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Toonfind Frequently asked questions
Q1 Is a certain cartoon available on DVD? Where can I buy that certain cartoon?
Most cartoon's have DVD's available on Amazon. You can search for DVD's, Video's, games and other items here:

Q2 Where does Toonfind get the information from?
There are many placed to get information. tv, magazines, books and internet.
Q3 Do you have any information on <cartoon name>
  If you feel we have missed a cartoon in our database, feel free to contact us.
We are expanding the database every day with as much new information as possible.
Q4 What about copyright?
  If anyone feels any content or material needs to be removed please contact us.
Q5 Does Toonfind make money from this site?
  We have to pay for the hosting and high ammount of bandwidth to keep Toonfind running. With selling DVD's, ringtones, Posters and advertisements we try to reduce the bill.

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