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Title: Jonny quest
Start - end: 1986 - 1988
Studio: Hanna Barbera Productions
Official site:  Jonny quest official site

Jonny quest show information

Jonny Quest chronicles the globe-trotting adventures of 10-year-old Jonny Quest and his father the scientific genius Dr. Benton Quest. Along for the derring-do are the multi-faceted Roger "Race" Bannon, the mystical Hadji, and Jonny's dog, the irrepressible Bandit. The Quest team uses science, space-age gadgetry, and old-fashioned fisticuffs to solve mysteries and try to thwart the evil doings of Dr. Zin and other diabolical madmen.

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Jonny Quest (or Jonathan Quest) is a ten- or eleven-year-old boy (his exact age is never stated in any of the show's episodes, the son of Dr. Benton Quest. Tim Matheson performed the voice for Jonny. In the sequel series The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest one epsiode reveals that Jonny's mother name was "Rachel" and that Dr Quest had named a time traveling machine after her.

Dr. Benton C.Quest, "one of the three top scientists in the world," and apparently something of a Renaissance man; his scientific and technical know-how spans many fields. Dr. Benton Quest was voiced by John Stephenson for five episodes, and by Don Messick for the remainder of the shows.

Roger "Race" T. Bannon is a special agent / bodyguard / pilot from Intelligence One. Governmental fears that Jonny could "fall into the wrong hands" resulted in the assignment of Bannon to guard and tutor Jonny. Amusingly, whenever Race talks to Benton, he addresses him as "Doctor" or "Sir" in every sentence. Mike Road was the voice for Race Bannon.

Hadji is Dr. Quest's adopted son, an eleven-year-old Indian boy (his age was stated in one of the show's episodes, "Pirates from Below"). Hadji is seldom seen without his bejewelled turban and Nehru jacket. Hadji comes from Calcutta, India and sometimes displays hypnotic or telekinetic powers.the character Hadji was noted as the first major non-white character to be presented as an equal, sympathetic participant in the stories in American television[citation needed]. In the sequel series The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Hadji is not only reunited with his mother but also revealed to be an Indian Prince.

Bandit is Jonny's anthropomorphic pet bulldog. Bandit often provides comic relief in both the orginal and sequel series - one of the later epsiodes shows Bandit being bested by a "ghost cat"! Although at least once ("Skull and Double Crossbones") he was instrumental in foiling the bad guys. Bandit is a small gray dog with black masklike coloration around the eyes (reminiscent of a raccoon)?hence the name "Bandit.


Jonny quest episode guide

1 Mystery of the Lizard Men
2 Arctic Splashdown
3 The Curse of Anubis
4 Pursuit of the Po Ho
5 Riddle of the Gold
6 Treasure of the Temple
7 Calcutta Adventure
8 The Robot Spy
9 Double Danger
10 Shadow of the Condor
11 Skull and Double Crossbones
12 The Dreadful Doll
13 A Small Matter of Pygmies
14 Dragons of Ashida
15 Turu the Terrible
16 The Fraudulent Volcano
17 Werewolf of the Timberland
18 Pirates from Below
19 Attack of the Tree People
20 The Invisible Monster
21 The Devil's Tower
22 The Quetong Missile Mystery
23 The House of the Seven Gargoyles
24 Terror Island
25 Monsters in the Monastery
26 The Sea Haunt

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