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Peter pan and the pirates cartoon information

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Title: Peter pan and the pirates
Start - end: 1990 - 1991
Studio: Disney
Official site:  Peter pan and the pirates official site

Peter pan and the pirates show information

Peter Pan, the boy who would not grow up. The well-known story depicts how Peter ? using happy thoughts and Tinker Bell's magic fairy dust ? teaches the Darling children to fly and brings them to Neverland so that they can stay young forever. Wendy, John, and Michael Darling have exciting adventures with Peter, his loyal band of Lost Boys, and the island's Indian tribe. It all culminates in a climactic battle against Captain James Hook, the notorious pirate whose right hand was cut off by Peter and fed to a crocodile long ago. After Hook is defeated once and for all, the Darling children return home to grow up and their family adopts the Lost Boys. Only Peter Pan remains in Neverland with Tink in order to continue his carefree existence as the personification of youth.

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Peter pan and the pirates Peter pan and the pirates image picture gallery Peter pan and the pirates picture Peter pan and the pirates image

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Peter pan and the pirates cartoon characters

Peter Pan
Tinker Bell
Wendy Darling
Robert Mullins & Cookson
smaller Twin
Captain James Hook
Michael Darling
Alf Mason
Hard-to-hit & tall Twin
John Darling
Ignatious Starkey
Tiger Lily
Billy Jukes
Great Big Little Panther

Peter pan and the pirates episode guide

1 Coldest Cut of All
2 The Ruby
3 Tootles and the Dragon
4 The Rake
5 The Dream
6 Eternal Youth
7 Now Day Party
8 Hook's Christmas
9 The Phantom Shaman
10 Slightly Duped
11 Treasure Hunt
12 The Girl Who Lives In the Moon
13 Slightly in Stone
14 The Great Race
15 Living In Pictures
16 Hook's Mother's Picture
17 Peter in Wonderland
18 Vanity, Thy Name is Mermaid
19 Pirate Shadows
20 Billy Jukes, Lost Boy
21 Curly's Laugh
22 Nibs and the Mermaids
23 A Day at the Fair
24 Hook the Faithful Son
25 The Croc and the Clock
26 Jules Verne Night
27 The Hook and the Hat
28 The Play's the Thing
29 Count De Chauvin
30 Friday the Thirteenth
31 The Letter
32 Mardi Gras
33 River of Night
34 When Games Become Deadly
35 A Wee Problem
36 Professor Smee
37 Three Wishes
38 All Hallows Eve
39 Wendy and the Croc
40 After the Laughter
41 Stupid Smee
42 The Plucking of Short Tom
43 Peter on Trial
44 Foot Race
45 Dr. Livingstone and Captain Hook
46 The Neverscroll
47 Pirate Boys, Lost Men
48 A Hole in the Wall
49 The Demise of Hook
50 Tootles the Bold
51 Play Ball
52 Immortal Pan
53 Knights of Neverland
54 The Pirate Who Came to Dinner
55 Elementary, My Dear Pan
56 Seven League Boots
57 Evicted
58 The Wind and the Panther
59 Invisible Tootles
60 First Encounter
61 The Never Ark
62 Frau Brumhandel
63 The Lost Memories of Pirate Pan
64 The Ages of Pan (1)
65 The Ages of Pan (2)

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