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Title: Quads
Start - end: 2001 - 2002
Studio: Animation Works
Official site:  Quads official site

Quads show information

The show tells the story of Riley O'Reilly, a foul-mouth drunk who gets run over by a millionaire! The driver of the car ridden by guilt and fearful of lawsuits gives Reilly a mansion. Reilly fills the mansion with people less fortunate then himself and together the handicapped anti-heroes form an "odd family".

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Reilly, in his mid-30s, has spent most of his adult life living hand-to-mouth, or more like hand-to-bottle-to-mouth. On life's Report Card he's gotten a pretty steady C just enough to pass. Reilly is a cheeky slacker. If the world comes to him on a platter, he gorges himself. He only does something unpleasant if he has to - and Franny holds all of Reilly's favourite cards.

Hemp-wearing, VW-microbus-driving girlfriend Franny is totally devoted to Reilly. Franny's VW van is the only regular transportation for Our Gang. She's a cheerful and obliging chauffeur for Reilly and his friends, which, along with her home-baked food packages, her warm hugs and her low-cut tie-dyed dresses, makes her extremely popular among the guys.

Physically, Franny is curvaceous. The word "hourglass" comes to mind. She heeds all the tenets of health except exercise. Franny doesn't have a stellar sense of humour. Her forte is sincerity, not banter, which together with her idealism and liberal sense of personal rightness gives her the makings of a volcanic temper. For which she never apologizes. Why should she? She's never wrong. A sour-hearted lecherous misanthrope with no heart because he has no body. He's a head-on-a-skateboard. Blazer claims he lost the rest of his body to frostbite. ("At first they thought I'd just lose the toes.") But the others think his body parts may have been taken by hoodlums to pay gambling debts. Blazer is a full-time pervert, specializing of necessity in voyeurism. He's tactless and offensive, and almost as indomitable as Fontaine, but in the pursuit of women instead of helpfulness to others. He is extra nasty to Reilly, perhaps because Reilly has a girlfriend, perhaps because he feels indebted to him, which drives him nuts.

Slovenly Irish drunk, Griz runs a bar, which is where he first met Reilly, one of his most reliable customers.Griz is childishly removed from the problems of the world, and Reilly appreciates that Griz has no hidden agenda. If he wants twenty bucks, he doesn't say, "Hi pal, how are ya, you're looking good!" He says, "Give me twenty bucks."

A former masseur-to-the-stars who now, after an accident, has hooks for hands.He's the only one in the group who reads anything, who's up on current events, who has traveled widely, who can cook, who can quote foreign literature. Lefty's precise diction and general presentability make him the butt for offensive jokes from the rest of the gang.

Spalding is overtly homosexual, unaffected, loyal, and resourceful. Oh, and Australian. He quit his job as a Hospital Therapist because he "wanted to make a difference to one person." To Spalding, Reilly really is a project of sorts. He has ideas for improving every aspect of his employer's life, which gives him a lot to work with. However, he can be provoked. If Reilly really pisses him off, Spalding will put him in a dress.

Fontaine loves Reilly to the height and depth and breadth his soul can reach. But then again, he loves everybody that way. It's weird that he and Blazer were both physically afflicted, but turned out so completely different...

Three weeks out of legal school, Ricky is the only lawyer Reilly can afford. - and the only TV lawyer who wears teeth braces and training wheels on his briefcase!!Although Ricky is still wet behind the ears - mainly because his mum still washes him - he's actually got a real case of the smarts, and saves Reilly's hide with some whiz-bang wheeling-dealing on more than one occasion.The Magnificent Severed occasionally visit the Disabilities Support Centre to see the perky, very P.C. Deborah Golden. Deborah's demeanour is that of a substitute teacher who has yet to learn what deviltry her students are capable of. She always tries to see the best in every situation. She's very careful not to pick favourites.

Debbie also, quite unnecessarily, talks in ebonics for Fontaine ("Wha doan we start bah intro-ducerizin' oursel's?")

The Rich jamaican guy
Well, he ain't one of the main cast, but he's so cool that everybody working on the show loved him and wanted to see more of him.This is where all the rich reggae record producers end up.
It was MORT whose car hit Reilly and caused his quadriplegia. Mort, a snooty lawyer, is guilt-ridden and tries to avoid Reilly if he can.After the accident his perfect life starts to slide downhill, a descent not in any way cushioned by the victim of his carelessness moving in next door. Reilly isn't above playing on this guilt to his own advantage.

LIZ's hobbies are throwing up and ostracizing people. She's an anorexic social climber, aggressive, unprincipled, whiny. The Brombergs moved to this neighbourhood so they could peer out their windows and see perfect people with sweaters tied around their waists walking poodles."It's bad enough we have to look out occasionally and see a gardener!" They even have a camouflaged area behind their house for the maid's car. Liz explains "It's... domestic." Where Mort is snooty but haughtily civil to his new neighbours, Liz would set them on fire in a second if she weren't afraid of inhaling the calories from the match smoke.

Sister Butch
Lapsed Catholic Reilly soon discovers there's a Church down the street, manned by the demonically pious Sister Butch Johnson by an unbelievably cruel twist of fate the same Nun who tortured him all through Catholic School, who made him write "I am personally responsible for the agony of Christ" 100 times on the blackboard.Sister Butch puts on an annual TOUR OF HELL for the neighbourhood children at Christmas. ("Perdition never so hauntingly portrayed!" raved The Times!) She basically feels that all of the Maimed Manor residents were miserable sinners, and that it was a just and loving God who struck them down.


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