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Erky Perky cartoon information

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Title: Erky Perky
Start - end: 2006 - 0
Studio: Ambience Entertainment
Official site:  Erky Perky official site

Erky Perky show information

Erky Perky is a Canadian kids cartoon on YTV rendered in 3D about two bickering, dimwitted insects, Erky and Perky. The two lived at a hot dog stand, were accidentally taken to a house. Now, along with new friends, they work to conquer the kitchen fridge!

Erky Perky cartoon pictures

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Erky Perky cartoon videos

Erky Perky cartoon characters



Mad' Margaret

'sidekick' Cecil


Margaret's niece, Sajuica

childish Stinks


Moldy van Oldy

and some other bugs

Erky Perky episode guide

1 Where Are We?
2 A Toast to Erky
3 Flights of Fancy
4 Webb of Death
5 Burst My Bubble
6 Sticky Situations
7 Sucked In
8 Tongue Tied
9 Got Ya!
10 Perky the Brave
11 She Loves Me Not
12 Cereal Thriller
13 Ghostly Goodies
14 All That Cheese
15 She Loves Me Not
16 Erky's Birthday
17 Little Erky
18 Go Team!
19 Key to Kitchen
20 Cold Snap
21 The Good Old Days
22 Double Dare
23 Stinks Sinks
24 Make Me Laugh
25 The Intruder
26 Return to Sender
27 Season 2 TBA

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