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Winx Club cartoon information

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Title: Winx Club
Start - end: 2004 - 2007
Studio: Rainbow S.P.A
Official site:  Winx Club official site

Winx Club show information

In the dimension of Magix there are 6 teenage girls at Alfea College for fairies who fight to save the universe from evil- They are the Winx Club! Along with their boyfriends from Redfountain school for Heroics they battle evil and save the universe from the Senior Witches, the evil warlock Darkar and the vicious Sorcerer Baltor.

Winx Club cartoon pictures

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Winx Club cartoon characters

Bloom: She discovered her dormant magical powers after coming to the aid of another fairy, Stella. Strong and caring, she is always available to help her friends.

Stella: She is a talkative student who often gets average or low grades, but always pulls through with the help from her friends.

Flora: Flora is a very kind-hearted and sensitive girl with a passion for nature and life.

Musa: Musa loves all forms of music, and although she tries to put up a tough front, isolate herself, and is often pessimistic, she is a loyal and caring friend.

Tecna: Tecna is always logical and rational, and initially had trouble expressing her emotions. She speaks in a technical and a matter-of-fact manner.

Layla: (In Italy she is called "Aisha") Layla is the Princess of Tides. She has a restless, rebellious, and wild nature. Layla is a good athlete, fighter, dancer, and wind-raider rider.

Winx Club episode guide

1 It Feels Like Magic (1)
2 More Than High School (2)
3 Save the First Dance
4 The Voice of Nature
5 Date With Disaster
6 Secret Guardian
7 Grounded (aka Friends in Need)
8 The Day of the Rose
9 Spelled
10 Magical Reality Check
11 Junior League
12 Miss Magix
13 Meant to Be
14 Witch Trap
15 Pushing the Envelope
16 The Nightmare Monster
17 Royal Heartbreak
18 Senior Witches Go to Earth
19 The Army of Decay
20 Sparks of Hope
21 The Frozen Palace (2)
22 Mission to Cloud Tower (1)
23 The Search for the Flame (2)
24 Battle for Alfea (3)
25 The Great Witch Invasion (4)
26 Fire and Ice (aka The Final Battle) (5)
27 Back to School (1)
28 Princess of Tides (2)
29 Into the Under Realm (1)
30 Queen of Perfection (a.k.a. Pretty Pretty Princess) (2)
31 Rescuing the Pixies (3)
32 My Boyfriend's Wedding (4)
33 The Dark Tower
34 Party Monster
35 The Angel of Doom
36 Reaching for the Sky
37 Homesick
38 Truth or Dare
39 Gangs of Gardenia
40 The Wrong Righters
41 Magic in My Heart
42 The Fourth Witch (a.k.a. Hallowinx)
43 Exchange Students (1)
44 Heart of Cloud Tower (2)
45 Shadows In Bloom
46 The First Charmix
47 Trouble In Paradise (1)
48 Last Resorts (2)
49 Darkness And Light
50 Desperately Seeking Bloom (1)
51 Storming Shadowhaunt (2)
52 The Ultimate Power Couple (3)
53 The Princess' Ball
54 Beauty Is A Beast (1)
55 Pretty Pretty Princess (2)
56 Mirror Of Truth (3)
57 Mission To Tides
58 The Mermaid Queen
59 Royal Behavior
60 Dark Sky (1)
61 Operation Boyfriend Rescue (2)
62 Attack of the Zombie Witches
63 Missing In Action
64 Tears From The Black Willow
65 Point of No Return (1)
66 Pay Back (2)
67 The Island of Dragons (3)
68 The Power Within (4)
69 The Omega Mission (5)
70 Day at the Museum
71 Biker Chick Wedding Crashers
71 Biker Chick Wedding Crashers
72 Little Big Shots
72 Little Big Shots
73 The Golden Kingdom
74 The Crystal Labyrinth
75 The Witches' Crypt (2)
75 The Wizard's Challenge (1)
75 The Wizard's Challenge
76 The Spell Of The Elements (3)
78 Fire and Flame (4)
TV Movie The Secret of the Lost Kingdom


Winx Club lyrics

Close your eyes and open your heart.
Believe in yourself, that's how it starts!

Dreams will come true, just wait and see,
'Cuz the magic's in you, and the magic's in me!

We are the Winx!?We are the Winx!?Come join the club!
We are the Winx!?We are the Winx!
We are the Winx!?Come join the club!?We are the Winx!

Magical flowers, digital powers,
Rhythms and tunes, the sun and the moon!
Keep on searching far and wide,
For the fire burning deep inside!

We've got the style, and we've got the flare,
Look all you want, just don't touch the hair!

We are the Winx!?We are the Winx!?Come join the club!
We are the Winx!?We are the Winx!
We are the Winx!?Come join the club,?We are the Winx!

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