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Conan the adventurer cartoon information

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Title: Conan the adventurer
Start - end: 1992 - 1993
Studio: Graz Entertainment
Official site:  Conan the adventurer official site

Conan the adventurer show information

Conan was created by Robert E. Howard, who wrote novels based on the legendary barbarian. This animated series follows the legendary barbarian as he struggles against Wrath-Amon and his legions of evil.

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Conan the adventurer cartoon characters

Conan The main character of the story. In this version, his parents are turned into living stone and there are few hints of his predestination of becoming a king

Needle Conan's fledgling phoenix sidekick. He possessed the ability to enter flat surfaces and magically transform into a phoenix design (although he needed his magical tail feathers to accomplish this feat, and lost this power if he lost one of them).

Thunder - Conan's willful (but loyal) horse, eventually armed with Star Metal horse shoes. Thunder was stubborn, refusing to enter cities, and threw Conan from his back on more than one occasion rather than enter a city.

Zula - Prince of the Wasai based from the original Conan literature, may have inspired T. J. Storm's character Bayu in the live series, who is a different but similar person

Jezmine (Janyse Jaud) - An agile circus performer who possesses a set of Star Metal throwing stars, her character was possibly based on Valeria (she started as a thief but became an honest woman for the rest of the series but is in love with Conan nonetheless) especially where the first point is that Conan and Jezmine are seen climbing a tower where Jezmine attempts to steal some priceless treasures.

Greywolf (Scott McNeil) - A wizard from the magical city of Xanthus. Originally armed with a bare staff, he was given the mystical "Claw of Heaven" made of Star Metal that was mounted atop his staff and effectively doubled his magical power (as stated on a couple occasions). His brother and sister were transformed into werewolves in a plot by the Stygian queen and sorceress, Mesmira. As a result, he consistently seeks a cure for their condition alongside of Conan.

Falkenar - Champion of the kingdom of Kusan, he the use of the "Mantle of Wind" to fly, and is armed with a Star Metal whip. He and Windfang are bitter enemies through repeated attempts by the villain to invade Kusan. He has a female falcon named Stormclaw.

Sasha & Meesha - Greywolf's older brother and sister, transformed into wolves by Mesmira. During one episode a single flower was found that could transform one of the siblings back into a human.
Snagg (Gary Chalk) - A barbarian (as strong as Conan) from Vanirmen tribe, which lives at the sea shore.

The Kari Dragon

Conan the adventurer episode guide

1 The Night Of Fiery Tears
2 Blood Brothers
3 Star of Shadizar
4 Conan the Gladiator
5 The Heart of Rakkir
6 Men of Stone
7 The Terrible Torrinon
8 Greywolf of Xanthus
9 Shadow Walkers
10 The Claw of Heaven
11 Serpent Riders of Set
12 Windfang's Eyrie
13 Seven against Stygia
14 Tribal Warfare
15 Curse of Axh'oon
16 Master Thief of Shadizar
17 The Vengeance of Jhebbel Sag
18 The Red Brotherhood
19 Thunder and Lightning
20 The Crevasse of Winds
21 Hanuman the Ape God
22 Isle of the Naiads
23 In Days of Old
24 Birth of Wrath-amon
25 Earthbound
26 The Treachery of Emperors
27 A Needle in a Haystack
28 Return to Tarantia
29 The Book of Skelos
30 Labors of Conan
31 The Amulet of Vathelos
32 The Final hours of Conan
33 An Evil Wind in Kusan
34 Blood of my Blood
35 Dragon's Breath
36 The Queen of Stygia
37 Nature of the Beast
38 City of the Burning Skull
39 Son of Atlantis
40 Conn rides again
41 Down to the Dregs
42 Dregs-amon the Great
43 The Wolfmother
44 Conan of the Kosaki
45 Torrinon Returns
46 The Frost Giant's Daughter
47 Cornucopia of Grondar
48 When Tolls the Bell of Night
49 The Last Dagger of Manir
50 Thorns of Midnight
51 The Vale of Amazons
52 Bones of Damballa
53 Turnabout is Foul Play
54 The Once and Future Conan
55 Sword, Sai, & Shuriken
56 Full Moon Rising
57 The Stealer of Souls
58 Amra the Lion
59 Escape of Ram-amon
60 The Star-Metal Monster
61 Into The Abyss
62 A Serpent Coils the Earth, Part 1
63 A Serpent Coils the Earth, Part 2
64 A Serpent Coils the Earth, Part 3

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