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Alpha Teens on Machines cartoon information

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Title: Alpha Teens on Machines
Start - end: 2005 - 2008
Studio: Disney
Official site:  Alpha Teens on Machines official site

Alpha Teens on Machines show information

A.T.O.M. (an acronym of Alpha Teens On Machines) is a French animated television series, which chronicles the adventures of five teenagers (the eponymous Alpha Teens), set in the fictional Landmark City. The Alpha Teens, which consist of Axel Manning, Catalina Leone, Crey Kingston, Zach Hawkes, and Ollie Sharker, test prototype vehicles and weapons for Lee Industries, and use these prototypes to combat criminals, particularly the sadistic Alexander Paine.

Alpha Teens on Machines cartoon pictures

Alpha Teens on Machines Alpha Teens on Machines image picture gallery Alpha Teens on Machines picture Alpha Teens on Machines image

Alpha Teens on Machines cartoon videos

Alpha Teens on Machines cartoon characters

  • Alpha Teens: Tagblaster, Night Ops Mode, Turbo Board, Earth-buggy, Hypersonic Stratojet, Slamma, Mechcavators, A115, Hydraulix Jamma
  • Axel Manning: XT-9000, Turbo Board Prototype, Thunderbike 3000, Mecha Speeder, Protojet-5000, Nitrobike XT-7, Jet-Mech and Airjet
  • Crey Kingston (King): Thunderquad 3000, Power Ram, Destructo-Mech and Trackerjet
  • Zack Hawkes (Hawk): Rotorbike 3000, Jetwing, Strato-Mech and Bladejet
  • Catalina Leone (Lioness): MTX 9000, Tagblaster Prototype and Crossjet
  • Ollie Sharker (Shark): Speedshark 3000, Sharkski 3000, Scubashark, Aqua-Mech and Subjet
  • Garett: A car (no name) = {Seen in episode "Movin On Down"}.

Alpha Teens on Machines episode guide

1 A Paine By Any Other Name Part 1
2 A Paine By Any Other Name Part 2
3 Touch of Paine
4 Of The Flesh
5 Trapped
6 The Experiment
7 In Too Deep
8 Enter the Dragon
9 The Final Frontier
10 Natural Magnetism
11 Double Image
12 I, Paine
13 Stormy Weather
14 Royal Rumble
15 House of Paine
16 Spydah, spiders everywhere
17 Dem Bonez
18 Omega Team
19 Daddy?s little girl
20 Breakout
21 Blackout
22 The Big Sleep
23 The sword of Jo Lan
24 Underworld
25 Remote Control
26 Showdown
27 Deception
28 Revelation
29 Movin' On Down
30 From Beneath The Sea
31 resurrection
32 Brain Drain
33 Camping with the Enemy
34 Paine Relief
35 A Shock to the System
36 Perchance to Dream
37 The Kraken Awakens
38 Fathers and Daughters
39 Programmed
40 The Girls From Brazil
41 The Mu-Toys
42 Critical Mass
43 High Frontier
44 Fathers and Sons
45 Survival Skills
46 Zoo Story
47 The Oddest Couple
48 Secret Admirer
49 Hyper Reality
50 Serving Two Masters
51 Full Circle
52 The Serpent's Tale

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