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Title: Sailor Moon
Start - end: 1995 - 2000
Studio: Toei Animation
Official site:  Sailor Moon official site

Sailor Moon show information

A thousand years ago, our moon was home to a great civilization ruled by Queen Serenity. Everything was peaceful, until the arrival of the evil Queen Beryl. To conquer the moon, Queen Beryl unleashed the awesome power of the Negaforce. Although her world was destroyed, Queen Serenity?s last hope was the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal and the Crescent Moon Wand. Frozen in Moon Beam Crystals, the queen sent the Moon Princess and the children of the moon to the future on Earth, their memories lost to them all. The queen?s cat advisors, Luna and Artemis, must find the princess so she will at last be safe. And so, our story begins...

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Sailor Moon cartoon characters

Usagi Tsukino (月野 うさぎ, Tsukino Usagi?)
The main character of the series, called Serena in the English anime (nicknamed Bunny in the English manga). Usagi is a carefree schoolgirl with an enormous capacity for love, and transforms into the heroine called Sailor Moon. At the beginning of the series she is portrayed as an immature crybaby who hates having to fight evil and wants nothing more than to be a normal girl.[6] As she progresses, however, she embraces the chance to use her power to protect those she cares about.

Mamoru Chiba (地場 衛, Chiba Mamoru?)
A student somewhat older than Usagi, called Darien in the English adaptations of the series. As a young child he was in a terrible car accident that robbed him of his parents and his knowledge of who he is. During the series he has some precognitive ability, including dreams that inspire him to take on the guise of Tuxedo Mask and fight alongside the Sailor Senshi. After an initially confrontational relationship, he and Usagi remember their past lives together and fall in love again.
Ami Mizuno (水野 亜美, Mizuno Ami?)
A quiet bookworm in Usagi's class, called Amy in the English adaptations of the series. She is highly intelligent, with a rumored IQ of 300,[7] and can transform into Sailor Mercury, acquiring power over all phases of water. Ami's shy exterior masks a passion for knowledge and for taking care of the people around her. She hopes to be a doctor one day, like her mother, and tends to be the practical one in the group. Secretly, she is also a fan of pop culture and romance novels, and becomes embarrassed whenever this is pointed out.

Rei Hino (火野 レイ, Hino Rei?)
An elegant miko (shrine maiden), called Raye in the English versions. Because of her work as a Shinto priestess, Rei can sense and dispel evil even in civilian form. When she transforms into Sailor Mars, she can also manipulate fire. She is very serious and focused, but although easily annoyed by Usagi's flightiness, cares about her very much. Rei is portrayed as boy-crazy in the early anime, but is uninterested in romance in both the manga and live-action series. She attends a private Catholic school, separate from the other girls.

Makoto Kino (木野 まこと, Kino Makoto?)
A tomboy who transfers into Usagi's school, called Lita in the English versions. Very tall and strong for a Japanese schoolgirl, she can transform into Sailor Jupiter, attacking with lightning and with some control over plants. Both Makoto's parents died in a plane crash years ago, so she lives alone and takes care of herself. She cultivates her physical strength as well as more domestic interests, including housekeeping, cooking, and gardening. She wants to marry young and to own a flower and cake shop.

Minako Aino (愛野 美奈子, Aino Minako?)
A perky dreamer who acted on her own as Sailor V for some time. Called Mina in the English versions, she has a companion cat called Artemis who works alongside Luna in guiding the Sailor Senshi. Minako transforms into Sailor Venus, Soldier of Love, and is the leader of Sailor Moon's four inner guardians. She also dreams of becoming a famous singer and idol and attends auditions whenever she can. At the start of the live-action series, she is already these things, but has poor health and separates herself from the other Senshi.

Chibiusa (ちびうさ?)
The future daughter of Usagi and Mamoru, Chibiusa travels from the 30th century to seek help to save her parents, then later to train with Sailor Moon to become a soldier. She learns to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon. Her relationship with her mother in the 20th century is at times adversarial, as she considers herself to be more mature than Usagi, but as the series progresses they develop a deep bond. Chibiusa wants to grow up to become a lady like her mother. In the English adaptations, she is called Rini, and her alter ego is called Sailor Mini Moon.

Setsuna Meioh (冥王 せつな, Meiō Setsuna?)
A mysterious woman, called Trista in the English anime. She is first revealed as Sailor Pluto, the Guardian of Time, whose duty is to protect the Space-Time Door from unauthorized travelers. It is only later that she appears on Earth, living as a college student. She has a distant personality and can be very stern, but can also be quite friendly and helps the younger Sailor Senshi when she can. After so long at the gate of time she carries a deep sense of loneliness, although she is close friends with Chibiusa.

Michiru Kaioh (海王 みちる, Kaiō Michiru?)
A talented violinist with some precognition, called Michelle in the English anime. She is a year older than most of the other Sailor Senshi and can transform into Sailor Neptune, channeling the power of the ocean. She worked alone for some time before finding her partner, Sailor Uranus, with whom she fell in love. Michiru is elegant and personable, already well-known for her music as well as her painting, but has given up her own dreams for the life of a Senshi. She is fully devoted to this duty and willing to make any sacrifice for it.

Haruka Tenoh (天王 はるか, Ten'ō Haruka?)
A good-natured, masculine-acting girl, called Amara in the English anime. Haruka is the same age as her partner, Michiru, and transforms into Sailor Uranus, Soldier of the Sky. Before becoming a Sailor Senshi, she dreamt of being a racer, and is skilled at driving. She tends to dress and, in the anime, speak like a man. She is so friendly and genial that nearly everyone she meets is attracted to her. When it comes to fighting the enemy, however, she distrusts outside help and prefers to work solely with Sailor Neptune and, later, Pluto and Saturn.

Hotaru Tomoe (土萠 ほたる, Tomoe Hotaru?)
A sweet, lonely young girl whose name is unchanged in English (though pronounced slightly differently). Daughter of a possessed mad scientist, she is sickly and weak as the result of a terrible lab accident in her youth. After overcoming the darkness that has surrounded her family, she is able to become the Soldier of Silence, Sailor Saturn. She wields forces of destruction so powerful that she is rarely called upon to use them, and unlike the others, her Senshi and civilian personae seem somewhat disconnected. She is often pensive, and as a human has the inexplicable power to heal others.

Sailor Moon episode guide

1 A Moon Star is Born
2 Talk Radio
3 Slim City
4 So You Want to be a Superstar
5 Computer School Blues
6 Time Bomb
7 An Uncharmed Life
8 Nightmare in Dreamland
9 Cruise Blues
10 Fight to the Finish
11 Match Point for Sailor Moon
12 An Unnatural Phenomena
13 Wedding Day Blues
14 Shutter Bugged
15 Dangerous Dollies
16 Who Is That Masked Man?
17 An Animated Mess
18 Worth a Princess's Ransom
19 Molly's Folly
20 A Friend in Wolf's Clothing
21 Jupiter Comes Thundering In
22 The Power of Friendship
23 Mercury's Mental Match
24 An Artful Attack
25 Too Many Girlfriends
26 Grandpa's Follies
27 Kitty Chaos
28 Tuxedo Melvin
29 Sailor V Makes the Scene
30 A Crystal Clear Destiny
31 A Reluctant Princess
32 Bad Hair Day
33 Little Miss Manners
34 Ski Bunny Blues
35 Ice Princess
36 Last Resort
37 Tuxedo Unmasked
38 Fractious Friends
39 The Past Returns
40 Day of Destiny
41 The Return of Sailor Moon
42 So You Want to Be in Pictures
43 A Knight to Remember
44 VR Madness
45 Cherry Blossom Time
46 Kindergarten Chaos
47 Much Ado About Baby Sitting
48 Raye's Day in the Spotlight
49 Food Fetish
50 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
51 Detention Doldrums
52 Secret Garden
53 Treed
54 Serena Times Two
55 The Cosmetics Caper
56 Sailor Mercury Moving On?
57 Gramps in a Pickle
58 Trouble Comes Thundering Down
59 A Charmed Life
60 A Curried Favor
61 Naughty N' Nice
62 Prediction of Doom
63 Enemies No More
64 Checkmate
65 Sibling Rivalry
66 Rubeus Evens The Score
67 Rubeus Strikes Out
68 The Secret of the Luna Sphere
69 Emerald Bakes Up Trouble (a.k.a. Emerald Takes Over)
70 Promises Fufilled
71 No Thanks, Nurse Venus!
72 Dog Day For Artemis
73 Smart Pay Off (a.k.a. Lonely Amy)
74 Child's Play
75 Future Shocked
76 Legend of the Negamoon
77 Jealousy's Just Reward
78 Birth of Wicked Lady
79 Brotherly Love
80 Diamond In The Rough
81 Final Battle
82 Follow The Leader
TV Movie Sailor Moon R - The Movie: Promise of the Rose
83 Star Struck, Bad Luck
84 Crystal Clear Again
85 Driving Dangerously
86 Bad Harmony
87 Swept Off Her Feet
88 Blinded By Love's Light
89 Lita Borrows Trouble
90 Damp Spirits
91 Friendly Foes
92 Mixed Emotions
93 Individual Happiness
94 Birthday Blues (1)
95 Birthday Blues (2)
96 Hello, Sailor Mini Moon
97 Tainted Tea Party
98 People Who Need People
99 Related by Destiny
100 Art Appreciation
101 Everything Comes Up Rosy
102 No Turning Back
103 Destiny's Arrival
104 The Purity Chalice
105 Show Stoppers
106 Rini's Risky Friendship
107 Mimet's Mess
108 The Shadow of Silence
109 Thorny Weather
110 Heightened Hazard
111 It's in the Cards
112 Goodness Eclipsed
113 Next in Line
114 Fiendish Ferns
115 The Science of Love
116 Wake Up Call
117 Who's Really Who?
118 Darkness, My Old Friend
119 Second Chance
TV Movie Sailor Moon S - The Movie: Hearts In Ice
120 Tough Kindness
121 Dreams Take Flight
122 No Ordinary Horsepower
123 Sweet Dreams
124 Baiting the Trap
125 Perfect Couple
126 Much Ado About Kitten
127 A Pegasus Pager Turner
128 A Teacher's Lesson
129 The Trouble With Love
130 Phony Fairy
131 Driven Dreamer
132 Cutting It Close
133 Clothes Call
134 Double Trouble
135 Recipe For Danger
136 Kickin' into High Gear
137 Beach Blanket Bungle
138 Tutu Treachery
139 Duchess's Day Off
140 No Prince Charming
141 A True Reflection
142 Eternal Dreams
143 A New Nightmare
144 Heartfelt Melody
145 Dreams of Her Own
146 Dental Dilemma
147 Nightmare Garden
148 Vaulting to Victory
149 Reflections of Reality
150 Dream Believer
151 Pegasus Revealed
152 Rini's Lovely Rhapsody
153 Tomorrow's Big Dreams
154 Day of Night
155 Show Time Showdown
156 The Dark Legend
157 One in the Hand
158 Golden Revival
159 The Sweetest Dream
TV Movie Sailor Moon SuperS - The Movie: Black Dream Hole
167 Echoes From the Darkness

Sailor Moon lyrics

Fighting evil by moonlight,

Winning love by daylight.

Never running from a real fight,

She is the one named Sailor Moon.

She will never turn her back on a friend,

She will always be there to defend.

She is the one of whom you could depend.

She is the one named Sailor...

Sailor Venus!

Sailor Mercury!

Sailor Mars!

Sailor Jupiter!

The Secret powers are so new to her,

She is the one named Sailor Moon.


Fighting evil by moonlight.

Winning love by daylight.

When the Sailors get to help fight,

She is the one named Sailor Moon.

She is the one named Sailor Moon.

She is the one, Sailor Moon!

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