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Elemental Gelade cartoon information

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Title: Elemental Gelade
Start - end: 2005 - 2005
Studio: XEBEC
Official site:  Elemental Gelade official site

Elemental Gelade show information

After searching the cargo-hold on his ship, Cou, a young rookie sky pirate, finds Ren, a female member of a species known as an 'Edel Raid'. It turns out that she is highly desired by the Edel Raid Complete Protection Agency 'Arc Aile' well as others. Cou is ordered by his captain to protect Ren and, inevitably, love blooms between the two.

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Elemental Gelade cartoon characters

Coud Van Giruet
Voiced by: Akira Ishida (Japanese), Kristian Ayre (English), Naozumi Takahashi (drama CD), Choi Won Hyeong (Korea)
Coud Van Giruet, better known as Coud, is a young member of the Red Lynx sky pirates. He finds Reverie Metherlence in a coffin that was picked up as loot in a raid. He reacts and becomes her Pledger, someone who bonds with a Edel Raid and he promises her that he will be the one to escort her to Edel Garden. He soon realizes he has deep feelings for Ren.

Gelade Techniques
Euros Loop
Notus Chord
Reject Out
Zephyrus Art

Reverie Metherlence
Voiced by: Mikako Takahashi (Japanese), Brenna O'Brien (English), Houko Kuwashima (drama CD), Rhee Hyeon Jin (Korea)
Reverie Metherlence, better known as Ren, is an Edel Raid and direct descendant of the Metherlence bloodline. She is also one of the Seven Glittering Jewels (or Shichiko-hoju), an Edel Raid line said to be the strongest. She recharges her powers by sleeping, which happens fairly often. As the story progresses, she realizes that she has developed feelings for Coud. Her elemental gelade is on her hair above her forehead. Her elemental power is wind, which she best uses defensively. Her weapon form is a giant sword on Coud's right arm.

Voiced by: Nana Mizuki (Japanese), Alexandra Carter (English), Ikue Otani (drama CD), Jeong Mi Sook (Korea)
Cisqua is the energetic and upbeat leader of one of Arc Aile's Edel Raid Complete Protection Association squads consisting of Rowen and Kuea. She is honest and passionate about her work, but only because of her desire to be promoted and her love for money. Cisqua is modeled from a character the creator drew in middle and high school and B.B. Hood from the Darkstalkers series.
Cisqua is not an Edel Raid Pledger, but she is well versed in martial arts and gunmanship. Despite having a small frame, she's physically strong and capable on taking down well trained Pledgers such as the Edel Raid Hunter, Wolx Hound. Underneath her robes and hat, she keeps an arsenal of firearms, missiles, knives, and other weapons she uses to fulfill her missions. Cisqua's gun can be adjusted to become a launcher, shotgun, or machine gun.

Voiced by: Yuji Ueda (Japanese), Philip Pacaud (English), Shoutarou Morikubo (drama CD)
Rowen is a guardian of Arc Aile, and is occasionally tasked to assist with his senior in rank, Cisqua. He is a young blond-haired man that tends to dislike conflict. In contrast to the impulsive and somewhat outrageous Cisqua, Rowen is logical, polite, and considerate of others.
Rowen is very intelligent and seems to be well skilled in multiple areas, making it seem as if he was perfect. Whether it is cooking or fighting he seems to excel at it. However Rowen claims to not be entirely perfect and have weaknesses as well. He is an excellent cook as well, an ability that the other members appreciate. Rowen is also the only member who is consistently doing jobs to meet ends with the party's expenses.

Gelade Techniques
Vice Lit
Three of Hearts

Kuea / Kullweet Envatilia
Voiced by: Naoko Suzuki (Japanese), France Perras (English), Akemi Okamura (drama CD)
Kuea, whose real name is Kullweet Envatilia, is a first class Edel Raid from Arc Aile and is Rowen's partner. Her garnet red elemental gelade are on the back of both her hands which she covers with arm length gloves. Out of the five main characters, Kuea wears the most revealing clothes, however the creator modeled her character from an old male character she once drew in the past.When Kuea gets hungry - which seems to be often - she can't react, so she eats enormous amounts of food at a time. It is an ongoing gag that she'll eat anything and anyone and she nibbles on Cisqua when she is extremely hungry, her hunger-induced stupor leading her to view Cisqua's head as an apple and in episode 4, she gnaws on Rowen's head, which he ignores and normaly greets Coud.
Kuea loves to battle and often jumps into fights hastily. When reacted, she increases Rowen's fighting speed. She takes the weapon form of double blades that Rowen wields on each hand and six chained sickles on his back which can detach and attack opponents from a distance. Her attacks are designed for piercing over slicing. Kuea and Rowen can perform an Obligath, a song that is performed by both as one performing a very powerful attack.

Elemental Gelade episode guide

1 The Song of the Sky and Wind
2 The Fateful React
3 Betrayal and Confusion
4 Elemental Gelade of Light and Darkness
5 The Teardrop From That Day
6 Eyeing the Pleasure
7 Determination
8 The Edel Hunter
9 The Secret of Razfe Ankle
10 Love and Greed
11 Revenge of the Krasfighter
12 Rush For Freedom
13 Arc Aile
14 Edel Raid Hunter Reappears
15 The Windmill Village "El Blanca"
16 Memory of a Wildbird
17 The Rocky Fateful Encounter
18 Fictitious React
19 Unspoken Thoughts
20 Viro
21 The Truth Unfolds
22 The Buried Legend
23 Promise
24 Edel Garden
25 Chaos Choir
26 The Song of the Heavens and Tomorrow

Elemental Gelade lyrics

Like the wind, the melody that overflows in my rustling heart
Vividly invites me to the tomorrow that is still unseen
If we go spin the future with thoughts that each and everyone of us sketch
Then can we grasp onto the ?someday? that smiles in miracles?

I feel ?I need you.?
?I just miss you in my life.
Don?t leave me
Aah, let?s go with my hands together
To the place where the opened future sparkles

Oh heart, go fly
Turn sadness and pain into kindness
Don?t get lost on my way
Oh the moment when we met, now surpass time and shine together with you
C?mon, eternally

The vow dissolves fleetingly and echoes in the dreary night
The destiny of stars that pass by pounds on my chest
We who overlapped our heartbeats by the side of the boundless sky
What is there at the edge of tears that were held back?

I will never leave you.
I want to promise you!!
Don?t forget
Aah, I?ll hold close the courage to take a step forward
That you taught me and dash out

If our bond is tied
Then don?t lose the power to protect
Irreplaceable things but embrace it
At the moment when I know my weakness I?ll go and become strong again
That?s right, eternally

I feel ?I need you.?
?I just miss you in my life.
Don?t leave me
Aah, let?s go with my hands together
To the place where the opened future sparkles

Oh heart, go fly
If we share the fragile love
While it is still spilling, it?s Heaven
While we are perplexed at times, let?s keep sketching our endless dream
C?mon, eternally

Oh heart, go fly
Turn sadness and pain into kindness
Don?t get lost on my way
Oh the moment when we met, now surpass time and shine together with you
C?mon, eternally

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