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Jay Jay The Jet Plane cartoon information

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Title: Jay Jay The Jet Plane
Start - end: 1998 - 2001
Studio: CGI
Official site:  Jay Jay The Jet Plane official site

Jay Jay The Jet Plane show information

JAY JAY THE JET PLANE, one of the world's most popular, entertaining animated characters, has landed at PBS as a daily preschool television series. Jay Jay and his airplane friends bring stories of fun and adventure, all from their magical home at Tarrytown Airport, "where imagination takes flight!"

Jay Jay The Jet Plane cartoon pictures

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Jay Jay The Jet Plane cartoon videos

Jay Jay The Jet Plane cartoon characters

Jay Jay. Male. 6 years old. Small jet airliner. Mary Kay Bergman made his voice.

Tracy. Female. 6 years old. Small jet airliner. Normal hearing, but understands American Sign Language.

Snuffy. Male. 4 years old. Small propeller monoplane. Is equipped for skywriting

Herky. Male. 5 years old. Helicopter. Has skids instead of wheels and cannot taxi on the ground.

Older plane characters

Big Jake. Male. Adult. Father figure. Cargo carrier. Propeller-driven.

Savannah. Female. Adult. Mother figure. Supersonic airliner. She was made at Savannah in Georgia (USA), hence (in the story) her name.

Oscar. Male. Old adult. Grandfather-like figure. Old biplane.

Ground vehicles

Revvin' Evan. Fire engine.

Tuffy. Towtruck.

Brenda Blue: Woman in bib-and-brace overall and usually wears either red or blue cap. In charge of the airport, and is the mechanic. She does not use the airport's control tower but communicates with the planes by a portable two-way radio from the ground. Played by actress / child psychologist Eve Whittle and Vanessa Stacey in the UK version.

Mrs. Blue: is Brenda Blue's mother who sometimes visits Tarrytown Airport.

Miss Jones: is a deaf librarian at Tarrytown Library who knows American Sign Language.

Easy O'Malley. He founded EZ Airlines and his cousins are Grumpy O'Malley (lives at Dewdrop Farm), Pierre O'Malley (lives in France) and Tex O'Malley (lives in Texas).

There are other human characters who appear from time to time.

Tarrytown Airport is run by a small firm called EZ Airlines.
In Tarrytown is a school called the Michael O'Tarry School.

Breezy: is a Monarch butterfly. One episode shows Jay Jay following Breezy's long autumn migration from Tarrytown to a hibernation site in a mountaintop forest.

Bobby Bee and Billy Bee: are two bees. They first appear in the episode Catch the Buzz where they accidentally get into the electronics of Big Jake and Herky (in that order) causing locomotor ataxia forcing Big Jake and Herky to land until Brenda Blue goes inside them and investigates.

The lightning bugs at Lightning Bug Lake.

Jay Jay The Jet Plane episode guide

1 Spending Time With Big Jake/The New Plane
2 Tracy's Shooting Star/Upsy-Downosis
3 Opposites/Tracy's Sonic Boom
4 Jay Jay's Butterfly Adventure/The Singing Meadow
5 Jay Jay Meets Captain Hightower/Tracy's Snuggly Blanket
6 Fire Engine Evan/Revvin' Evan's Day
7 Catch The Buzz/Grumpy O' Malley
8 The Buddy System/The Great Tarry Town Blackout
9 Wing Wigglin'/Tracy's Tree
10 Jay Jay's Christmas Adventure
11 Missing You/Tippy Toppy Peak
12 Evan Gets His Wings/Snuffy Sees The Big Picture
13 Jay Jay's Dinosaur Hunt/Dough Nutty
14 And That's The Tooth/Big Jake's Team
15 Picture Day/Tracy's Song
16 Hide and Seek/Big Jake's Birthday Surprise
17 Jay Jay and The Stars At Night/Hero Herky
18 Snuffy's First Day at School/Supersonic Jay Jay
19 Super Loop-De-Loop/Jay Jay's Bad Dream
20 Switcharound Day/Snuffy's Missing Friend
21 Tracy's Treasure Hunt/Jay Jay's New Wheels
22 Tuffy The Tiny Tow Truck/Snuffy's Snowman
23 Tuffy's Buried Treasure/Snuffy's Thanksgiving
24 Snuffy and the Colors of Fall/Snuffy's Birthday Surprise
25 A Trip To Skylandia/Brenda's Mother's Day
26 Tuffy's Trip To Pangabula/Tuffy's Adventure In Pangabula
27 The Ice Parade/Snuffy's Seasons
28 The Magic Books/The Counting Game
29 Concert Day At Tarrytown Airport/Snuffy's Favorite Color
30 Tracy's Candy Catastrophe
31 The Mystery of Plants
32 The Mystery of Weather
33 The Mystery of Size and Shape
34 The Mystery of Flight
35 The Mystery of the Five Senses
36 The Mystery of Water
37 The Mystery of Bugs
38 The Mystery of Time
39 The Mystery of Stars and Planets
40 The Mystery of Dinosaurs

Jay Jay The Jet Plane lyrics

The sun is rising high up over Terrytown,
Friends taking off and friends touching down.
That's where you'll find that one-of-a-kind
Jay-Jay, Jay-Jay the Jet Plane.

Never been another little guy like this
So much in love with the sky like this
So buckle-up tight, it's a musical flight
With Jay-Jay, (Jay-Jay) Jay-Jay the Jet Plane.

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