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Title: Kekkaishi
Start - end: 2006 - 2008
Studio: Sunrise (company)
Official site:  Kekkaishi official site

Kekkaishi show information

14 year-old Sumikawa Yoshimori is the desendant of a monster exterminator, also known as a Kekkaishi. Unfortunately, he is not the only one. Yumikura Tokine, his older, female rival is also related to the Kekkaishi. They battle monsters and demons, protecting their lands and people, all the while vying for the title of rightful heir to the Kekkaishi bloodline.

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Kekkaishi cartoon characters

Sumimura family

Yoshimori Sumimura (墨村良守 ,Sumimura Yoshimori?)

The main character. Yoshimori is a 14-year old middle school boy who is the 22nd kekkaishi of the Sumimura family. In the series, Yoshimori is portrayed as a lazy, stubborn headstrong creature who strives his best to protect his friends and his family. The younger Yoshimori was different from the current Yoshimori, in the fact that he likes to cry a lot more and who heavily dislikes executing his duties as a Kekkaishi. The situation that had brought about the change in Yoshimori was when Tokine was injured by an ayakashi which he could have dispatched, but did not due to his kindness, allowing the ayakashi to become more powerful and escape his barrier. Tokine had moved to protect him, destroying the creature but getting mauled in progress. After the incident, Yoshimori had changed drastically towards his attitude towards being a Kekkaishi. At the beginning of the series, he is often baking cakes and/or other sweets, and seems to be more important to him than his duty as a Kekkaishi. He has dreams to become an expert patissier where he can enjoy making pastry castles. He is often chastised by his grand-father for this hobby.

As a Kekkaishi, Yoshimori cannot be matched by his counterpart, Tokine, in terms of power and speed because of his lack of accuracy and tendency to tumble into a situation without thinking about it beforehand. During the series, observations had been made by Sumimura Shigemori and Sumimura Masamori that Yoshimori has an enormous wellspring of latent abilities in his kekkais. It has also been noted that Yoshimori is able to activate "zekkai" without any particular training beforehand. However, his zekkai could only be powered to its full potential in moments when his emotions overflow their boundaries. Only two occasions had been shown with him using his fully powered zekkai in the current running of the series - once while fighting against Kaguro, and the other while saving his brother Masamori from getting hit by a fatal attack. Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino

Madarao (斑尾 ?)

A white demon dog that has served the Sumimura family since its founding; passed down to them by the founder Hazama Tokimori. Madarao is able to detect ayakashi with his amazing sense of smell, which he often brags is far better than Hakubi’s. However, no matter how fast he locates an ayakashi, Yoshimori could never dispatch them fast enough, a fact Madarao often bemoans. Madarao is around 500 years old, and prior to his existence as a demon, was a wolfdog known as Ginro (銀露 ?), and was at one time friends with Kouya. He wears a 'collar', made of spirit beads and seals strung together with a nenshi, that seals away his true demon form. When not assisting Yoshimori, he resides inside a special stone covered with glyphs, which is humorously located inside a wooden doghouse. When unsealed, Madarao become very large and uses powerful poisons and illusions. Madarao seems to have an unrequited crush on Hazama Tokimori; apparently, the reason he had followed him was because he fell in love with him on first sight. Throughout his service to the Sumimura Family, Madarao had refused to acknowledge anybody as his real master other than Hazama Tokimori, however, after the battle with Kouya, Madarao begins to view Yoshimori as his master. Voiced by: Takeharu Onishi

Shigemori Sumimura (墨村繁守 ,Sumimura Shigemori?)

The grandfather of Yoshimori and the 21st head of the Sumimura family. Shigemori is a very hot-headed man and who often battles it out with the Yukimura Tokiko next door about the subject of the true successor. This has ranged from insults to battles conducted in midair. He also enjoys hitting Yoshimori on the head with his Legitimate Successor’s Chop when he deems Yoshimori to be lazy and not hardworking enough to compete with the Yukimuras. Under Shigemori’s blustery façade, he seems to care a lot about his family and Tokiko’s wellbeing. One bone of contention with him was that Sumimura Masamori had managed to enter the Urakai, whom he heavily distrusts and dislikes. However, he had apparently given up trying to dissuade Masamori from continuing on working in the Urakai, telling Masamori that that would be his own way of protecting Karasumori. It is alluded to that Shigemori is a highly skilled Kekkaishi. Masamori, a highly skilled Kekkaishi in his own right had informed Shigemori that he was no where near his level when Shigemori had complimented him. In the anime, during Kokubourou’s first wave of attack, Shigemori was portrayed drawing up an enormous Kekkai around the house and creating shikigamis even after dispatching Shion’s lackeys without any signs of exhaustion; and also made a kekkai strong enough to block the nine tail demon fox princess's initial personal attack on Karasumori. Voiced by: Youhei Tadano

Masamori Sumimura (墨村正守 ,Sumimura Masamori?)

The oldest son of the Sumimuras. Although he is the oldest of the three brothers, Masamori was not chosen as the heir, which had always been a source of mystery to him and Yoshimori, the latter stating many times in the series that in terms of skill and power, Masamori should have taken the position of heir. He is 21, though he looks much older. Masamori is the leader of Night Troop, as well as the 7th seat of the board of the Shadow Organization, in which he had struck up a highly uneasy and unpleasant relationship with Ougi Ichirou, the 8th seat, whom clearly despises and hates him. He is a very skilled Kekkaishi; mastering highest defense technique, mastering difficult techniques and able to activate zekkai. However, one noticeable difference about Masamori’s zekkai and Yoshimori’s zekkai was that Masamori was only able to destroy with it. He is not able to create his zekkai in such a way that he can protect the people in it other than himself. Some characters had noted that this was probably the reason why Masamori was not picked as the legitimate successor. Masamori is apparently a manipulative creature, he had struck deals before with Matsuda Heisuke in staging his fake death and manipulating Kasuga Yomi to enter Karasumori and later making use of her as an informant. Currently, it is not sure what his true aims are.

Toshimori Sumimura (墨村利守 ,Sumimura Toshimori?)

The youngest of the Sumimura brothers. Toshimori seems to be a mature individual which one might not expect from his young years, often displaying maturity and insight beyond his years. Apparently, he is able to create Kekkais, but unable to participate in true battle. Voiced by: Miyuki Kawasho

Sumiko Sumimura (墨村守美子 ,Sumimura Sumiko?)

Yoshimori's mother. She can use the Hazama-ryuu Kekkai technique, but is not a legitimate successor. Very rarely seen in the manga and anime. She is described as a "skilled Kekkaishi" and is said to hunt Ayakashi elsewhere, though a reason why is not given. On her first mission for the Urakai she killed the god she was assigned to calm down, claiming its child told her to kill it.

Shuji Sumimura (墨村修史 ,Sumimura Shūji?)

Yoshimori's father. He does not have the powers to see spirits. Shuji uses special items when he needs to act as a Kekkaishi. Voiced by: Manabu Muraji

Kekkaishi episode guide

1 Wound of the Right Arm
2 Yoshimori and Tokine
3 Beautiful Ogre-User
4 Her Precious Thing
5 A Confectioner's Ghost
6 Karasumori's Night Cherry Blossoms
7 The Best Cake
8 Yoshimori-like Days
9 Dangerous High School Teacher
10 Shikigami Chocolate Battle
11 Kouya and Madarao
12 Demon Dog Madarao's Sealing
13 Appearance of Masamori, Captain of the Yagyou
14 Masamori's Plot
15 Yoshimori's Ambition
16 Uro-sama of the Colorless Swamps
17 That is God's Territory
18 Days of Toshimori, the Youngest Child
19 Attackers With White Feathers
20 Weird Surveillant
21 Cold Transfer Student: Shishio Gen
22 Messenger from the Urakai
23 Taking Aim at the Legitimate Heir
24 Gen and the Love Attack
25 Tokine and the Cool Guy
26 A Night Without Yoshimori
27 The Elite of the Council of Twelve
28 Kokubourou's Declaration of War
29 The Magic Square of Spell-Sealing
30 Karasumori's Suitable Person
31 Shishio's Surprising Past
32 Atora's Intense Trial
33 Shige-jii's Dire Flight
34 Dark Voice of Temptation from the Egg
35 Kokubourou Approaches
36 Karasumori's Destruction by Fire
37 Shishio Gen's Last Battle
38 The Respective Repose of Souls
39 Karasumori's Enigma
40 The Road to Kurosusuki
41 Days of Special Training
42 The Entirety of the Yagyou
43 Second Advent of the Black Clouds
44 Karasumori's War
45 Kokubourou's Human Sacrifice
46 Mysterious World's Maze
47 Destiny's Conclusion
48 Crumbling Castle
49 Sad Demon Flower
50 Final Battle!
51 Yoshimori and Kaguro
52 The End of Kokubourou

Kekkaishi lyrics

Sha la la...
Yabai mori ni sasoware koyoi mo showtime (ayakashi night)
Chikara makase ni dare ga abare houdai (yofukashi de fight)
Tamerai nante fuki tobashite
Tachi mukaerukai? yeah
Kimi wo mamoru (dou natte mo ii)
Kimi wo mamoru sore dake (soredake de ii)
Namida wo nagasu dake no mainichi ni bai bai

Sha la la...

Todoketai kotoba nara mune no naka ni aru (naisho no romansu)
Kiete hoshikunai hito nara me no mae ni iru (fushigi na disutansu)
Dareka ga kizutsuku no bakkari mou michairarenai yeah
I wanna be your knight (tsuyoku naritai)
I wanna be your light imayori (imayori motto)
Itsuka kimi to kawasou 100% no sumairu

Sha la la...

Furishi kiru ame no naka nikoso kono miwo sarasou yeah

Naniga dekiru
Naniga kawaru imasara
Kimi wo mamoru (dou natte mo ii)
Kimi wo mamoru soredake (soredake de ii)
Kotaehanai (dokonimonai)
Ikirushikanai (kono sekai zutto)
Jibun wo seme dake no mainichi ni bai bai

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