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Lazer Tag Academy cartoon information

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Title: Lazer Tag Academy
Start - end: 1986 - 1987
Studio: Ruby-Spears Productions
Official site:  Lazer Tag Academy official site

Lazer Tag Academy show information

Welcome to the year 3010. Lazer Tag is the international sport, and the champion is Jamie Jaren - the sole possessor of StarLyte? power, until the resurrection of a master criminal from the past, Draxon Drear.Follow Jamie in these exciting adventures, as she travels through time to preserve the past, save the future and keep the peace.

Lazer Tag Academy cartoon pictures

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Lazer Tag Academy cartoon characters

Jamie Jaren
Jamie is the Lazer Tag champion in 3010, who has journeyed back in time to team up with her ancestors to stop Draxon Drear.

Draxon Drear
Drear is a criminal in the close future, who is also related to the Jaren's (it's suggested that he's Nicky's grandson) who is frozen in time and released in 3010 along with his henchmen, the Skugs. He goes back to 1986 to stop destroy the future.

Tom Jaren
Tom is Jamie's distance ancestor who also has the "gift" of using the Starlight as more than just a toy.

Beth Jaren
Beth is Jamie's distance ancestor and the future inventor of the Starlight.

Nicky Jaren
Nicky is Jamie's distance ancestor and most of the time has to stay behind.

Ralphie is the Jaren's dog.

The Skugs are genetically engineered creatures that hang out with Drear. They are some sort of monkey like creature.

Mrs Genna Jaren
Mrs. Jaren is the Jaren kids' mom.

Mr. Andrew Jaren
Mr. Jaren is the Jaren kids' dad who's gullable enough to believe their stories and that Jamie's an exchange student.

Charles Ferguson
Charlie is the Jaren's neighbor who is also spying on them and thinks that Jamie is an alien.

Lazer Tag Academy episode guide

1 The Beginning
2 Skugg Duggery
3 Yamoto's Curse.
4 Pay Dirt
5 Charles' Science Project
6 The Witch Switch
7 The Olanga Story
8 Battle Hymn Of Jaren's
9 Sir Tom Of Jaren
10 Redbeard's Treasure.
11 Drear's Doll
12 StarLyte On The Orient Express
13 Jamie And The Spitfires

Lazer Tag Academy lyrics

A Thousand years from now.
A perfect World
Lazer Tag Academy Champion, Jame Jaren
is the Soul Posessesor of Star Light Power
until the Ressurection of a Master Criminal from the past,
Draxon Drear
As Drear races through time in his Quest to Conquer the Future
He is pusued by Jamie Jaren
Jamie must Team with her Ancestors
Tom, Beth, and Nicky Jaren
Join us now in their Adventure through Time
Toprserve the Past, save the Future, and keep the Peace
Estiblished by The Lazer Tag Academt!

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