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Title: South park
Start - end: 1997 - 2008
Studio: 20th television
Official site:  South park official site

South park show information

South Park is a double Emmy Award-winning, animated American television comedy series, created and written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for Comedy Central. The series has been distributed and aired by Comedy Central since 1997. The show is well-known for its pop-culture parody, scatological humor, and satirical handling of current events.

Since its debut on August 13, 1997, the show has aired 174 episodes over 12 seasons. The twelfth season began airing on March 12, 2008.The show is contracted to produce new episodes through a fifteenth season, until late 2011. In 1999, South Park was made into a feature-length film titled South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

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South park cartoon characters

Prior to season four, the main characters of the show were four third grade students (often called "the boys" when as a group for easier reference): Stanley "Stan" Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Theodore Cartman, and Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick. There are many recurring characters on the show, including the boys' families, school staff, and other students. These include Leopold "Butters" Stotch, Chef, Mr. Hankey, Towelie, Jesus, and Satan. There are also many other minor characters.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker voice most of the male South Park characters, while April Stewart and Mona Marshall (formerly Mary Kay Bergman and Eliza Schneider) voice most of the female characters such as Wendy Testaburger and Sheila Broflovski. Other voices are currently provided by Adrien Beard (Token Black), Vernon Chatman (Towelie), and Jennifer Howell (Bebe Stevens). Former members of the voice cast include Isaac Hayes (Chef) and John Hansen (Mr. Slave). Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski were initially designed to represent creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone respectively; however, both have admitted to ultimately identifying far more with Cartman.

South park episode guide

Pilot Pilot
Pilot The Spirit of Christmas (Jesus vs. Santa)
Pilot The Spirit of Christmas (Jesus vs. Frosty)
Special Oh Holy Night
1 Cartman Gets an Anal Probe
2 Volcano
3 Weight Gain 4000
4 Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride
5 An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig
6 Death
7 Pink Eye
8 Starvin' Marvin
9 Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo
10 Damien
11 Tom's Rhinoplasty
12 Mecha-Streisand
13 Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut (1)
14 Terrance & Phillip in "Not Without My Anus"
15 Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut (2)
16 Ike's Wee Wee
17 Chickenlover
18 Conjoined Fetus Lady
19 The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka
20 City on the Edge of Forever (a.k.a. Flashbacks)
21 Summer Sucks
22 Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls
23 Chickenpox
24 Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods
25 Clubhouses
26 Cow Days
27 Chef Aid
28 Spooky Fish
29 Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!
30 Gnomes
31 Prehistoric Ice Man
32 Rainforest Schmainforest
33 Spontaneous Combustion
34 The Succubus
35 Jakovasaurs
36 Tweek vs. Craig
37 Sexual Harassment Panda
38 Cat Orgy (1)
39 Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub (2)
40 Jewbilee (3)
41 Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery
42 Chinpokomon
43 Hooked on Monkey Fonics
44 Starvin' Marvin in Space!
45 The Red Badge of Gayness
46 Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics
47 Are You There God, It's Me Jesus
48 Worldwide Recorder Concert
49 The Tooth Fairy's TATS 2000
50 Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000
51 Timmy! 2000
52 Quintuplets 2000
53 Cartman Joins NAMBLA
54 Cherokee Hair Tampons
55 Chef Goes Nanners
56 Something You Can Do With Your Finger
57 Do the Handicapped Go to Hell? (1)
58 Probably (2)
59 4th Grade
60 Trapper Keeper
61 Helen Keller! The Musical
62 Pip (a.k.a. Great Expectations)
63 Fat Camp
64 The Wacky Molestation Adventure
65 A Very Crappy Christmas
66 It Hits the Fan
67 Cripple Fight
68 The Super Best Friends
69 Scott Tenorman Must Die
70 Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow
71 Cartmanland
72 Proper Condom Use
73 Towelie
74 Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants
75 How to Eat With Your Butt
76 The Entity
77 Here Comes the Neighborhood
78 Kenny Dies
79 Butters' Very Own Episode
80 Jared Has Aides
81 Asspen
82 Freak Strike
83 Fun With Veal
84 The Terrance & Phillip Movie Trailer
85 Professor Chaos
86 Simpsons Already Did It
87 Red Hot Catholic Love
88 Free Hat
89 Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society
90 Child Abduction is Not Funny
91 A Ladder to Heaven
92 The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers
93 The Death Camp of Tolerance
94 The Biggest Douche in the Universe
95 My Future Self n' Me
96 Red Sleigh Down
97 Cancelled
98 Krazy Kripples
99 Toilet Paper
100 I'm A Little Bit Country
101 Fat Butt and Pancake Head
102 Lil' Crime Stoppers
103 Red Man's Greed
104 South Park is Gay!
105 Christian Rock Hard
106 Grey Dawn
107 Casa Bonita
108 All About the Mormons?
109 Butt Out
110 Raisins
111 It's Christmas in Canada
112 Good Times With Weapons
113 Up the Down Steroid
114 The Passion of the Jew
115 You Got F*cked in the Ass
117 The Jeffersons
118 Goobacks
119 Douche and Turd
120 Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes
121 Pre-School
122 Quest for Ratings
123 Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset
124 Cartman's Incredible Gift
125 Woodland Critter Christmas
126 Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina
127 Die Hippie, Die
128 Wing
129 Best Friends Forever
130 The Losing Edge
131 The Death of Eric Cartman
132 Erection Day
133 Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow
134 Marjorine
135 Follow That Egg
136 Ginger Kids
137 Trapped in the Closet
138 Free Willzyx
139 Bloody Mary
140 The Return of Chef!
141 Smug Alert!
142 Cartoon Wars (1)
143 Cartoon Wars (2)
144 A Million Little Fibers
145 ManBearPig
146 Tsst
147 Make Love, Not Warcraft
148 Mystery of the Urinal Deuce
149 Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy
150 Hell on Earth 2006
151 Go God Go (1)
152 Go God Go XII (2)
153 Stanley's Cup
154 With Apologies to Jesse Jackson
155 Cartman Sucks
156 Lice Capades
157 The Snuke
158 Fantastic Easter Special
159 D-Yikes!
160 Night of the Living Homeless
161 Le Petit Tourette
162 More Crap
163 Imaginationland
164 Imaginationland: Episode II
165 Imaginationland: Episode III
166 Guitar Queer-o
167 The List
168 Tonsil Trouble
169 Britney's New Look
170 Major Boobage
171 Canada On Strike
172 Eek, A Penis!
173 Over Logging
174 Super Fun Time
175 TBA
Special Jay Leno Comes to South Park
Special Chef Aid: Behind the Menu
Special Goin' Down To South Park
Special Dead Friend Sketch
Special Great Destinations
Special South Park 5th Anniversary Special

South park lyrics

I'm goin' down to South Park
gonna have myself a time.

(Stan+Kyle) Friendly faces everywhere
humble folks without temptation.

Goin' down to South Park
gonna leave my woes behind.

(Cartman) Ample parking day or night,
people shouting HOWDY NEIGHBOR!

Headin' on up to South Park
gonna see if I can't unwind.

(Kenny) Some time i'll be old enough to stick my d*** in Britney's but

So come on down to South Park
and meet some friends of mine!

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