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Legend of Prince Valiant cartoon information

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Title: Legend of Prince Valiant
Start - end: 1991 - 1994
Studio: CBBC
Official site:  Legend of Prince Valiant official site

Legend of Prince Valiant show information

The glory days of Camelot's New Order are retold from the perspective of three young and pure-hearted warriors. Prince Valiant of Thule, Arn the woodsman, and Rowanne the blacksmith's daughter form an unlikely trio of friends. United by their love for and belief in each other, they strive to realize their dream of joining the legendary ranks of the Knights of the Round Table. Many trials and adversaries must be overcome and lessons learned before this dream can be fulfilled. But our heroes have the wisdom of King Arthur and Merlin to guide them, as well as their own bravery, skills, and determination to see them through.

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Prince Valiant (voiced by Robby Benson) ? Exiled prince of Thule. A courageous, noble, kind, and headstrong dreamer who is fiercely loyal to and protective of Camelot and his friends. Can be reckless and egotistical on occasion. Wields the Singing Sword, sister blade to Excalibur, and rides a black horse named Caliburn. Falls in love with Princess Aleta on first sight. The only character to appear in every episode of the series.

Arn (voiced by Michael Horton) ? Insecure but good-hearted wandering peasant. Believes he is unworthy of knighthood due to his illiteracy, social status, and occasional clumsiness. Possesses great tracking and survival skills; rides a brown horse named Crux. Orphaned in a Viking raid, he now considers Valiant and Rowanne his family. Harbors an unrequited love for Rowanne.

Rowanne (voiced by Noelle North) ? Strong-willed "modern" woman. Determined to become the first female Knight of the Round Table; rides a white horse that is never named. Temperamental and stubborn, but a romantic at heart. A highly proficient archer who learned the blacksmithing trade from her father. Loves Valiant for a long time before being courted by Michael of Northland.

Merlin (voiced by Alan Oppenheimer) ? Mysterious royal advisor. Possesses great wisdom and a knowledge of alchemy and other sciences that laymen mistake as magic. An intellectual man who remains in good physical shape despite his age. Traveled the world in his youth, then raised and protected Arthur from infancy. Mentors Arthur and Valiant through direct counsel and cryptic suggestions.

King Arthur (voiced by Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) ? Ruler of Camelot and founder of the New Order. A living legend to his people since the day he freed Excalibur from a stone. Stern and fair, he firmly believes in ruling through peace, truth, and honor rather than warfare. Extremely sensitive to betrayal, especially that of Sir Mordred. Enjoys an affectionate marriage to Guinevere and a lasting friendship with Merlin. Regards Valiant as central to the future of Camelot.

Supporting characters

Sir Gawain (voiced by Tim Curry) ? Egoistical veteran Knight of the Round Table. A mighty warrior who's considered the brawn of the Gawain-Bryant duo. Justifiably renowned and respected, he's one of four knights who survived the legendary Combat of the Thirty. A ladies' man with a short fuse when anyone threatens or insults his king. Trains Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne, forming a particularly close bond with Valiant.

Queen Guinevere (voiced by Samantha Eggar) ? Serene and elegant ruler of Camelot. An intelligent and strong woman who's fully capable of taking the lead in a crisis. In charge of the kingdom's cultural activities and fully supports the New Order. Deeply in love with her husband Arthur, she serves a calming influence on him. Regrets not having children, but sees Valiant and his friends as Camelot's second generation.

Sir Bryant (voiced by James L. Avery, Sr. & Dorian Harewood) ? Stoic and just veteran Knight of the Round Table. A noble, thinking-man's warrior who's considered the brains of the Gawain-Braynt duo. Emigrated from Iberia (where he was a prince) with his wife and son, who were subsequently murdered by highwaymen. Takes his responsibilities as a knight and role model extremely seriously. Trains Valiant, Arn, and Rowanne for knighthood.

Recurring characters

King Williem (voiced by Peter Renaday) ? Valiant's father; King of Thule.

Queen Briana (voiced by Marnie Mosiman) ? Valiant's mother; Queen of Thule. Her name is given in episode "The Dream Come True".

Rolf - (voiced by Dan Gilvezan) Williem's Lord of Arms, early mentor to Valiant.

King Cynan (voiced by Tony Jay) ? Ruthless conqueror of Thule with ambitions to invade Camelot; father of Dylan and Denys.

Cedric (voiced by Brian Cummings) ? Rowanne's father; a blacksmith in Bridgesford. Gave Valiant the Singing Sword.

Elizabeth (voiced by Diane Pershing) ? Rowanne's mother.

Duncan Draconarius (voiced by Neil Ross) ? The corrupt baron who governs Bridgesford. Deposed by Valiant and ventures to Camelot for sanctuary. Opposes the New Order until its ideals cause Arthur to spare his life. Sent to Kengary to pay for a crime he committed against that kingdom. Later becomes its new king. Competed with Arthur for Guinevere's hand in marriage.

Robert Draconarius (voiced by Rob Paulsen) ? Duncan's younger brother, the Sheriff of Bridgesford. Had high hopes of marrying Rowanne. Deposed when his brother lost power.

Sir Mordred (voiced by Simon Templeman) ? Champion of Camelot and an old friend of Arthur's. Believes that might makes right and peace can only be preserved through warfare. Secretly murdered a Viking peace delegation years earlier. Founded the New Dawn with the hopes of dethroning Arthur and ruling Camelot his way.

Lady Morgana (voiced by Patty Duke & Diana Muldaur) ? Arthur's older half-sister, Mordred's early lover, an alchemist. Rival of Merlin.

The Mighty Om (voiced by Clive Revill) ? Merlin's eccentric former pupil and loyal friend.

Sir Kay (voiced by Jameson Parker) - Veteran Knight of the Round Table, later a traitor and murderer of King Hugo.

Dylan - Cynan's treacherous eldest son.

Lord Maldon (voiced by Jeff Bennett) ? Bitter and vindictive son of one of Arthur's old enemies. Supports the New Dawn for his own purposes. A bell-maker who knows the formula for gunpowder (and was severely disfigured in an explosion).

Denys (voiced by Jack Lynch) ? Valiant's squire and surrogate younger brother. Like the prince, he's drawn to Camelot because of a dream and yearns to become a knight. Younger son of Cynan.

Owen(voiced by Michael York) ? Weapons Master of Thule, whose family is slaughtered by Cynan. Disavows his allegiance to Williem and joins the New Dawn.

Aleta (voiced by Paige O'Hara) ? Impetuous and often prideful Princess (later Queen) of the Misty Isles. A competent fighter who steadfastly believes in the ideals of the New Order. Falls in love with Valiant shortly after meeting him.

King Hugo (voiced by John Rhys-Davies) ? Aleta's father; ruler of the Misty Isles. Exiled forty years ago for attempting to dethrone Arthur. A surly man who's disinclined to let go of old grudges. Hugo is murdered by Sir Kay.

Michael (voiced by Wil Wheaton) ? Prince (later King) of Northland who's committed to the New Order. Falls for Rowanne shortly after meeting her; offers to knight her if she stays in Northland as his queen.

Duke of Lionsgate (voiced by David Warner) ? A Duke from Northland, opposed to peace with Camelot. Attempts to exert control over his nephew Michael.

Bosleigh (voiced by Gregg Berger) ? Son of the Duke of Lionsgate; opposed to peace between Northland and Camelot.

Selena (voiced by Teri Garr) ? Sage Advisor of Northland who attempts to manipulate Michael to satisfy her own agenda. Merlin had her banished from their homeland which she openly plays against him.

Allyn (voiced by Stephen Wolf Smith) ? Peasant who's prejudiced against non-native Camelotians. He's enticed by Lord Maldon to join the New Dawn.

Legend of Prince Valiant episode guide

1 The Dream
2 The Journey
3 The Blacksmith's Daughter
4 The Kidnapping
5 The Trust
6 The Finding of Camelot
7 The Gift
8 The Singing Sword
9 The Trust Betrayed
10 The Secret of Perilous Garde
11 The Return
12 The Visitor
13 The Awakening
14 The Guardian
15 The Trap
16 The Turn of the Wheel
17 The Competitor
18 The Road Back
19 The Fist of Iron
20 The Waif
21 The Dawn of Darkness
22 The Battle of Greystone
23 The Reunion
24 The Choice
25 The Triumph
26 The Dream Come True
27 The Lost
28 The Deception
29 The Black Rose
30 The Beggar
31 The Flute
32 The Color of Honor
33 The Lesson Twice Learned
34 Peace on Earth
35 The Cursed
36 The Traitor
37 Empty Justice
38 The Crossbow
39 The Rival
40 The Tree
41 The Princess Aleta
42 The Voyage
43 Mordred's Return
44 The Rescue
45 The Parting
46 The Walls of Tyranny
47 The Jubilee
48 The Treaty
49 The Blackest Poison
50 The Hero
51 The Vision
52 The Shadows of Destiny
53 The Eyes of the Serpent
54 The Spirit of Valor
55 The Aurora
56 The Burning Bridge
57 The Sage
58 The Song of Valor
59 The Ring of Truth
60 A Light in the Dark
61 The Ghost
62 A New Dawn
63 The Death of Arthur
64 The Gathering Storm
65 The Hinge of Fate

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