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Old Bear Stories cartoon information

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Title: Old Bear Stories
Start - end: 1993 - 1997
Studio: Ealing Animation
Official site:  Old Bear Stories official site

Old Bear Stories show information

This charming show, written by Jane Hissey, is a faithful adaptation of her popular Old Bear books. The TV series won huge success when it was first aired in 1993, gaining strong ratings and a huge fanbase. It was also hailed by the critics and has won numerous awards including a prestigious BAFTA award. Each episode focuses on the adventures of Old Bear and his loveable friends in and about the playroom. The series uses stop-frame animation techniques which gives the toys a very real look. After 3 highly successful series, the show ended on a high point with an extended christmas special in 1997. Originally broadcast on "ITV", the show can now be seen on "five".

Old Bear Stories cartoon pictures

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Old Bear Stories cartoon characters

Old Bear: an elderly dusty teddy bear, he was put up in the loft when he reached an advanced age, but was rescued by the other toys. They now look up to him as a fearless leader.

Bramwell Brown: a wise old bear, often considered second to Old Bear

Duck: a clumsy toy duck

Rabbit: a clumsy toy rabbit

Little Bear: a small white bear who wears overly baggy red trousers

Jolly Tall: a toy giraffe

Hoot the Owl: a toy owl living in the loft

Ruff the Dog: a bouncy toy dog

Sailor: a toy sailor

Camel: a toy camel

Zebra: a toy zebra

Cat: a toy cat

Dog: a toy dog

Splash: a friendly seal, who the toys meet while on holiday at the beach

Rabbit's cousin: the cousin of Rabbit, who occasionally stays with the toys

The dolls: three dolls who live in a dolls house in a corner of the play room

Old Bear Stories episode guide

1 Old Bear
2 Little Bear Lost
3 There Were Five In a Bed
4 Jolly Tall
5 Little Bear's Trousers
6 The Circus
7 The Rainy Day
8 The Fancy Dress Parade
9 Little Bear's Big Race
10 The Apple Tree
11 The Winter Picnic
12 Jolly Snow
13 The Doll's House Christmas
Special The Perfect Presents
15 Ruff
16 The Boat Race
17 Spring Clean
18 Ruff Follows His Nose
19 Jigsaw
20 Hoot
21 Hot and Spotty
22 The Play
23 Market Day
24 The Birthday Band
25 Little Bear's Book
26 Old Bear's Chair
27 The Car
28 Hoot and the Mystery Eggs
29 The Clock
30 The Castle
31 The Colour Chase
32 Little Bear's Snowmen
33 The Painting
34 Duck Tries to Fly
35 The Jolly Dragon
36 Rabbit and the Cousin
37 Little Bear's Cold Day
38 Ruff and the Big Wheel
39 The Birthday Camp
40 The Treasure Hunt
Special Little Bear and the Christmas Star

Old Bear Stories lyrics

"Please read us a story Old Bear, we'll all gathered round... dear old bear Sitting in your favorite chair we'll sit all around all around dear old bear

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