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Rumbling Hearts cartoon information

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Title: Rumbling Hearts
Start - end: 2003 - 2004
Studio: Studio Fantasia
Official site:  Rumbling Hearts official site

Rumbling Hearts show information

This is a love story that focuses on the love triangle between Haruka, Mitsuki and Takayuki. Haruka confesses her feelings for Takayuki and he reciprocates. But Haruka falls into a coma after an unfortunate accident occurs while she is waiting for Takayuki. Takayuki is greatly saddened by this turn of events but eventually he moves on. While sharing their grief over Haruka, Takayuki and Haruka's best friend, Mitsuki become close. They later fall in love and are happy together. Three years later, Haruka wakes up. Worried about hurting the fragile Haruka, Takayuki and Mitsuki decide to lie to her about their relationship until she is strong enough to hear it.

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Rumbling Hearts cartoon characters

Takayuki Narumi (鳴海 孝之, Narumi Takayuki)?, (Seiyū: Kishō Taniyama, VA: Kevin M. Connolly)
The protagonist. Takayuki Narumi meets Haruka a year before Mitsuki sets them up during their third year of high school. When he witnesses the still fresh pool of blood next to Haruka's bloodied hair ribbons lying among the shattered glass of the phone booth as the officer in charge of the scene identifies Haruka from her student ID, he develops posttraumatic stress disorder. Later in the story, he works at a restaurant chain owned by the Sky Temple financial group called "The Family Restaurant", after having regressed in his studies due to the disorder resulting from the accident. In Haruka's absence, he gradually begins to develop a relationship with Mitsuki. In the game the player assumes this role and can choose to pursue and end up with most of the female characters.

Haruka Suzumiya (涼宮 遙, Suzumiya Haruka)?, (Seiyū: Minami Kuribayashi, VA: Carrie Savage)
A shy, timid girl; Haruka is set up with Takayuki by her friend, Mitsuki, while she is in high school. The two quickly become close, and develop an intimate relationship. She is involved in a serious car accident and ends up in a coma. The main thrust of the story begins when she awakens three years later. She is afflicted with retrograde amnesia, and because of her delicate psyche, her family and Takayuki conceal the truth that three years have passed, which forms much of the tension in the series.

Mitsuki Hayase (速瀬 水月, Hayase Mitsuki)?, (Seiyū: Chiaki Takahashi, credited as Tomoko Ishibashi; VA: Colleen Clinkenbeard)
Mitsuki is friends with both Takayuki and Haruka, but secretly she has feelings for Takayuki. In high school she was a competitive swimmer, but shortly after Haruka's accident, she finds herself leaving swimming to tend to Takayuki. She throws herself at Takayuki when he fails to climb out of his depression, and reveals her feelings for him.

Akane Suzumiya (涼宮 茜, Suzumiya Akane)?, (Seiyū: Kaori Mizuhashi, credited as Tomomi Uehara, VA: Leah Clark)
Haruka's younger sister, she initially treats both Takayuki and Mitsuki as older siblings until she finds out they have been seeing each other behind the comatose Haruka's back. While Haruka is in the hospital, she visits her every day. She, like Mitsuki, is a competitive swimmer, but feels as if she can never match Mitsuki, who she initially looks up to. Later, there are hints given that Akane feels something more for Takayuki, but these are not explored fully in the series.

Shinji Taira (平 慎二, Taira Shinji)?, (Seiyū: Masaki Andou, VA: David Wilson-Brown)
Friends with Takayuki, Haruka and Mitsuki in high school, he drifts off from the group after graduation, though he becomes an important character towards the end of the series. He sometimes presents a counter-balance to the drama of the rest of the characters, as his relationship with his girlfriend (who remains off-screen) seems to be going well.

Ayu Daikuuji (大空寺 あゆ, Daikūji Ayu)?, (Seiyū: Kiyomi Asai, VA: Luci Christian) and Mayu Tamano (玉野 まゆ, Tamano Mayu)?, (Seiyū: Kozue Yoshizumi, credited as Kyouko Yoshida, VA: Monica Rial)
Two waitresses who work at the same restaurant as Takayuki. Ayu is the surly daughter of the chief executive officer of the "Sky Temple" financial group, who owns and operates the restaurant chain, and is permitted to work at the restaurant as part of a market study by the financial group on the condition she does not reveal her identity[6] (the only reason she keeps her job). She works in order to experience society. Mayu is a soft-spoken but well-meaning klutz who has lost her parents and older brother. While in the game they served as one of the many love interests, in the anime they provide the only comic relief for this otherwise serious series. After the credits of several episodes in the series, a 30-second short known as the "Ayu-Mayu Theater" shows them in a comical situation totally irrelevant to the main story with all characters super deformed. They are also known as AyuAyu and MayuMayu.

Hotaru Amakawa (天川 蛍, Amakawa Hotaru?, (Seiyū: Satoko Kubota, VA: Alison Viktorin), Fumio Hoshino (星乃 文緒, Hoshino Fumio?, (Fumie in the Funimation English version) (Seiyū: Hitomi, credited as Minami Hokuto , VA: Jamie Marchi) and Manami Homura (穂村 愛美, Homura Manami?, (Seiyū: Amako Mari, VA: Amy Rosenthal)
Three nurses at the hospital. Hotaru and Fumio attended nursing school together and are very close friends. Hotaru Amakawa suffers from a terminal illness that stopped her physical development and looks like a very young girl. The two are inseparable and Amakawa is often referred to as "Fumio's child" for a nickname, as Hotaru has a very child like stature where as Fumio has a very curvy and maternal stature. Manami, the green haired nurse, is a student nurse who attended the same high school, although two years behind, Takayuki. Manami has a very strong mothering instinct with a desire to take care of people, hence her chosen profession. In the game Manami is introduced in the first chapter and also is in love with Takayuki, but is also too shy to express her feelings for him. In the game, all three are potential love interests. The original Manami ending with the CD was so disturbing that fans wrote to the company calling the ending nightmarish, so in the DVD and PS2 versions of the game, a new ending was added for Manami. In the series, Manami's role is reduced to one line and several silent cameos including a spoof of Ringu in one "Ayu-Mayu Theater" segment where Manami comes out of the TV. Amakawa is given several short scenes in the hospital, where she drops many sexual innuendos into her conversations with Takayuki. Fumio is given a very important scene towards the end involving a conversation with Takayuki, over tea, regarding not realizing how much you love someone who is always by your side until they are gone.

Rumbling Hearts episode guide

Pilot Episode 1-Friends to Lovers
2 Episode 2-Waiting
3 Episode 3- Moving On
4 Episode 4- Betrayed by Love
5 Episode 5- Lead Astray
6 Episode 6- Wishing
7 Episode 7- Always Second Thoughts
8 Episode 8- Old Scars are New
9 Episode 9- Unraveling
10 Episode 10- Impulses
11 Episode 11 - Where the Blame Lies
12 Episode 12 - Friends to Enemies
13 Episode 13 - The Past Will Catch Up
14 Episode 14 - Mayai's Gift
15 Haruka Route

Rumbling Hearts lyrics

Dazzled by the hot sunlight
I remember that summer
Not knowing what pain meant
Your smile would always gladden me

I'd kept on hoping for longings and dreams
I can hear, far away, a voice calling me...

*Ever, ever I kept on watching
That unswerving desire of mine
Run through away to the endless sky;
These overflowing tears
I softly hold in my hands-
Won't we meet again someday,
On that hill...

Beckoned by a blue wind
Clouds begin changing shape
The pictures that told me
Of the times gone by
Are sepia-coloured now

The little promise the two exchanged
In a corner of the heart quietly sleeps...

Never, never will I forget
These precious emotions that
Onto an unending tomorrow, I will paint;
The words that you gave to me
Become a treasure,
And glitter in my heart
For eternity...


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