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Ergo Proxy cartoon information

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Title: Ergo Proxy
Start - end: 2006 - 2006
Studio: Manglobe
Official site:  Ergo Proxy official site

Ergo Proxy show information

Humans and androids called Autoreivs live together in a Utopian society devoid of emotion, within a giant domed city known as Romdo. A mysterious virus called Cogito, which infects the Autoreiv inhabitants, causes them to exhibit emotions and personalities, which wreaks havoc on the idyllic and peaceful society. Police inspectors Re-l Mayer and Vincent Law are called in to investigate a series of killings, which leads them to an encounter with a monstrous creature called Proxy.

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Ergo Proxy cartoon characters

Main characters

Vincent Law
Voiced by: Kōji Yusa (Japanese), Liam O'Brien (English)

An immigrant from Mosko working for Romdo's AutoReiv Control Division (オートレイブ処理課?) within the Temporary Immigrant Sector FG (暫定移民区域FG?), set up to hunt and dispose of infected AutoReivs. In the first few episodes, Vincent's eyes often appear closed, though once they are opened, are a bright shade of green. He is originally driven to become a Model Citizen, but ultimately fails to suppress the burden of his traumatic past and flees from Romdo. He has a romantic interest in Re-l Mayer.

Re-l Mayer
Voiced by: Rie Saitō (Japanese), Megan Hollingshead (English)

Embodiment of the no-nonsense personality, 19-year old (as shown on her profile shown in episode 7) Inspector Re-l Mayer of the Citizen Intelligence Bureau (市民情報局, Shimin Jōhōkyoku?) is in charge of investigating a series of brutal murders apparently committed by AutoReivs infected with the Cogito Virus. She is also the granddaughter of Donov Mayer, the Regent of Romdo. Given her privileged status, she demands respect from those around her (she addresses Vincent as "o-mae"). Re-l eventually accompanies Vincent on his journey in order to learn more about the mysterious Proxies. Re-l's signature appearance consists of black clothes, black hair and a liberal amount of blue eye-shadow. She eventually gains romantic feelings for Vincent.

Voiced by: Akiko Yajima (Japanese), Rachel Hirschfeld (voice actress) (English)

An infected Companion Type AutoReiv with the mind of a child. Pino was originally owned by Raul Creed and his wife, Samantha, whom Pino served as a surrogate child. She was scheduled for decommissioning after the Creeds were granted a real baby daughter by the government, but the untimely deaths of Samantha and their baby daughter at the hands of Monad Proxy leaves Pino infected with the Cogito Virus. She becomes very attached to Vincent early in the series and accompanies him on his journey. Pino possesses long purple hair, green eyes, a child-like physique and often wears a pink rabbit costume. She is commonly seen playing a melodica.

Recurring characters
Voiced by: Kiyomitsu Mizuuchi (Japanese), Travis Willingham (English)

An Entourage AutoReiv belonging to Re-l Mayer, Iggy contracted the Cogito Virus and grew to become enraged at Re-l's lack of regard for him. He despises Proxies and blames Vincent for taking Re-l - his sole Raison d'?tre - away from him. He develops an unusual state of both loving and hating Re-l, and locks her up to "protect" her, while he attempts to kill Vincent. However, an AutoReiv belonging to a Proxy Re-l killed attempts to kill Re-l at the same time, causing Iggy to return to Re-l. The AutoReiv goes into a self-detonation mode and destroyed much of Iggy except for part of his head (which left Iggy "conscious" to some extent). In the end, not wanting to see Iggy suffer due to the virus, Re-l shoots him and buries his head.

Raul Creed
Voiced by: Hikaru Hanada (Japanese), Patrick Seitz (English)

The newly appointed Director-General of the Citizen Security Bureau (市民警備局, Shimin Keibikyoku?), who reports directly to the Regent. He and his wife took Pino as a surrogate child prior to the beginning of the series. Initially loyal to the system, he comes to despise the ruling order responsible for the city's slow decay and lashes out destructively. His mentality also slowly degenerates, as he frequently has hallucinations of a smirking Vincent Law close by. He is quite skilled and accurate with a pistol (as shown in the beginning scenes of episode 17). He eventually ends up wounded (Due to being somehow stabbed by the fake Re-l Mayer, this is shown when her hands are covered in blood while she is washing her hands in the sink). He then goes in search for Pino, his only surviving loved one, but dies in his search, knocked over by an infected AutoReiv onto a shard of glass and impaled. He dies from his wounds but is found by Kristeva.

Voiced by: Hōko Kuwashima (Japanese), Kirsten Potter (English)

Raul Creed's Entourage AutoReiv, Kristeva carries out her duties to Raul loyally. She later takes up the role of being Pino's guardian, per Raul's request.

Daedalus Yumeno
Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi (Japanese), Yuri Lowenthal (English)

Chief physician leading the Proxy Research Team, Director of the Division of Health and Welfare (厚生局, Kōseikyoku?), and Re-l Mayer's personal physician. Daedalus displays a strange obsession in Re-l Mayer. He has two Entourages, Deleuze and Guattari. In the final episodes, Daedalus has been revealed to have created a fake Re-l as a replacement and gives her wings. It is unclear whether the fake is an AutoReiv or a clone created in the WombSys. He also has shown that he is cracked mentally and that he no longer cares what happens to the world. The fake Re-l is taken over by Monad, and leaves. Daedalus, concluding that Re-l has always left him behind, is crushed by falling rubble. He survives long enough to witness his clone Re-l be incinerated by sunlight and dies. (Another possibility behind the fake Re-l is that she may have been a part of Project ADW and was created using Monad's Amrita cells. This could have led to a rebirth or cloning of Monad similar to Proxy One's creation of Vincent Law.)

Ergo Proxy episode guide

Pilot Sealed with a Kick
1 Esteemsters
2 The Invitation
3 College Bored
4 Cafe Disaffecto
5 Malled
6 This Year's Model
7 The Lab Brat
8 Pinch Sitter
9 Too Cute
10 The Big House
11 Road Worrier
12 The Teachings of Don Jake
13 The Misery Chick
14 Arts 'n' Crass
15 The Daria Hunter
16 Quinn the Brain
17 I Don't
18 That Was Then, This is Dumb
19 Monster
20 The New Kid
21 Gifted
22 Ill
23 Fair Enough
24 See Jane Run
25 Pierce Me
26 Write Where It Hurts
27 Daria!
28 Through a Lens Darkly
29 The Old and the Beautiful
30 Depth Takes a Holiday
31 Daria Dance Party
32 The Lost Girls
33 It Happened One Nut
34 Lane Miserables
35 Jake of Hearts
36 Speedtrapped
37 The Lawndale File
38 Just Add Water
39 Jane's Addition
40 Partners in Complaint
41 Antisocial Climbers
42 A Tree Grows in Lawndale
43 Murder, She Snored
44 The 'F' Word
45 I Loathe a Parade
46 Of Human Bonding
47 Psycho Therapy
48 Mart of Darkness
49 Legends of the Mall
50 Groped by an Angel
51 Fire!
52 Dye! Dye! My Darling!
TV Movie Is It Fall Yet?
53 Fizz Ed
54 Sappy Anniversary
55 Fat Like Me
56 Camp Fear
57 The Story of D
58 Lucky Strike
59 Art Burn
60 One J at a Time
61 Life in the Past Lane
62 Aunt Nauseum
63 Prize Fighters
64 My Night at Daria's
65 Boxing Daria
Special Look Back In Annoyance
TV Movie Is It College Yet?

Ergo Proxy lyrics

You complete my fate
The world unwinds inside of me
You complete my fate
The halo crawls away
You repeat my fate
Rewinding all we can
You refill my place
You refill my place, place

Come and save me
Come and save me
Come and save me
Come and save me
Come and save me

You complete my fate
The heavens stroll inside of me
You repeat my fate
Revealing who we are
You refill my place
You refill my place, place

Come and save me
Come and save me
Come and save me
Come for me and take out my heart and take my breath away
Come and save me
Come for me and take out my heart and take my breath away
Come and save me

Believe in me and
Drink the wine and
Take my hand and
Fill me up

Believe in me and
Drink the wine and
Take my hand and
Let me follow

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