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Title: Ratz
Start - end: 2005 - 2006
Studio: France's Xilam
Official site:  Ratz official site

Ratz show information

Two, small cheese-loving rats come on board a cheese-filled ship in a quest to protect the ship's cargo-none other than a huge stack of cheese. The rats voyage across the ocean meeting new friends and faces and still try their best to endure one another and the crew of the ship despite trying circumstances.

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Ratz cartoon characters

Rapido is a jet set-wannabe with a huge ego to maintain. To get over his large self-doubts and low self-esteem, he acts in a condescending manner and often boasts having personal connections to various celebrities. Rapido is also a hypocrite, scolding Razmo sharply for engaging in an activity, then secretly pursuing the same later on. Rapido only has interest in himself and will not aide Razmo at all, unless the situation adversely affects himself. His interests include ratboard racing, celebrity magazines, fashion, house music and feeling important and wooing women.

Razmo is the shorter and stouter rat. He is a highly productive genius and mechanic, having invented the ratboard and being responsible for all mechanical and electrical issues. He is also forced to perform all chores as Rapido never lends a hand. This has led Razmo to become depressed, emotionally scarred and obsessive-compulsive. Razmo is also childish, sometimes speaking to a plush toy and wetting the bed. His interests include playing stringed bass, jazz, counting the cheese, inventing and making friends. In the original Rapido short, Razmo had a country-western accent; the voice was changed to a standard rat-like voice during production of Ratz Oddly, Razmo is called 'Ratz' (as in the name of the show) on the blurb for the show in Sky programme guides.

The crew
The crew of the S.S. Wanderer consists of three personnel: Benny the chef, Svetlana the engineer and The Captain. Neither of them is considered a villain in the series, though Benny is the one most enraged by the rats. Usually the crew will return to their normal duties after brushing shoulders with Rapido and/or Razmo. Humorously enough, the crew's diet consists mostly of cheese, which Svetlana hates and Benny is allergic to (although Benny's allergies are not seen or discussed within the show.)

The Captain is a Scottish seaman and veteran of the seas. He is the only person who knows the final destination of the cheese in the cargo hold. Over the years he has gone from a rather serious captain to a rather goofy one, often falling into reverie or suggesting absurd courses of action during crises. All of his orders are directed towards Svetlana, the Russian engineer. She is responsible for keeping the S.S. Wanderer afloat and is usually found in situations requiring her massive size and strength. Despite her role on the ship, Svetlana attempts to act feminine whenever possible, which isn't very often. She is often talking to or conspiring with Benny, the Asian chef (Benny has been hinted as being either Chinese or Japanese.) Benny is the only one that will actually give chase to the rats. Despite having five years of culinary arts under his belt, Benny is usually preparing souffl?s or sushi for the rest of the crew. Rapido and Razmo usually interfere when Benny brings aboard a live animal to be slaughtered.

Ratz episode guide

1 Cheese Connection
2 Rolling!
3 Screws Loose
4 Hi Chick!
5 Out of Gas
6 Cheese Overboard
7 Loop Da Loop
8 The Night of the Toxic Goudas
9 The Thief Who Came In From the Cold
10 The Cheese Turbojet Engine
11 So-Called Christmas Spirit
12 The Little Orphan
13 The Curse of Rachamac
14 Ragamuffin
15 Mini Cargo Golf
16 Three to Tango


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