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Title: Rupert
Start - end: 1991 - 1999
Studio: Ellipse Programm
Official site:  Rupert official site

Rupert show information

Rupert the Bear was a popular show in the early and mid-nineties. However, the Rupert craze actually began in 1920. When the common British newspaper, "The Daily Express", realized that to actually compete with rival newspapers they would need a children's comic. The owner of the paper, Lord Beaverbrook consulted one of his chief editors, R.D. Blumenfield, about this issue. Blumenfield was having a difficult time devising an appropriate character that would be entertaining for the children yet proper enough to please their parents. One day Blumenfield approached another one of the newspaper's prominent editors, Henry Toutel about his dilemma. Toutel informed Blumenfield that his wife was a relatively well-known cartoonist and children's book writer. Henry told his wife, Mary, about the cartoon project. She was able to create the ideal character for the cartoon, so the "Daily Express" offered her the job of creating the comic. Mary excitedly accepted the offer. The first Rupert comic, titled "The Adventures of a Little, Lost Bear" premiered on November 8, 1920. The cartoon consisted of two drawings with a brief caption beneath them. Mary continued to be the sole creator of the cartoon until 1935, when her eyesight began to fail. At that point Alfred Bestall was appointed as Mary's substitute. His term was to be six weeks, but he crafted the cartoon so excellently, that he was given a permanent position. In 1936 the first of an ongoing annual collection of "The Adventures of a Little, Lost Bear" was published in book form. Bestall continued his role as comic artist and writer until his retirement in 1965, thirty years after he took the temporary job. After Bestall's retirement several other local artists replaced him. Even today Rupert's cartoon is being published daily in the "Daily Express". In 1991, an animated series based on the Rupert, the lead character in "The Adventures of a Little, Lost Bear" was released. The television series had slight variations from the comic, and the series was called "The Adventures of Rupert the Bear" was created. This series focused on the life and trials of young bear named, Rupert. Rupert lived in a magical village with his friends and family. Every episode featured one of Rupert's whimsical adventures. The series was a huge hit in Britain because it was much like the comic, except now Rupert was able to reach a wider audience by way of television. Later, Rupert was shown in the United States on Nickelodeon. The series ceased production in 1997, and is no longer aired in the United States, but it is still very popular in England. Rupert and his friends are positive role models for children, so I am certain that they will continue to reach large audiences through television.

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Rupert cartoon characters

Rupert Bear

Mr. Bear

Mrs. Bear

Bill Badger

Podgy Pig

Algy Pug

Pong Ping


Tiger Lily

Sage of Um




Mr. Ribbons

Cedric Pig

Constable Growler

KTimid Snowman

Mr. Chimp


Rupert episode guide

1 Rupert and Pong Ping
2 Rupert and the Sage of Um
3 Rupert and Algy's Misadventure
4 Rupert and the Purple Cakes
5 Rupert and Bill in Gameland
6 Rupert and the Little Yum
7 Rupert and the Knight
8 Rupert and the Crocodiles
9 Rupert and Raggedy
10 Rupert's Undersea Adventure
11 Rupert and the Twilight Fan
12 Rupert and Billy Blizzard
13 Rupert and the Pirates
14 Rupert and the Tumple Ruins
15 Rupert and the Missing Snow
16 Rupert and the Leprechauns
17 Rupert in Timeland
18 Rupert and the Tiger's Eye
19 Rupert and the BIGsmall Machine
20 Rupert and Uncle Grizzly
21 Rupert and the Fiddle
22 Rupert and Nessie
23 Rupert and the Ghost
24 Rupert and the Lamp
25 Rupert and the Firebird
26 Rupert and the Mulp Gulper
27 Rupert and Ginger
28 Rupert and Growler
29 Rupert and the Dragon Race
30 Rupert and the Hedgehog
31 Rupert and the Ottoline
32 Rupert and the Cloud Pirates
33 Rupert and the Nile
34 Rupert and the Lost Memory
35 Rupert and the Sea Serpent
36 Rupert and the Bell
37 Rupert and the Carousel
38 Rupert and the April Fool
39 Rupert and the Clock Cuckoo
40 Rupert and the Giant
41 Rupert and the Missing Wool
42 Rupert and the Marsh Mystery
43 Rupert and Archie
44 Rupert in Toyland
45 Rupert in Dreamland
46 Rupert's Roman Adventure
47 Rupert in Mirrorland
48 Rupert and the Crystal Kingdom
49 Rupert and the UFO
50 Rupert and the Mystery Isle
51 Rupert and Mum's Adventure
52 Rupert's Christmas Adventure
53 Rupert and Jolly Roger
54 Rupert and the Great Mephisto
55 Rupert and the Little Bear
56 Rupert and the Paper Folders
57 Rupert and the Crystal Ball
58 Rupert and the Sun Bandit
59 Rupert and the Song Snatcher
60 Rupert and Queen Bess
61 Rupert and the Water Works
62 Rupert and the Deep Freeze
63 Rupert and the Chalk Drawing
64 Rupert and the Dragon Festival
65 Rupert and the Whizz Watch

Rupert lyrics

There's a little bear
Like you've never seen before
Who's a lot of fun
Children everywhere
Grow to love him more and more
He's the number one
There's a million stories to be told
Of the things that he's done
And he's gonna share them all with you
So come along


Oh Rupert, Rupert the Bear
Everyone sing his name
Rupert, Rupert the Bear
Everyone come and join
In all of his games
There is Badger Bill
Lily Tiger-Lily too
And a whole lot more
They are Rupert's friends
And they're waiting here for you
So unlock the door
There's a magic land not far away
And they call it Nutwood
Where you'll meet a little teddy bear
If you are good


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