a three hour tour,
A three hour tour

The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed,
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
The Minnow would be lost,
The Minnow would be lost.

The ship's a-ground on the shore of this uncharted desert isle
With Gilligan,
The Skipper too,
The millionaire and his wife,
The movie star

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