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Jacob Two-Two cartoon information

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Title: Jacob Two-Two
Start - end: 2003 - 2006
Studio: Nelvana
Official site:  Jacob Two-Two official site

Jacob Two-Two show information

Based on the celebrated author Mordecai Richler's delightfully irreverent books, Jacob Two-Two is a stylish animated adventure series featuring globetrotting, freewheeling international spies, mysterious neighbors, revolting cafeteria food, treacherous teachers and one very spirited boy. The youngest of five children, Jacob is nicknamed Two-Two because he sometimes has to say things twice just to be heard! Small for his age, Jacob nonetheless has a big heart and a heaping helping of determination, anything from foiling the plots of internal spies to exposing the evil ways of the cafeteria lady. An enduring book-based property, Jacob Two-Two features a beloved underdog's run-ins with the mysterious and often surreal world of adults in a show that is Two good Two be true!
Darkly-styled, Jacob's world is full of odd things. Library ninjas chase after delinquent patrons (fortunately, Jacob has a perfect record.) His teacher is not-so-secretly sweet on his principal and his world is filled with shady and sinister villains lurking in the shadows. Fortunately, Jacob is brighter than the average boy, thanks to excellent reading and logic skills. He also sometimes has the help of Kid Power --- his older brother and sister Noah and Emma.

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Jacob Two-Two: When Jacob was younger, he got his 'Two-Two' nickname because he said everything twice. Now that he's a little older, he doesn't do it all the time, but still frequently falls back into his old habit of repeating himself. He inadvertently causes trouble because he always tells the truth.

Morty (Dad): Jacob's father is the writer of a series of adventure books. He spends his time in his office in the attic working out labyrinthine plots, or checking the hockey scores for his favourite team the Montreal Marvels or most often snoozing on the sofa with the newspaper draped over his face. He also loves jokes and making gentle fun of his children.

Florence (Mom): She is an expert juggler of tasks, happiest when operating at full throttle. Besides keeping her family on the go and organized, she also holds down a full time job. As busy as she is, Jacob's Mom always manages to look very chic and 'pulled together', and breezes through each day with effortless grace.

Daniel: The eldest at 16, Daniel is an aloof and hopelessly cynical teen. A professional rebel permanently garbed in black, he is fully conversant in all the newest bands and music crazes. Daniel doesn't have much time for Jacob, but once in a while, when he's in a good mood, will sit down and give his kid brother a unique 'teen view' of the world.

Marfa: Marfa is a girl suffering through the toughest teen years and frequently takes it out on everyone around her. Preoccupied with her own concerns, she has even less time for Jacob than Daniel does. Convinced that Jacob ruins everything he touches, she doesn't like him going anywhere near her stuff. To Jacob she occupies a rarefied world that he doesn't understand at all... welcome to the mystery of girls!

Emma and Noah: Energetic, athletic, full of daring and theatrical bravado. They have their own secret club Kid Power and spend long hours in their clubhouse in the yard fighting imaginary battles as their alter egos the intrepid Shapiro and the fearless O'Toole. They won't allow Jacob into their 'clubhouse', which just makes him long to get in there all the more! He is constantly doing their bidding in the hope that this time, maybe this time they'll really let him inside.

Buford Orville Gaylord Pugh: An odd little kid with a string of unfortunate names. His lack of anxiety and worries aren't due to a lack of intelligence, they're more due to his basic inability to FOCUS. He is prone to recounting pointless, meandering shaggy dog stories at the drop of a hat. Buford and Jacob are both new kids at school.

X. Barnaby Dinglebat: On the surface he's a mild mannered meter reader for the Montreal Gas Company, but X. Barnaby lets a wide eyed Jacob in on his secret profession: he's really a globetrotting, freewheeling international spy! Barnaby is the only adult Jacob knows who always has time for him and treats him as an equal. Barnaby opens up a whole new world of adventure and possibility to his next door neighbour. He's also got a lot of cool tricks and awesome spycraft to share, along with the usual assortment of weird spy gear and gizmos.

Ren?e Ratelle: Ren?e is that French girl in Jacob's class that he's never gotten along with. When Ren?e shows up in the middle of an investigation, trying to solve the same mystery Jacob and Barnaby are trying to solve, the only rational solution is to join forces. Since Ren?e is a real hothead who doesn't always look before she leaps, it becomes Jacob's role to temper her enthusiasm. Of course neither of them can actually admit to being friends with a member of the opposite sex.

I.M. Greedyguts: Jacob's school principal is a very, very large man. An incorrigible glutton, Greedyguts also suffers from an enduring dislike of children, which causes him to be rather severe with his pupils. He is fond of eating, but his greed also extends to material possessions.

"Perfectly Loathsome" Leo Louse: Leo works as the janitor at the school. When Greedyguts needs dirty work done, or a mess swept under the carpet, Leo is the man for the job. A weaselly man, a miser and mooch, Leo will swipe whatever isn't nailed down. Morty is mysteriously fond of Leo, much to the children's disgust, and whenever Leo drops by he'll fill his pockets with Florence's sandwiches. The two also have a weakly poker game together.

Miss Sour Pickle: Jacob's geography teacher Miss Sour Pickle has a permanent scowl plastered on her face, like she smells something bad. She glories in catching her students not paying attention or talking in class, then giving them snap quizzes on the obscure capitals of equally obscure countries. The only thing Sour Pickle loves to do more than torment Two Two is cheer for her favourite team, the marvelous Montreal Marvels. It's her biggest secret that she simply adores hockey.

Hooded Fang: The professional wrestler with the terrifying mask and bad guy image. His true nature, as Jacob discovers one day, is sweet and gentle. He only acts like a barbarian because it's written in his contract. He's really a big kid at heart, and becomes a great secret pal of Jacob's, occasionally helping out when a mission requires someone really really big.

Miss Sweetie Darlingpie: This absolutely adorable little old lady down the street is constantly roaming about offering everyone she meets delicious baked goods. "Cookie?!" In true Miss Marple style, her innocent frizz-haired facade hides a lethal criminal intellect. It will be revealed late in the cycle that the dotty old dame is actually Barnaby's arch?nemesis Chiller Cheswick!

Sergeant Law and Corporal Order: This duo are the neighbourhood's local bumbling policemen. They can best be described as "bumbling" --- they often chase after Jacob for non-existent crimes and they also personify stereotypes, such as "cops eating donuts."

Jacob Two-Two episode guide

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2 Jacob Two-Two and the Staff Room of Doom
3 Jacob Two-Two and the Purloined Hockey Card
4 Jacob Two-Two and the Conniving Caterer
5 Jacob Two-Two and the Daily Crown
6 Jacob Two-Two and the Mystery of the Malty McGuffin
7 Jacob Two-Two and the Unlickable Cowlick
8 Jacob Two-Two and Scholars for Dollars
9 Jacob Two-Two and the Colossal Candy Challenge
10 Jacob Two-Two and the Big Bagel Bungle
11 Jacob and the Notorious Knit Knapper
12 JacobTwo-Two and the Ghost
13 Jacob Two-Two and the Mouldy Menace
14 Jacob Two-Two and the Doubtful Double Agent
15 Jacob Two-Two's Time Trials
16 Jacob Two Two and the Fantastic Fountain
17 Jacob Two Two and the Furry Felon
18 Jacob Two Two and the Pet Peeve
19 Jacob Two Two and the Potato Power
20 Jacob Two-Two and the Tag Team Tempest
20 Jacob Two- Two and the Priceless Puck
21 Jacob Two-Two and the Fun Fair Fiasco
21 Jacob Two Two and the Broadcast Bungle
22 Jacob Two Two and the Monster Mix-Up
25 Jacob Two Two and the Spellbound Sibling
26 Jacob Two Two and Renee's Rival
27 Jacob Two-Two Times Two
28 Jacob Two-Two and the Vintage Voice Vortex
29 Jacob Two-Two and the Surprise Disguise
30 Jacob Two-Two and the Socks Dimension
31 Jacob Two-Two and the After School Abattoir
32 Jacob Two-Two and the Simian Switcheroo
33 Jacob Two-Two and the Troublesome Twosome
34 Jacob Two-Two and the Pirated Pastry
35 Jacob Two-Two and the Super Special Skates
36 Jacob Two-Two and the Quibbling Siblings
37 Jacob Two-Two and the Dangerous Debut
38 Jacob Two-Two and the Bookworm Brouhaha
39 Jacob Two-Two and the Boogie Beastie
40 Jacob Two-Two and the Crumbling Cookie
41 Jacob Two-Two and the Broadcast Bungle
42 Jacob Two-Two and the Cranial Classroom Caper
43 Jacob Two-Two and the Wicked Glitch
44 Jacob Two-Two and the Big Brain Exchange
45 Jacob Two-Two and the Teacher's Pet
46 Jacob Two-Two and the Valentine's Day Disaster
47 Jacob Two-Two and the Molecular Mayhem
48 Jacob Two-Two and the Puzzling Portable
49 Jacob Two-Two and the Priceless Puck
50 Jacob Two-Two and the Mata Hari Hamster
51 Jacob Two-Two and the Halloween Hullabaloo
52 Jacob Two-Two and the Wooden Nickel Knucklehead

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