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Ozzy & Drix cartoon information

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Title: Ozzy & Drix
Start - end: 2002 - 2004
Studio: Warner Bros
Official site:  Ozzy & Drix official site

Ozzy & Drix show information

Ozzy & Drix is based on the breakout characters from the feature film Osmosis Jones, which is an animated inner-body, buddy-cop comedy which follows the adventures of white blood cell cop Ozzy and his partner, over-the-counter cold pill Drix, as they defend the City of Hector; the body of a 13-year-old boy. The second season of Ozzy & Drix amplifies their infectious humor with Ozzy's in-your-face antics and Drix's knowledgeable yet clueless wit as they continue to take on whatever comes their way regardless of how small or simple a situation may appear in the outside world of Hector. Only they know what really happens "skin deep" and what it takes to always be on 24-hour alert, whether it be the sprouting of Hector's first whisker, a rowdy encounter with the Testosterone gang, an unexpected appendicitis attack, or the long-awaited visit from Drix's Auntie Histamine. With their headquarters behind Hector's cornea, these partners have established their "private eye" agency... hoping to keep Hector safe from the many changes and dangers associated with adolescence. This one-of-a-kind pair of problem-solvers are ready to fight for what's right -- on a cellular level.

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Main Characters

Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones (Phil LaMarr) - A white blood cell with a dark sense of humor. He works as a private-eye in the city of Hector. He also has a slight crush on Maria Amino, although she does not return the emotion. He and Drix were originally from the city of Frank, the character portrayed in the movie, although they were transferred to Hector through a mosquito while chasing a scarlet fever virus aptly named Scarlet.

Drixenol "Drix" (Jeff Bennett) - A cold pill and Ozzy's fellow private eye. They have an office inside Hector's left retina ("prime real estate"). His right arm is a multi-launcher which launches various chemical containers stored in his torso though the most common is an ice pill which freezes villains. The right arm also contains a phone, and other gadgets including an eggbeater (apparently the only thing the arm can't do is make a decent milkshake),and a crude clamp-like claw usable as a hand. Drix is very cautious and completely honest (and quite gullible), which puts him at odds with the devil-may-care Ozzy. He often tries to "fit in" with the other cells in the body, usually failing to comprehend the concepts.

Maria Amino (Tasia Valenza) - A white blood cell and a cop in the city of Hector. She has a crush on Drix and speaks with a Spanish accent. She is highly skilled at fighting and possibly the most competent cop inside of Hector except for Ozzy.

Mayor Paul Spryman (Alanna Ubach) - The mayor of the city of Hector. He is approximately the same age as Hector, and acts very immaturely, taking all the credit for the roundups Ozzy and Drix make. His decisions often put Hector's health in extreme danger.

Ellen Patella (Vivica A. Fox) - An attorney-at-law who helps new cells find their place in Hector. Ozzy has a crush on her as well, although she has no interest in him.

Chief Gluteus (Jim Cummings) - A muscle cell and the Chief of Police for the city of Hector. He hates both Ozzy and Drix and prefers to handle things himself, which often results in disasters.

Hector Cruz (a.k.a. Hector City/The City of Hector) (Justin Cowden) - The teenager that the show revolves around. He likes girls and listening to music. He is foolhardy, a risk taker, and somewhat ignorant, all probably to further the show's plot. Hector also has a crush on Christine. He reminds Ozzy of Frank at Hector's age. In one episode when Hector went on a white water rafting trip with his older cousin he got Appendicitis. Hector has a dog named Uno, an older sister, and a mom and dad. In another episode Hector learned a lesson in proper dental hygiene when he got a Cavity from eating too much sugar.

Christine (Kimberly Brooks) - A girl in Hector's school that has a crush on him, though they don't admit to each other. Ozzy once got stuck in her body, where he is treated somewhat as a celebrity as coming from Hector.

The Mole (Jeffrey Tambor) - A former secret agent, and klutz and generally used as comic relief, he has his own adrenaline supply, and in every one of his appearances he tries to "vanish mysteriously" (failing to do so every time in comical ways). His role is similar to a germ from the movie who tells Ozzy & Drix of Thrax's whereabouts. Despite this he has a lot of contacts and apparently nothing happens in Hector that he doesn't know about, this makes him a good source of information.

Penicillin Bond - A Penicillin injected into Hector to help fight Strepfinger. He is charming, responsible, and amazingly intelligent. He currently patrols Hector's lungs.

Dander - Drix's pet dog germ that came from Hector's dog Uno.

Backseat - A sentient "supercomputer" built in Ozzy's car by Drix.

Germs, Viruses and Villains

This is a list of the bad guys in order of appearance:

Scarlet Fever (Tim Curry) - A lizard-like scarlet fever virus, possibly related to Thrax, the movie's villain, that makes Hector get a fever. He was transported along with Ozzy and Drix from Frank to Hector. Fever sucks up all of Hector's fluids that make him active, mutating to become more virulent in the process, and gives Hector a slow and fatal fever. Luckily, when he and Ozzy were fighting in a police helicopter, they were heading for Hector's spleen where it appeared to be a giant fan. Ozzy escaped the helicopter but Fever was killed once he and the helicopter were shredded into the spleen. Hector was then back to his normal self and his fluids returned. Despite his single appearance, he is seen in the opening theme. Because of his abilities, he is more resistant to Drix's Ice Pill than most other Viruses as his temperature usually causes him to defrost moments later.

Ernest Strepfinger (Brad Garrett and Jim Cummings) - A powerful germ whose goal is to make Hector sick. He has a large gang of germs and viruses to do his dirty work. In "Strepfinger", Strepfinger is planning to make Hector have phlegm, but in the end, he falls down from his hideout along with his pet. In "Ozzy Jr.", Strepfinger returns, but this times he has an eye patch on his right eye and his pet has an eye patch, too. He plans to infect Hector with bacteria. In "Lights Out", he plans to wipe out Hector's memories. In "Tricky Ricardo", he tricks Ricardo into thinking that he is working for Strepfinger, but in the end, Strepfinger gets stuck on one of the cotton balls and fell down the drain of the shower. Strepfinger is a parody of the stereotypical Bond villain with a particular emphasis on Auric Goldfinger and Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Rhoda Virus - An intestinal virus, brought in on a bean, which causes Hector to experience extreme flatulence.

Protozilla (Frank Welker) - An allergen with a weak form and a monster form, however Ice pills cause him to revert back to his normal form. His most defining feature is that he has 2 thumbs which gives him away as the allergy. He was a giant monster that terrorized the city of Hector and made it look like it was Drix's dog who was causing the disaster (meanwhile, outside of Hector, Hector himself had a dog and his mother believed the dog was causing his allergies). Ozzy, Drix and Drix's dog confronted Protozilla at Hector's nose and when Hector sneezed, Protozilla was sucked out and killed. And back with Hector, it was revealed his allergies are really from a certain flower his mother was bringing in and not the dog.

Smirch (Danny Bonaduce) - A germ that plans to make Hector get a zit ("Street Up"). He also managed to trick Drix when he wanted to learn how to be cool, when he is actually helping him get into an oil refinery to grow gigantic to give Hector a zit -- right on Picture Day.

Nick O' Teen (Tim Curry) - A tobacco addictive that plans to make Hector smoke ("Where There's Smoke"). Nick can shapeshift and release clouds of smoke that brainwash cells and makes them do Nick's evil bidding. He has three lackeys: Butane (Jeff Bennett), Carbon Monoxide (Tara Strong), and Tar (Frank Welker). Nick's lackeys were killed before him in confrontations with Ozzy and Drix but when Nick was finally powerful enough to hold Ozzy and Drix back from foiling his plans, Hector decided not to smoke anymore and Nick weakened where he became nothing but junk on Ozzy's shoe.

Sal Monella (Henry Winkler) - A gangster germ who is planning to poison Hector.

Sylvian Fisher (Brian Posehn): A nerdy brain cell who planned to use a growth formula to make Hector grow.

General Malaise (Charlie Adler) - A bacterium who uses sugar to make his army of bacteria multiply. He develops evil plots to make Hector eat sugar. Of course, he and all his troops were killed when they were in Hector's teeth and he was visiting the dentist. They fell out through a sink to die off.

Professor Nightmare - A nightmare that originated from a movie Hector saw.

Chief Maximus (Rob Paulsen) - The Chief of Police in the city of Christine (a girl that Hector likes) that teams up with the Pneumonic.

The Pneumoniac (Pat Fraley) - A germ who is planning to give Christine pneumonia ("An Out of Body Experience parts 1 & 2").

Mother Worm (Frank Welker) - A worm that came from a sausage Hector barely cooked.

Shane (Danny Cooksey) - A leader of a testosterone gang that one time tied up Mayor Spryman and took over his office, turning Hector into a bad kid.

Stickety (Rob Paulsen) - A sticky, bad cholesterol beatnik who kidnaps a fat cell child in an attempt to clog Hector's artery.

Cryo (Susan Silo) - A virus that one time tried to give Hector hypothermia, despite the fact that hypothermia is when the core temperatures of the body decrease to a critical level. Therefore, it is not a disease.

Billy Bob Bile (Frank Welker) - An owner of an appendix hotel who was causing detours which resulted in Hector's appendix almost bursting.

Ozzy & Drix episode guide

1 Home With Hector
2 Reflex
3 Strep-Finger
4 A Lousy Haircut
5 Oh My Dog
6 Street Up
7 Gas of Doom
8 Where There's Smoke
9 The Globfather
10 Ozzy Jr.
11 Growth
12 Sugar Shock
13 The Dream Factory
14 An Out of Body Experience (1)
15 An Out of Body Experience (2)
16 Lights Out!
17 The Conqueror Worm
18 Puberty Alert
19 Tricky Ricardo
20 Aunti Histamine
21 A Growing Cell
22 A Cold Day in Hector
23 Supplements (aka Triumph of the Supplements)
24 Double Dose (aka Ozzy and Ozzy)
25 Nature Calls
26 Cavities (aka Journey to the Center of the Tooth)

Ozzy & Drix lyrics

Ozzy & Drix,
O-O-Ozzy & Drix!
Trouble in the air, what'cha gonna do?
(It's a cold, it's a fever,
Or maybe the flu,
Meet Ozzy & Drix, private eye,
Cuttin' germs and viruses down to size,
Busy defending all the nerve endings,
They got guts and nerves vim and verne,
(They're bad to the bone, even badder in the bladder,
Make a scene in the spleen, put the hustle in the muscle,
Put the hip in the hips,
The word on the lips,
Ideas in the brain,
Keepin' him sane!)
Keepin' him sane!
Lookin' good, like a blood cell should
(Like a blood cell should!)
Ozzy & Drix,
O-O-Ozzy & Drix!
Inside the body and mind
From the tip of the nose to the behind,
They're the protectors
Of the City of Hector,
Ozzy & Drix!

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