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Ojamajo Doremi cartoon information

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Title: Ojamajo Doremi
Start - end: 1999 - 2003
Studio: Kodansha
Official site:  Ojamajo Doremi official site

Ojamajo Doremi show information

Doremi is an unhappy girl with parents that fight constantly, a sister that treats her like a baby, and the person she has a crush on likes someone else. Hoping that magic will be the answer to all of her problems, Doremi wishes to become a witch.

Ojamajo Doremi cartoon pictures

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Ojamajo Doremi cartoon characters

English Version Names

Doremi Harukaze = Dorie Goodwyn

Hazuki Fujiwara = Reanne Griffith

Aiko Senoo = Mirabelle Haywood

Poppu Harukaze = Caitlyn Goodwyn

Tetsuya Kotake = Todd ???

Nobuko "Nobbu-chan" Yokokawa = Belinda Higgins

Majorika = Patina

Lala = Larelai

Witch apprentice = Witchling

Magic Tap = Dream Spinner

Peperuto Poron, Fuwafuwa Poron, Poppun Poron = Magical Wandlers

Level 9 Witch Exam = Fairy Test

Majo-gaeru = "green blob"

"Pretty Witch-i (name)-chii!" = "Fala-dela-dong-ding, now I am a Witchling!"

Ojamajo Doremi episode guide

1 I'm Doremi! I'm Becoming an Apprentice Witch!!
2 I Become Hazuki-chan!
3 The Transfer Student From Naniwa! Aiko Appears
4 Everyone's a Witch, So There's Nothing to Fear
5 Grand Re-Opening! MAHO-dou
6 A Lie is the Beginning of Friendship
7 Aim for Level 9! Witch Exam
8 Going to the Witch World!!
9 Where Did You Go!? Fairy Dodo
10 In a Pinch! The Teachers Found Out!!
11 Early Rising Girl Marina and Heart's Bouquet
12 Wishes of the Beloved Shirt
13 Everyone Fails!? The Level 8 Exam
14 If You Laugh, Will You Forgive Me!?
15 Majorika Goes to Kindergarten
16 Love Will Be Hooked
17 Yada-kun is an Elementary School Delinquent!?
18 Don't Do It! Forbidden Magic
19 Hazuki-chan is Kidnapped!
20 A Rival Appears! The MAHO-dou's Big Pinch!!
21 Majoruka's Goods Are Full of Danger
22 The Road to Level 6 Ojamajo is Far Away!?
23 Big Change!? The Ojamajos Test
24 Majoruka Versus Level 6 Ojamajo!
25 Ojamajo Pop Appears!?
26 We're Pureleine!
27 Oyajiide Has Arrived!?
28 Love is a Windy Ride Over a Plateau
29 The Tap Disappears at the Summer Festival!
30 I Want to Meet the Ghost!
31 The Present from Mongolia
32 Overthrow Tamaki! The Class Representative Election
33 The Sports Festival Full of Panic!
34 I Want to See My Mother!
35 The Transfer Student is an Apprentice Witch!?
36 The Level 4 Exam is DODODODODO-!
37 There's a Lot of Witch-Frogs!!
38 Ryouta and the Midnight Monster
39 Doremi's Boyfriend is in Junior High!
40 Doremi Wins Easily? The Level 3 Exam
41 Father and Child - Moving to Victory!
42 The Ojamajo Fight for Justice!?
43 Papa, Fireworks, and Tearful Memories
44 I Want to Be a Female Pro-Wrestler!
45 Help Santa!
46 The Witches' Hidden Talent Show
47 Father's Coorespondance
48 Onpu's Mail is a Love Letter?
49 Meeting Papa! Dream Placed on Limited Express
50 The Final Witch Apprentice Exam
51 Good-bye MAHO-dou
52 Doremi Becomes a Mama!?
53 Raising a Baby is a Lot of Trouble!
54 Don't Fall Asleep! Pop's Witch Apprentice Exam
55 Doremi Fails as a Mama!?
56 Good-bye Oyajiide
57 Lies and Truth in Flower Language
58 Hana-chan's Health Examination
59 Across Time, In Search of Onpu's Mama's Secret!
60 The Search for the Herbs! MAHO-dou's Bus Trip
61 High School Student Aiko is "The Girl Who Ran"!?
62 Hazuki-chan Learns How to Dance!?
63 The Health Examination's Yellow Cards!
64 Doremi Becomes a Bride?
65 Pop's First Love? The Admiration of Junichi-sensei!
66 Mother's Day and Mother's Portrait
67 First Time Crawling!? Big Panic at the Harukaze's!
68 Hana-chan's Crawling Examination
69 Dodo Runs Away!
70 Doremi and Hazuki's Big Fight
71 I Can Meet Mother! Aiko's Tearful Reunion
72 The Misanthropist Majodon and the Promise of the Herb
73 The Sorceror's Trap -- Oyajiide Has Returned
74 Take Back Hana-chan's New Power!
76 The Mysterious Boy - Tooru-kun Appears!
77 Kanae-chan's Diet Strategy
78 The Northern Country Herb and the Important Memory
79 The Targeted Physical Examination
80 Everyone Disappears During the Test of Courage!?
81 Could That Be Seki-sensei's Sweetheart!?
82 The Sorceror's Country's FLAT 4 Are Visiting!
83 Tondekepyuu! Dodo and the Others' Big Transformation
87 Aiko's Rival! The Sports Match!!
88 Hana-chan, Pop, and the Test
89 Hazuki-chan is a Great Superintendent
91 The Piano Comes to the Harukaze House
92 Onpu is Overtaken! The Road to Becoming an Idol!
93 The Witch That Doesn't Use Magic
94 Hana-chan is a Classmate!?
95 White Christmas of Happiness
96 The Ojamajo Historical Play - The Girl Haboring Ambition!
97 The Final Physical Examination - Hana-chan's Mamas Protect Her!
98 Give Back Hana-chan! The Great Magic Battle
99 Hana-chan Dies!?
100 Good-bye Hana-chan
101 Doremi's Stormy New School Year
102 Momoko Cries!? Secret of the Earring
103 I Hate You! But I Would Like to Become Friends!
104 Welcome to the Sweet House!
105 The SOS Trio Breaks Up!?
106 Challenge! The First Patissier Exam
107 Welcome Home, Hana-chan!
108 What, a Close Friend?
109 Hazuki and Masaru's Treasure
110 We Don't Want to Become Adults!
111 The Teacher Doesn't Stop!!
112 Kotake VS Older Coach Igarashi
113 The Dream Boat That You Want!
114 A Messed Up Happy Birthday
115 Do I Love My Pretty Mother? Hate?
116 Tasty, But It's No Good!?
117 Rival Connection!! Harukaze and Tamaki
118 Glued To!! A Child Idol One Day
119 A Temporary Quarrel Between Parent and Child
120 Welcome the New Classmate
122 Pop is a Big Sister??
123 Nagisa's Clam
124 A Rock 'N' Roll Music Club!?
125 A Lonely Summer Vacation
128 Witch Kindergarten, In the Nick of Time!
129 Terror! The Curse of the Water Well Ghost
130 Please Give Us the Illusionary Recipe!
132 Momoko's Mama Training
134 Resurrection! The Legendary Sweet
136 Hazuki's Delicious Idea
139 School Arts Festival! Who's the Lead Part?
140 Hana-chan, Digging for Potatoes!
141 Welcome to the Witch-Frogs' Village
142 Heart-pounding! The Twins' Mysterious Magic
143 The Ojamajo Cross the Sea
144 Ai-chan Isn't Coming Back!?
145 Everyone! Merry Christmas
146 The Nonsensical Magical Year-end Party
147 Hana-chan's Great Adventure
148 Zero Clues! The Final Examination
149 Open Your Eyes! Manipulated Momoko
150 Good-bye Witch Apprentices
151 Doremi's Surprise! A New Ojamajo
152 Hana-chan Becomes a 6th Grader!
153 Hana-chan Will Not Give Up!
154 The MAHO-dou Goes Bankrupt!?
155 Onpu's Unpainted Face
156 The Class Library's Combination is Missing!?
157 Open! Door of the Heart
158 Found Out!? Hana-chan's Secret
159 Hazuki's Shining Star
160 Field Trip!! The Mean Leader
161 Nara! A Fated Meeting
162 Kyoto! Never-ending Night
163 Mutsumi's Retirement Announcement!
164 Unpreparedness is the Greatest Enemy! Level 7 Exam
165 Mother's Obstinance
167 Protect the Secret Base!
167 How to Make a Rainbow That Doesn't Disappear
170 Looking For Momoko's Dream
171 I Love You! Oyajiide
172 You Don't Need to Go Kimitaka!!
174 With Love and Justice! We Are Majo Ranger!
177 White Elephant, Nice to Meet You!
179 Don't Let Go! Hand in Hand
181 Pao-chan is the Ojamajos' Elephant!?
192 I Have to Decide!? Hazuki's Way
197 Even If You Go Far Away
198 Aiko's Number One Happy Day
199 Forever Forever, Friends
200 Good-bye Ojamajo
201 Thank You! Until We Meet Again
202 Messed Up Cycling ~The Boys' Secret~
203 MAHO-dou in New York ~Momoko's Secret~
204 The Value of Swimming! ~Aiko's Secret~
205 Non-standard ~Onpu's Secret~
206 Someone Who Knows the Sorrow ~Pop and Hana's Secret~
207 Sugar Candy Memory ~Baaya's Secret~
208 I Love Taiyaki! ~The Parent and Child's Secret~
209 Recorder Test! ~The Honor Student's Secret~
210 Baseball Club ~The Witches' Secret~
211 Wedding Promise ~Childhood Friends' Secret~
212 Valentine's Day ~Hazuki's Secret~
213 The Seventh Witch Apprentice ~Non-chan's Secret~
214 Time Hina Doll ~Doremi's Secret~

Ojamajo Doremi lyrics

Opening Themes:

1) "Ojamajo Carnival!!" by MAHO-dou

2) "Ojamajo wa koko ni iru" by MAHO-dou

3) "Ojamajo de BANBAN" by MAHO-dou

4) "DANCE! Ojamajo" by MAHO-dou

5) "Naisho yo! Ojamajo" by MAHO-dou

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