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Title: Fighting Foodons
Start - end: 2002 - 2003
Studio: Production I.G
Official site:  Fighting Foodons official site

Fighting Foodons show information

In the land of Fighting Foodons, regular recipes turn in to meal monsters when the art of culinary combat is concocted. It's all friendly competition, that is, until evil becomes the special of the day. King Gorge and his Gluttons have cooked up a devious plan to rule the world and they sprinkled an extra dash of destruction. By kidnapping all the world's greatest Foodon chefs, they've truly set the table for destruction. But wait! There's one boy by the name of Chase, a young apprentice chef with an appetite for action, who thinks he has what it takes to become an Elite Master Chef like his father, Chef Jack. Chase believes that he himself and his friends, family, and Foodons can change the world one at a time, even if it involves going into battle against the Glutton Gormandizers, Gorge's Big 4, and not to mention King Gorge's female cat-like servant, Clawdia and soon a final showdown with King Gorge. Remember
Depending On The Spice You Add, Your Foodon Could Be Good Or Bad.

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Fighting Foodons cartoon characters

Chase: A 10-Year Old, Impatient Chef In-Training From Yokohama And The Son Of Chef Jack And The Brother To Kayla. He Trains Under The Supervision Of Oslo And Is Dedicated To Creating More And More Powerful Foodons As He Reaches His Goal To Become A Master Chef!FOODONS: FRIED RICER< HOT DOGGONE-IT< FRUIT TURTLE< BURNT MEATBALLS

Fried Ricer: He Is Chase's Main Menu With The Pan [Or 2]. He Becomes Super Fried When Fruit Turtle Or Feastivus Is Activated.
Hot Doggone-It: Chase's Hot Dog Foodon. With His Ketchup And Mustard Six-Shooters, This Gun-Fighting Frank Is Always Quick On The Draw. He Was Created On The S.S. Foodfight.
Burnt Meatballs: Chase's First Attempt At Making A Foodon. They're Pretty Useless Unless If There's A HOT Situation.
Fruit Turtle: This 5-Star Foodon Is A Turtle With A Palm Tree, Pineapples, Coconuts, Apples, And Other Fruits On It's Shell. It Was Created By King Hungry The Ate Who Gave It To Chase. The Effects Of It's Power Gives Fried Ricer The Ability To Evolve Into Super Fried Ricer.
Dim-Sumthin' Special: See: Team Dim-Sumthin' Special
Shrimp Daddy: This Deep-Fried Shrimp Foodon Was Created By Davy Gravy Who Later Had It Go With Chase.
Feastivus: This Deluxe Foodon Looks Like A Fire-Breathing Dragon With A Picture Of A Dumpling, A Dim-Sum, A Star, And A Deep-Fried Shrimp On It's Frill. Dim-Sumthin' Special, Sir Dumpling, Shrimp Daddy, And The Burnt Meatballs Make Up Feastivus. He Was Created After Fruit Turtle's Death After Fruit Turtle Defeated Dim-Sum Deluxe. The Effects Of It's Power Gives Fried Ricer The Ability To Evolve Into Super Fried Ricer.
Palator: The Foodon Embodiment Of Good. Chase, Fried Ricer, Sir Dumpling, Shrimp Daddy, Dim-Sumthin' Special, And The Burnt Meatballs Merge To Form Palator. He Attacks With His Sword And The Fireballs Of Good And Defends With His Shield.

Kayla: Chase's 8-Year Old Little Sister And Chef Jack's Daughter. She And Coco Are Constantly Competing For Chase's Attention And Is Normally Guarding The M.A.C. [Mobile Attack Cuisine] Cart!FOODONS OMLETTE

Omelet: Despite Its Cute Appearence It Was Made From A Fluffy Omelet, Which Always Stays With Kayla.

Oslo: The King Of Food And The Grub Guru; King Gorge (His Former Student) Put A Spell On Him To Age Him And Dissolve His Divine Powers. Then Chase Saved Oslo From Beefsteak. In Return He Gave Chase A Magical Meal Ticket. His Advice And Magical Powers Will Help Him Become A Master Chef And Battle King Gorge.

Pie- Tin: A 6-Year Old Boy From The Land Of Horai Whose Parents Were Kidnapped By King Gorge's Hordes. Pie Tin Accompanies Chase To Find Them! FOODONS: SIR DUMPLING

Sir Dumpling: He's Pie Tin's Foodon. Don't Be Fooled By His Polite Manor. He's A Karate Dude.

Chef Jack/Chef John: Chase And Kayla's Father Has Trained With The Grub Guru (Oslo). He's A World-Classed Chef Whose Mastered All Cuisines. He's Also The Leader Of The Rebel Chefs! He Took On The Form Of Chef John, The Rebel Chef Trainer And A Hot Pepper Agent Who's Usually Ending Up Wherever Chase Is But Actually This Is Just An Alias He Uses. His Mask Broke During The Battle Against Rose Marinade's Dim-Sum Foodons And Revealing That He's Chef Jack. FOODONS: TOFURIOS, SHARK-FIN SOUP

Tofurios: Chef Jack's Tough Tofu Foodon Is Easily Annoyed. He Fights Back With A Barrage Of Black-Belt Abuse.
Shark-Fin Soup: A Swimming, Shark Soup Foodon Created By Chef John.

Albert: They First Meet Albert At A Foodon Tournament. He's A Cocky Kid Who Joins Chase And Friends, He's Also An Expert Chef who worships Chef Jack!FOODONS: COWBOYRITTO< SPAGHETTABOUTIT< CRAB QUAKE

Cow Boyritto: Albert's Burrito Foodon Armed With A Lasso That Could Bring Enemies Into Submission.
Crab Quake: Albert's Crab Cake Foodon That Attacks With It's Crustacean Cannons.
Spaghettaboutit: Albert's Spaghetti Foodon You Can't Refuse. This Pasta Paisan Uses His Linguini Lasso To Rub Out Wiseguys Worldwide. Think You Can Beat Him? Spaghettaboutit!

Coco: A Student Of Chef John And A Worthy Opponent. She Has A Secret Crush On Chase After He Saved Her Life From Jerk Chicken And Helped Her Complete Her Curry! She's Competing With Kayla For Chase's Attention. Foodons:HAM SCAM-WITCH< TATER-TONS< DOUGHNUT-SO

Doughnut-So: Coco's Doughnut Foodon. It Attacks With It's Glaze Breath.
Ham Scam-Witch: Coco's Ham Sandwich Foodon With The Ability To Make Male Foodons Fall In Love With Her In Order To Throw Them Off Guard.
Tater-Tons: Coco's Overgrown Foodon Made Up Of 3 Tater Tots.


Evil Chefs and Foodons

King Gorge: Former Student Of Oslo. He Rules An Evil Empire With His Loyal Subjects, The Gluttons. He And His Gluttons Use Bad Ingredients And Evil Recipes To Cook Up Monstrous, Powerful Foodons. He's Also Capable Of Casting Magical Spells On Other Chefs So They Too Will Serve His Powerful And Evil Empire.

Fowligator: This Fire-Breathing Chicken Foodon Was One Of The First Monstrous Foodons Created By King Gorge When He Used It To Overthrow Oslo. It Has An Alligator Head And A Bird Body With A Bird's Face On It.
Sir Loin: King Gorge Gave This Sirloin Steak Foodon To Clawdia To Prevent Chase For Reaching Him. He Can Turn His Head Upside Down To Deflect Projectile Attacks With His Tray Neck And Shoot Lasers From His Horns.
Steak King: King Gorge Also Gave This Steak Foodon To Clawdia To Prevent Chase From Reaching Him. He Is More Powerful Than Sir Loin And Possibly Any Other Steak Foodon.
Multiprawns: King Gorge's Prawn Foodons Rained From The Sky During His Ultimate Plot.
Screwdles: King Gorge's Noodle Foodons Also Rained From The Sky.
Flying Flapjacks: King Gorge's Pancake Foodons Also Rained From The Sky. They Throw Their Explosive Forks As Their Attacks.
Seafood Impastas: King Gorge's Seafood Pasta Foodons Also Rained From The Sky.
Sushi Ship: King Gorge's Sushi Foodon. It Shoots Lasers From It's Hands. Both Were Destroyed By Super Fried Ricer And Feastivus.
Snack Attack: King Gorge's Snacks Foodon. It Shoots Laser From It's Hands Just Like Sushi Ship. Both Were Destroyed By Super Fried Ricer And Feastivus.
Devouron: The Foodon Embodiment Of Evil. King Gorge Uses The Power Of The Dark Nebula To Become Devouron. It Attacks With It's Dark Lasers And The Fire Balls Of Evil.

Clawdia: Part Girl, Part Cat. She Is Loyal To King Gorge. She'll Stop At Nothing To Prevent Chase And Friends From Reaching Master Chef Status. She Is Actually A Young Girl Named Dia (And Famous Rocket Scientist) Under One Of King Gorge's spells. After failing King Gorge many times [Especially When Steak King Was Defeated], King Gorge Zapped Clawdia. However, Chase Healed Her With The Fried Rice And Clawdia Turned Back Into Dia, Who Helped Chase And Pie-Tin Who Boarded The Eggplanet Eggplorer Into Space Via Reconstructed Butcherbot.

Beefsteak: A Beef Stew Foodon In Which The Ingredients For Making Him Being Rancid Meat, Moldy Potatoes, And Stewed Carrots. One Of Clawdia's Most Powerful Foodons. It Launches Beef Rays Out Of It's Meat Loaf Launcher.
Boulder Broth: Clawdia's Soup Foodon. This Dinosaur-Like Creature Rams Into Things, Swats With His Tail, And Breathes Fire Out Of His Mouth That Clawdia Calls The Boulder Breath.
Sergeant Side-Order: Clawdia's Foodon Sergeant Whose Made Of Mashed Potatoes And Peas. He Uses Military Tactics [Like A Trap].
Noodle-ator: A Noodle In A Tank-Like Body. He Has Extention Arms, Cannons, And Missile Launcher. A Glass Dome Covers The Noodles. One Of Clawdia's Foodons.
Applegator: An Apple Pie Slice Headed Foodon With The Body Of An Alligator. He Makes Waves And Swats Enemies With It's Tail. One Of Clawdia's Foodons.
Chowderheads: A Two-Headed Clam Chowder [One Head Of Manhatten And The Other One Of New England] Foodon Created By Clawdia And Tureen [Who Was Under A Glutton Spell Until Her Grandmother Jambalydia Broke The Spell]. The Heads Always Argue.
Bearafooda: This Foodon Has The Face Of A Chocolate Chip Cookie And The Body Of A Bear. One Of Clawdia's Foodons.
Doughnasour: Clawdia's Sourdough Bread Foodon That Has A Bread Basket For A Mouth, The Body Of A Dinosaur, And The Tip Of The Tail Is A Fan.
Digestor: Clawdia's Onion Foodon. A Glass Dome Covers It's Small Onion Slices. It Has A Highly-Advanced Tank-Like Body With Extention Arms And Heat-Seeking Missiles.
Pasta Vazoomin': Clawdia's Pasta Foodon Is A Sphere-Like Satellite With A Pasta Top And Pasta Tentacles And Camera Lenses That Spy On Enemy Foodons. It Transfers Some Of It's Power To Other Foodons.

Rose Marinade: One of King Gorge's "BIG 4". She Is Easily Upset (Especially At Any Old References) Yet She Is A Great Chinese Foodon Chef And Is In Love With King Gorge. After Chase Defeated Dim-Sum Deluxe, A Vision Of King Gorge Appeared In The Sky And Returned Rose Marinade To Her Previous Form, A Two-Tailed Fox Which Later Returned To Help Dia.

Spring Chicken: A Flying Spring Roll Foodon Created By Rose Marinade Of Gorge's Big 4. Talk About Fowl Play! When Spring Chicken Comes Home To Roost, Every Foodon Flies The Coop.
Dim-Sumthin' Wild: Rose Marinade's Foodon Has A Dim-Sum For A Head And A Red Serpent-Like Dragon Body.
Dim-Sumthin' Blue: Rose Marinade's Foodon Has A Dim-Sum For A Head And A Blue Serpent-Like Dragon Body.
Dim-Sumthin' Else: Rose Marinade's Foodon Has A Dim-Sum For A Head And An Orange Serpent-Like Dragon Body.
Team Dim-Sumthin' Special: Rose Marinade's Foodon Team Of Dim-Sumthin' Specials Each Have A Dim-Sum For A Head And A Green Serpent-Like Dragon Body. Chase And Co. Claimed One Of The Dim-Sumthin' Specials After Rose Marinade's Defeat In Order To Form Feastivus.
Dim-Sum Deluxe: Dim-Sumthin' Wild, Dim-Sumthin' Blue, Dim-Sumthin' Else, And Team Dim-Sumthin' Special Combine Into This Deluxe Foodon.

Grill: Grill Is Another Member Of The "BIG 4" He Is Calm, Quiet, And Classy With A Dangerous Mechanical Eye And A Robotic Form! His Specialty Is Re-Creating Foodons! After Gazmacho, Scarinara, and Gobblebot Blasted And Defeated Him, His Robotic Form Cracked And Burned In Pieces And Out Came A Big Purple Bat With A Mechanical Eye, Which Later Returned To Help Dia.

Tank-N-Cheese: Grill's Macaroni And Cheese Foodon. It Shoots Flames From It's Cannons And Uses It's Macaroni Wrap.
Mouse Special: This Foodon Was Sent By Grill To Help Clawdia Capture The Burnt Meatballs," But It Failed. Mouse Special Is A Master Swordsman And A Good Shapeshifter [Some Of His Human Forms May Show His Tail Or Ears].
Shakin' Bacon [AKA Porkie Pie]: This Pork Foodon Grew From A Baby [Owned By Jambalydia And Was Captured By The Gluttons] To A Mace-Bearing Monster Sent By Grill To Help Capture The Burnt Meatballs. It Turned Good In The End.
Scarinara: This Marinara-Sauced Pasta Is A Robot Who Helped Grill With The Construction Of Butcherbot And Is Armed With A Laser Arm. He Turned Good In During Grill's Defeat.
Gobblebot: This Pasta Foodon Is Also A Robot Foodon Who Also Helped With The Construction Of Butcherbot And Is Also Armed With A Laser Arm. He Also Turned Good During Grill's Defeat.

Cole Slawter: A True Sea Man And One Of The "BIG 4". He Is True To His Word And Honest. He Was Beaten By Chase And Fruit Turtle Returned Him To His Previous Form, A Green Bear Which Later Returned To Help Dia!

Sizzler: Cole Slawter's Seafood Mix Foodon. His Paddle Is Poisonous And The Fireballs He Launches [When He Takes Off The Lid Of His Pan Head] Explode Firework Style.
Octopoison: A Giant Octopus Ball Foodon Created By Clawdia And Cole Slawter. It Shoots Ink And Attacks With It's Tentacles
Squid-Vicious: A Giant Calamari Foodon Created By Clawdia And Cole Slawter. It Attacks With It's Tentacles.

Cinnamonkey: Another One Of King Gorge's "Big 4" Under One Of His Infamous Spells. Besides Now Being A Monkey Beast He Is A Terrific Ethnic Foodon Chef. Later Chase And Fruit Turtle Defeated Shish-Ka-Beast And Fruit Turtle Returns Him Back Into A Normal Green Monkey, Which Later Returned To Help Dia!

Shish-Ka-Beast: Cinnamonkey's Shish-Ka-Bob Foodon With A Lion Head On Top, A Hippo Head In The Middle [With Arms Sticking Out Holding A Rolling Pin And A Shield], And A Pig Head At The Bottom [With Armored Legs Sticking Out].

Glutton Gormadizers: The Main Part Of The Glutton Empire's Army. Usually Assigned To Posts Under The "BIG 4" And Any Mention Of The Name "Glutton" Sends Everyone Running!


Shrimp Stompura: Mussels Marinara's Shrimp Foodon. With Karate Kicks, Lightning-Fast Lasers, And A Super-Strength Seaweed Assault, He Is Never Afraid To Put His Foot Down.
Wing Dings: These Chicken Wing Foodons Work Together In Flocks And They Belong To A Glutton Gormandizer.
Dread-A-Lettuce: These Lettuce Foodons Also Work Together In Groups And They Belong To Another Glutton Gormandizer.
Hash Bombers: These Hash Brown Pattie Foodons Also Work Together In Groups And They Belong To Another Glutton Gormandizer. A Hash Bomber Was First Seen In The Foodon Banditos.

Other Foodons:

Slice: A Ghost Pizza Slice That Haunts The Flambe Forest And Flambe Mansion.
Fry Slinger: One Of Tacquito's Fellow Foodon Bandito Member. He Will Launch His Fry Attack At The Top Of His Hat. He's Got The Fastest Fries In The West.
Frenchy Le Toast: A Ghost French Toast Foodon That Accompanies Slice In The Flambe Forest And Flambe Mansion. To Keep His Afterlife From Getting Stale, He Enjoys Fighting Foodon Battles In A Haunted Forest.
Grease Blobs: These Guys Are Inhabitants Of The Flambe Forest. Fat-N-Greasy Foodons Aren't Very Fast On Their Feet. But When They Drop From The Sky, These Slobs Of Blobs Can Really Do A Job.
Swede Demon: Barb And Cue Own 2 Of These Swedish Meatball Foodons.
Juice Man: Chet's Juice Foodon. He Boxes Mostly, Has Powerful Stomps, And Shoots Citrus Spikes From It's Head.
Curry-Up: Kima's Curry Foodon. There Are Three Of Them That Come Out At Once To Pour Curry Sauce On Things.
Pilaf: Chef Salvador's Pilaf Rice Foodon.
Puddington: E. Claire's Cute Pudding Foodon.
Tropical Punch: Kima's Tropical Punch Foodon. He Hates To Make Waves. But When The Tide Turns Against Him, He Can Really Pack A Punch.
Gravyator: Kima's Gravy Boat Foodon. Good Gravy! Could This Be Fatal? Well One Things For Sure...When Grayator Rocks The Boat, Everyone Takes Their Lumps!
Pound Cake: Chet's Tough Pound Cake Foodon. His Voice Sounds Like Elvis Presley.
Rap Scallion: Chet's Scallion Foodon That Speaks In Rap Language.
Ice Cream: These Foodons Are Servants To The People Of Dusty Town Along With Some Other Foodons.
Sheriff Zuke Squash: This Zucchini Squash Foodon Is The Sheriff Of Dusty Town And Works For Mayor Slim Rations.
Tacquito: A Taco Foodon That Leads A Gang Of Foodon Banditos Outside Dusty Town.
Chili Dog: Besides Tacquito And Fry Slinger, This Chili Dog Foodon Is A Member Of The Foodon Banditos. He's Part Dog, Part Chili Dog.
Jerk-Chicken: A Spicy Chicken Foodon That Lives On An Islet In Molasses Lake On Banana Island Guarding A Supply Of Curry Powder.
Pork Bullies: These Pork Foodons Travel And Attack In Packs. They Cause Trouble To The People Of Hamsterdam.
Slop Suey: The Pork Bullies Merge Together Into This Dangerous Foodon. It Has Powerful Snout Breath And Is The Cause Of Swine Flu.
Burger Brigade: A Team Of 6 All-American Burger Foodons Under The Spell Of King Gorge And Servants To Rose Marinade [Well, 5 Of Them]. They're Usually Dedicated To Fight Against The Glutton Empire [Even After 5 Were Released From The Glutton Spell]. The Names Of The Burger Brigade Members Are Ground Chuck, Jamburger, Cheeseburger, Veggie-Myte, Medium-Rare And Well-Done. After 5 Were Released From The Glutton Spell, They Reunited With Well-Done And Left To Fight Glutton Brutality.
Gazmacho: This Gazpacho Foodon Is A Robotic Citizen And The Head Technician Of Metabolis City. He Is Armed With A Laser Arm.

Fighting Foodons episode guide

1 Rice to Meet You
2 Pie Tin Power
3 Mushroom with a View
4 Ship of Foods
5 We Have a Weiner
6 Avast Ye Gluttons
7 You Wanna Pizza Me
8 Battling Banana Island
9 Hot Pepper Pursuit
10 Boot Camp Buffet
11 El Taco Grande
12 Cinnamonkey's Secret
13 Slaw and Order
14 The Comeback Squid
15 Swine Dining
16 Attack of the Burger Brigade
17 Use Your Noodle
18 Assault and Pepper
19 License to Grill
20 To Catch a Beef
21 Hot n' Spy-cy
22 You Go Grill (1)
23 You Go Grill (2)
24 A Whole Lot at Steak
25 Chase in Space
26 A Dish Better Served Cold

Fighting Foodons lyrics

Here's something incredible

These monsters once were edible

So everybody take a look

At combat creatures you can cook

Fighting Foodons

Fat or lean or in-between

Fighting Foodons

This is really neat cuisine

Pick the right ingredients

To make the food obedient

Depending on the spice you add

Your Foodon could be really bad

Bad, bad, bad!!

Fighting Foodons

Stewed or brewed or even chewed

Fighting Foodons

It's rude food with attitude

Carefully select your recipes

Pizza will attack with gooey cheese

Power up the fried rice with some peas

What will win? Italian or Chinese?

If anything's left over you can freeze

So if you're itchin' for a brawl

Just start a kitchen free-for-all

And when your monster takes a fall

Whip up a little Matzo ball

Fighting Foodons

Stewed or brewed or even chewed

Fighting Foodons

It's rude food with attitude

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