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Knight Hunters Eternity cartoon information

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Title: Knight Hunters Eternity
Start - end: 1999 - 2001
Studio: Studio Deen
Official site:  Knight Hunters Eternity official site

Knight Hunters Eternity show information

Weiss Kreuz Gl?hen consists of the final episodes and last missions of Weiss Kreuz. It is the story of the Knight Hunters assassinating villains, where these missions are set by the Knight Hunters' boss, codenamed Persia.
In Weiss Kreuz Gl?hen there are five Knight Hunters, unlike Weiss Kreuz, where there were only 4.
The new Knight Hunters are Sena Izumi and Kyou Aguri. The regular Knight Hunters consist of Aya/Ran Fujimiya, Ken Hidaka and Yoji Kudou. The previous Knight Hunter Omi Tsukiyomi makes appearance after a few episodes, but uses his birth-given name, Mamoru Takatori and surprises watchers with his new position.

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Knight Hunters Eternity cartoon characters

An assassin group that is under the order of Kritiker ("critic" in German). Kritiker is a secret organization that falls under the Japanese police force.

Aya Fujimiya (藤宮 蘭 ,Fujimiya Ran?)
Codename: Abyssinian
Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese), Paul Juhn (English)
Aya (アヤ ?) is a silent man whose sister is in a mysterious coma. His parents were killed and his sister run over by Reiji Takatori, and thus he joins Wei? seeking only revenge. As a constant reminder of the purpose behind his actions, he takes on his sister's name and wears one of her earrings, which actually were a gift from him to her. Because of his past tragedy and current resolve, he is strongly silent and seems very cold. Although Omi is the official leader of Wei?, Aya wields a great deal of authority over the team during their missions. His real name is Ran Fujimiya.

Omi Tsukiyono (月夜野 臣 ,Tsukiyono Omi?)
Codename: Bombay (Wei? Kreuz), Persia (Wei? Kreuz Gl?hen)
Voiced by: Hiro Yuuki (Japanese), Jamie McGonnigal (English)
Due to his computer skills, Omi (オミ ?) is in charge of gathering information and planning Wei?'s missions. He doesn't remember his life before Kritiker (the underground crime-fighting organization Wei? is commissioned by) at the start of the series, but as the action unfolds he discovers he is in fact Mamoru Takatori, son of Reiji Takatori - head of the Takatori family, who are in some way related to almost all the missions the boys have to take. He has a tough time trying to figure out where his loyalty should lie, but in the end realizes that what he truly desires is to stop the corruption his biological family spreads. Later, in the Dramatic Precious drama CDs, he finds out that he is really Shuichi Takatori's biological son, and this is the reason he assumes the position "Persia" in Gl?hen.

Ken Hidaka (飛鷹 健 ,Hidaka Ken?)
Codename: Siberian
Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki (Japanese), Brian Morey (English)
Ken (ケン ?) was once a talented professional soccer goalie in the J-League, he was forced to quit due to a gambling scandal, despite the fact that he was completely innocent. It turns out his best friend, Koichiro Kase, drugged him so he would throw a game in favor of the gamblers. Ken doesn't know this, however, and is beaten up and left for dead in a burning warehouse when Kase tells him he found the leader of the gambling ring who set Ken up in the first place. Ken doesn't discover Kase's lies, believing him long gone, until he meets Kase some years later, attempting to figure out why his best friend is one of Wei?'s targets. In the end, Kase, who is working very close under a man whom Wei? needs to kill, sets Ken up once more, giving him a false lead and then shooting at Ken himself. When Kase sees him one last time, Ken doesn't grant him any mercy, although he is tormented by his actions afterwards.

Yoji Kudou (工藤 耀爾 ,Kudō Yōji?)
Codename: Balinese
Voiced by: Shinichiro Miki (Japanese), Marc Diraison (English)
Yoji (ヨージ ?) is a ladies' man and a former private detective. We discover by way of some painful flashbacks and explanations on Yoji's part that he once ran a Private Investigator Agency with his first love, a young woman with sunglasses and a distinctive beauty mark named Asuka Murase. Asuka, however, was shot and killed while investigating the members only Liott club, which hides a prostitution ring. He joined Wei? to protect all the other women of the world because he couldn't protect his love and partner, and this explains his insensitive-seeming practice of only accepting missions that have to do with women of legal age.

Persia (ペルシャ ,Perushiya?)
Voiced by: Juurouta Kosugi (Japanese), Christopher Yates (English)
The head officer of the police force by day and head of Kritiker, an underground organization fighting for justice, by night. His real name is Shuichi Takatori and he is brother to Reiji Takatori and Omi's biological father (with Reiji's wife; and that is the reason why Reiji did not pay the ransom for Omi when he was kidnapped). He uses the codename "Marigold" in the Endless Rain drama CD and "King" in the Crashers: Knight and Ran drama CDs.

Manx (マンクス ,Mankusu?)
Voiced by: Mami Horikoshi (Japanese), Sue Gilad (English)
Persia's red-headed secretary, whom Yoji always flirts with but never gets anywhere with. She has feelings for Shuichi Takatori, but does not act on them due to their professional relationship and his remaining love for his brother's late wife. She uses the codename "Erika" in the Dramatic Precious drama CDs.

Birman (バーマン ,Baman?)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue
Along with Manx, Birman serves as a liaison between Wei? and Persia, bringing them their missions and information from Kritiker.

Botan (牡丹 ,Botan?)
Voiced by: Fumihiko Tachiki
A Kritiker agent who assists Birman in guiding Wei?, and takes a particular interest in Aya due to his own personal reasons for joining the organization. He later dies in episode 17 from being shot and was put on fire and thus burning to death.


Aya Fujimiya (藤宮 彩 ,Fujimiya Aya?)
Voiced by: Yui Horie (Japanese), Rachael Lillis (English)
The younger sister of Ran who was run over by the car of Reiji Takatori on her sixteenth birthday. She has been comatose ever since. Despite the fact that she is now eighteen years old, her body has not physically aged at all. As a result, she becomes a target of Schwarz. Aya is commonly referred to as Aya-chan to differentiate her from her older brother.

Sakura Tomoe (巴 さくら ,Tomoe Sakura?)
Voiced by: Hiroko Kasahara (Japanese), Katie Adams (English)
A girl with a striking resemblance to Aya's younger sister. She becomes quite close to Aya, who pushes her away because he fears she will be in danger if she comes to know him, and somewhat because her resemblance to his sister brings him pain. She uses her physical resemblance to Aya's sister in order to protect Aya-chan from Schwarz later on. In the Dramatic Precious drama CDs she eventually goes abroad to study in Paris, France, acknowledging her feelings for Aya have been fading.

Ouka Sakaki (榊 凰花 ,Sakaki Ōka?)
Voiced by: Minato Ayase (Japanese), Alissa Gordon (English)
A frequent patron of the flower shop, Ouka is a privileged schoolgirl who is especially fond of Omi. Unfortunately for both of them, she is also Reiji Takatori's illegitimate daughter, which results in her being caught up in Wei?'s struggles against Schwarz and the Takatori family; the consequences, described in both the anime and the CD dramas, are especially gruesome; in the anime, she is accidentally killed by Schwarz, and in the Dramatic Precious drama CDs it is revealed that her body, along with her older brothers', has been perserved.

Ms. Momoe (百恵さん ,Momoe-san?)
Voiced by: Rachael Lillis
The kindly owner of The House of Kittens, the flower shop where the members of Wei? work. Her lazy white cat always sleeps on her lap, occasionally looking up when interesting things happen in the shop. Generally, however, neither Ms. Momoe nor the cat see any action.


The main enemies in the series are another group of assassins called Schwarz ("Black" in German), all of whom have supernatural powers. Schwarz begrudgingly work as bodyguards for the Takatori family, and this is how they meet Wei?. Later in the series, Schwarz is seen assisting a mysterious group known as "Eszett" (the name of the German alphabetic character ?) in resurrecting their deceased leader. Wei? is to Kritiker what Schwarz is to Eszett.

Brad Crawford (ブラッド・クロフォード ,Buraddo Kurofōdo?)
Voiced by: Ryoutarou Okiayu (Japanese), Michael Tremain (English)
Crawford is the leader of Schwarz. Though Crawford seems to follow commands without so much as a question, he is not someone to be trusted. He is very focused, although what drives him is unknown. Crawford has the ability to see bits and pieces of the future. Because of this, he has shown to be quite difficult to deal with on more than one occasion.

Schuldig (シュルディッヒ ,Shurudihhi?)
Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese), Jeff Swarthout (English)
Both sadistic and masochistic to an extent, Schuldig enjoys messing with people's heads, which is all too easy given his power of telepathy. He claims that people's minds taste like honey; however, he also complains that at times he can't tell which thoughts are his. Schuldig means "guilty" in German.

Nagi Naoe (直江 那岐 ,Naoe Nagi?)
Voiced by: Nozomu Sasaki (Japanese), Chris Fuller (English)
Nagi was shunned as a child by the people around him because of his telekinetic powers, and as a result he is very solemn and embittered towards the world. He joined Schwarz to take revenge on the world for the way he was treated.

Jei Farfarello (ファルファレロ ,Farufurero?)
Voiced by: Ryuusei Nakao (Japanese), Rick Mann (English)
Called demented by most, as his multitude of scars and ability to grin at insane acts of violence toward others and himself makes this accusation seem true. When he learned as a child that his real mother was Ruth, the nun who had been his teacher, Jei snapped and murdered his adoptive parents and sister, then blocked out the memory, developing a vendetta against God and Christians. In the Dramatic Image albums III and IV, he and Schwarz meets a young woman named Sally Schumars while on the run. She is a timid witch who is trying to escape from Rosenkreuz, a group of people with special gifts similar to Schwarz's, and Schwarz has a complicated history with the Rosenkreuz organization. Farfarello and Sally fall in love, one of the main reasons being given is that she makes him feel again. At the end of the fourth Dramatic Image album, he and Sally part from Schwarz with Schwarz's sort of "blessing." Farfarello's name comes from one of the demons in Dante's Inferno.


A group of four female assassins employed and cared for by the scientist Masafumi Takatori. They are fiercely loyal to him and one another. "Schreiend" is the German word for "screaming."

Hell (ヘル ,Heru?)
Voiced by: Masako Katsuki (Japanese), Stacey Williams (voice actress) (English)
She is the leader of Schreient, carrying out her lover's will. She was once a member of the Japanese Self Defense Force. She is normally level-headed, but can be moved to great anger. Hell means "bright" in German, and her real name is Chizuru Aoi.

Sch?n (シェーン ,Shien?)
Voiced by: Miki Itou (Japanese), Shannon Conley (English)
She was once a model, and has more than a healthy appreciation for her own beauty: it is a scratch to the face that angers her the most in one battle. While she seems very self-absorbed, she does not put herself before the rest of Schreient. Sch?n means "beautiful" in German, and her real name is Karen Kitaura.

Neu (ノイ ,Noi?)
Voiced by: Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese), Kaitlin O'Neal (English)
A strike to her face in one battle breaks her visor and reveals to Yoji the eyes of someone he believed dead: his ex-lover and partner, Asuka. The anime never conclusively states whether she is or is not, however, and she seems to have no memory of Yoji. In episode sixteen, she uses the name "Kyoko" when she tries to seduce (and then kill) Yoji. Neu means "new" in German.

Tot (トート ,Toto?)
Voiced by: Yuko Mizutani (Japanese), Rachael Lillis (English)
This seventeen-year-old girl acts much, much younger than she is, talking to her stuffed rabbit and referring to herself in third person, although a definitive reason is never given. It is implied that she was abused by her father, as she says that he was a "very bad man," and that Schreient actually rescued her from him. She is involved in a short, sweet love affair with Schwarz's Nagi before her apparent death at the hands of Farfarello. It is revealed in episode twenty-five that Nagi was able to save her from death, using his telekinetic powers to re-start her stopped heart. Tot means "dead" in German, and her real name is Nanami Kyouno.

The Takatori Family

A family that seems to be involved in all the crimes Wei? deal with.

Reiji Takatori (鷹取 玲司 ,Takatori Reiji?)
Voiced by: Norio Wakamoto (Japanese), Mike Pollock (English)
The head of the family. Once thought to be Omi's father. He killed Aya's parents to cover up the fact that he'd been embezzling from the bank where Aya's father worked, leaving Mr. Fujimiya to take the blame, and ran Aya-chan down with his limousine when she escaped the explosion he had set off in their home to cover his crime.

Hirofumi Takatori (鷹取 弘史 ,Takatori Hirofumi?)
Voiced by: Masaki Aizawa (Japanese), Patrick Lanczki (English)
Reiji's eldest son, the one who reveals to Omi who he truly is. Hirofumi supports Reiji's ambitions and carries favor with potential political allies by doing things like staging hunts where they can chase down and kill human prey. In the flashbacks that Omi has, it is revealed that he was the kinder of Omi's two brothers, but was corrupted by his father.

Masafumi Takatori (鷹取 雅史 ,Takatori Masafumi?)
Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese), Kevin T. Collins (English)
Reiji's second eldest son and the scientist who backs Schreient. Masafumi's goal is to create a chemical formula which will make him immortal and godlike, and to accomplish that goal he performs illegal experiments on unwilling victims. He seems to have a thing for pretty girls and boys, and at the beginning, he will only experiment on young children who are "pretty."

Knight Hunters Eternity episode guide

1. Bait - Sacred Banquet
Lockvogel -贄[にえ]の宴-
2. Running Away - The Awakened Runaway
Fort Laufen -醒めた暴走-
3. Paradise - Heaven is Hell
Paradies - Tengoku wa Jigoku
Paradies -天国は地獄-
4. Betrayal - Execution of Betrayal
Verrat -裏切りの処刑-
5. Fate - Fate of the Hunter
Schicksal -狩人の運命[さだめ]-
6. Girl - The Image of a Girl
Fraulein -面影の少女-
7. Distance Clocks - The Memories Return
Entfuhren -甦る記憶-
8. Raubtier - Howls in the Night
Raubtier -慟哭の夜-
9. Schreient - Hopes
Schreient -それぞれの思い-
10. Brother - Bond of Darkness
Bruder -昏[くら]き絆-
11. Birth - Breaking the Spell
Abkunft -呪縛からの決別-
12. Parting - Why?
Abschied -何故?-
13. Break - Rain of Revenge
Bruch -復讐の雨-
14. Flee - Martial Law
Fliehen -首都戒厳-
15. Duel - Hunters of Revenge
Duell -逆襲の狩人-
16. Shade - A Return to Battle
Schatten -戦いへの回帰-
17. Critic - Pride With No Name
Kritiker -名もなき誇り-
18. Debt - Farfarello
Schuld -ファルファレロ-
19. See - Prelude to Insanity
Sehen -狂想の序曲-
20. Quite - Arrow to Justice
Recht -裁きの矢-
21. Trane - Memories
Trane -思い出の中で-
22. Miteid - Final Reconciliation
Miteid -色あせる時-
23. Screw - Everything For Love
Schraube -愛にすべてを-
24. Ceremony - The portrait which passes each other
Zeremonie -すれ違う肖像-
25. The End of Weiβ
Ende des Weiβ -白き者たちに?-

Knight Hunters Eternity lyrics

Shinkuu no juutan ni nita
kono yo no hana wa mina omote
sono shita ni nagareru yami
kanashimi wa soko kara umare
aa, kokoro sae itsuwatte ikiruno ka
hito wa sadame ni ayatsurareru dake

tada, itoshiki mono dakishime
chiisaki mono mamoru tame
kyou mo dare ka ga sakebu
kono inochi sae mo nagedashi
toki no naka de moetsukiru
sono isshun ni kuchizuke o

yokubou ni yogoreta machi
fukinukeru kaze dake sora e
fuminiji rarete yuku ai
te no hira ni nokotta namida
aa, egao made ubawarete ikiru no ka
dare mo kizutsuki kokoro mo naiteru

ima, hizamazuite inori o kakan nai mono mamoritai
mune ni juuji o kizamu
kono tomerarenai nani ka o
osaerareru tamashii o
tada shinjitai itsu made mo

kumo ga kiete hoshi ga mieru
kaze ga tomari tori ga utau
umi ga hikari sora ni tokeru
yoru ga owari kimi o kanjiru

tada, itoshiki mono dakishime
chiisaki mono mamoru tame
kyou mo dare ka ga sakebu
kono inochi sae mo nagedashi
toki no naka de moetsukiru
sono isshun ni kuchizuke

hizamazuite inori o kakan nai mono mamoritai
mune ni juuji o kizamu
kono tomerarenai nani ka o
osaerareru tamashii o
tada shinjitai itsu made mo

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